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The People's Poll Attack - Week 16

Posted on: March 1, 2010 10:13 pm
(The Week 16 People's Poll can be found here)

The People's Poll is meant to provide a voice to the average college basketball fan, free from media and homer bias. Sometimes, the people need to be reminded of this. The result: The People's Poll Attack.

Poll of the Week:

We had a first time entry this week. Unfortunately, it was an awful poll. Congrats to thegirlonball for submitting by far the worst poll I have seen in a couple of weeks.

Where to start? How about Tennessee ranked at 4th. Sure, they beat Kentucky this week and have also beaten Kansas, but a team with 7 losses, including two to Vanderbilt, one this week to Florida and two bad losses to USC and Georgia. Yes they've beaten some great teams (almost beat Purdue too), but a team as inconsistent and with as many losses as the Vols have barely any argument to be ranked in the Top 10 right now, much less the Top 5.

Next up - Gonzaga at 6. They have one solid win (Wisconsin), and a number of good wins (2 over St. Mary's, 1 over Cincinnati when they were respectable in November, 1 over Memphis, 1 over Illinois). There's a reason why Gonzaga has been ranked in the Top 25 for most of the year. There's also a reason why they've never seen the Top 10 - a horrendous loss to Duke, losses to Wake Forest and Michigan State, and two embarassing losses to Loyola-Marymount and San Francisco. In other words, this team is not even worthy of a Top 15 ranking right now. And when you realize that girlonball has KSU, Ohio State, Purdue, West Virginia, Villanova, and Michigan State all ranked below the Zags... well, yikes.

Quick run through of some of the other rankings for those who haven't reviewed this poll yet
- KSU at 11
- Wisconsin unranked
- Georgetown at 9
- Texas at 13
- UNLV at 15
- California (really, Cal ranked?) at 17
- Butler at 23
- Temple at 24

Yikes. I suggest that if you wish to post a poll again thegirlonball, you do a tad more research. It's almost like that poll was a joke.

One other topic I want to address this week. I'm fine with either Syracuse or Kansas as #1. Personally I went with Kansas, but I concede it is a complete toss-up and can easily be reasoned either way. What I cannot accept is KSU ranked #1, or even how KSU and Duke were ranked ahead of Kansas in anyone's poll. Kansas has two losses, Duke has 4. Kansas is 6-1 against the Top 25 RPI, while Duke is 1-2 (i.e. Duke should be eliminated from this debate very early). KSU has 4 losses and a record of 4-1 against the Top 25 - advantage Kansas so far. Kansas' worst loss is a road loss to Oklahoma State (RPI of 26), while KSU has two losses worse than that (Missouri and Mississippi) and a home loss to Oklahoma State. Oh yeah, and Kansas beat KSU at KSU. I get that KSU won both their games this week, while Kansas lost one, but you cannot base your rankings on a single week! Leave the KSU vs. Kansas debate until after we see how this week's game pans out.

Blatant Omission:

Those guilty of blatant omissions have left a consensus top 15 team out of their Top 25, with the consensus being the AP, Coaches, GP and People's polls. While everyone's entitled to their opinion, these people are pushing it:

None by definition - though not ranking Vanderbilt, Temple or Wisconsin was pushing it.

Until next week!
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