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Team By Team MVP's

Posted on: February 1, 2010 9:17 pm
Edited on: February 2, 2010 2:06 pm
Bills- Fred Jackson- He took advantage of Marshawn Lynch's two game suspension to start the year, but the Bills forgot about him in the middle of the season. If they kept with him, they may have won a couple of more games.
Dolphins- Chad Henne- If stats don't prove and their three game losing streak at the end of the season killed their playoff chances, but the fact is this was his first year and they were very competitive at the helm. He gives Dolphins fans hope next year.
Patriots- Wes Welker- He was the move the chains guy and it was obvious how important to the team he was in the playoffs. He had a huge season, 123 catches, and he missed two games.
Jets- Darrelle Revis- Best CB in the game. Played at an outstanding level throughout the entire season and didn't have a good offense to keep his team in game's like Charles Woodson.

Broncos- Elvis Dumervil- Brandon Marshall looked to put training camp behind him, but then went back to his immature ways in the end. The nod goes to Elvis Dumervil who had 17 sacks on a very improved defense.
Chiefs- Jamaal Charles- The fans spoke loud and clear and clearly made the right call. Forget about Larry Johnson because Jamaal Charles was far better better last year. At 5.9 yards per carry, Charles probably should have started sooner.
Raiders- Nnamdi Asomugha- Still one of the best CBs on one of the worst teams. It's a shame he plays on such a bad owned team as he should be mentioned with Revis and Woodson, but his offense is just pathetic.
Chargers- Philip Rivers- He had another great year passing for the division winning Chargers. Their goals fell short with an upset loss, but he is good enough to get over it. Look at some other great QBs and they have had early heartbreaks as well.

Ravens- Ray Rice- Took advantage of his opportunities when Willis McGahee got hurt. Averaged 5.0 yards per carry on a team that doesn't have much of a passing game besides Joe Flacco's arm. Great future RB for the Ravens.
Bengals- Cedric Benson- Was the key to the Bengals success. 5-0 when he ran for 100 plus yards during the regular season. The passing game went down the drain late in the season.
Browns- Joshua Cribbs- Was the only thing that appeared living in Cleveland. The browns need to pay the man his money well earned.
Steelers- Troy Polamalu- MVP by subtraction. The curse of Madden's football game not only killed his season, but his teams. The Steelers went 4-1 with him and his three INTs and went 5-6 without him. The defense couldn't stop the worse teams without him.

Texans- Andre Johnson- Matt Schaub is 1b as MVP with his best season, but I think his best season has more to do with Andre Johnson's dominance. I don't think anyone can stop him. Mark your calendars for the Johnson versus Revis battle next year.
Colts- Peyton Manning- A true no brainer. Looks like watching Michael Jordan NFL style. He could be the Coach of the Year as well.
Jaguars- Maurice Jones-Drew- Had another solid year for a team with not much of a passing game. Despite the disappointing season, MJD will be the main man for the Jaguars for years to come.
Titans- Vince Young- After having some mental issues, Young came back strong and was the inspirational story of the year. Has a better winning percentage than Peyton Manning. Only Tom Brady has a better winning percentage than Young among active QBs, and that includes the winningest QB of all time, Brett Favre.

Cowboys- Miles Austin- Tony Romo is 1b, but without Austin having a break out year, it is hard to believe Romo would have had the same type of season. The Cowboys need to resign Austin as he seemed to be the only WR Romo was comfortable throwing to.
Giants- Steve Smith- Had a career year and was a big reason for the Giants success. Giants fans don't have much to appreciate besides Smith in their strange fall after starting 5-0. Eli Manning's foot injury didn't help.
Eagles- DeSean Jackson- The Eagles lost their previous MVP, Brian Westbrook, for most of the season, but Jackson picked up the explosiveness that was lost. He is the play making WR the Eagles have been looking for.
Redskins- London Fletcher- He is probably the most underrated player, perhaps, in league history. He gets the job done and gets no respect. The Redskins also have a great young player in Brian Orakpo.

Cardinals- Kurt Warner- He will be a huge loss next season as Matt Leinart doesn't appear to be able to take over. If not one of the best all time, he has to be regarded as one of the best playoff QBs of all time for sure.
49ers- Patrick Willis- Is a great replacement for Ray Lewis, whose career is coming to an end, as the most exciting LB to watch in the league. Willis is a Lewis type player who can take over games on defense. The 49ers just need to find a QB to go with Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Michael Crabtree. The offense has been holding the 49ers back from the playoffs with a lack of a QB.
Seahawks- David Hawthorne- The toughest team to pick a MVP and not because they were good. Hawthorne was in his second year and led his team in tackles and tackles behind the line of scrimmage. The Seahawks have more work to do on offense.
Rams- Steven Jackson- His 2009 season may go down as one of the best forgotten seasons. He did so much with the least amount of talent. The work horse is a top five back in the NFL and is rarely mentioned. Doesn't get nearly enough credit for what he did.

Bears- Jay Cutler- Probably most controversial pick of all, and I'm definitely not a Cutler supporter. He is a baby. He probably has the most reason to be though. I watched a lot of Bears games and a lot of Cutler's INTs were the WRs fault in my opinion. He probably had one of the worst WRs in the league. His attitude does need to change, and will if he gets help at WR.
Lions- Calvin Johnson- Wins MVP by default for being most talented player on team. It's amazing the Lions have fans as they have been bad for quite some time. Hopefully, Matthew Stafford can improve next year. That will help Megatron's stats.
Packers- Aaron Rodgers- Had the best two years to start a career as a Packer and that says a lot with a franchise that had Bart Starr and Brett Favre. Rodgers made great improvements in the middle of the season and helped the Packers get to the playoffs. The Packers have another great QB that will have them competing year in and year out.
Vikings- Brett Favre- He had his best year in his long career at the age of 40. Played error free all season, but made another mistake in the playoffs that will hurt for a while. Proved a lot of nay sayers wrong during the season including myself.

Falcons- Roddy White- Matt Ryan struggled his sophomore season and White's stats were down from a year ago. Their record went down with them. Tony Gonzalez had a great season, but didn't help the team's record. It didn't seem they went to White enough.
Panthers- Jonathan Stewart- Did a great job stepping in for the injured DeAngelo Williams who had a record setting season for the Panthers last year. The Panthers were 6-0 when Stewart carried the ball 15 or more times.
Saints- Drew Brees- One of the best QBs in the league all season. Even more important, he is the vocal team leader that is the ignition source for the Saints. Has the Saints in their first super bowl with a rather regular cast of receivers.
Buccaneers- Kellen Winslow- He didn't have the best stats out of all the TEs, but 77 catches for 884 yards on a terrible team is a lot. His work ethic on and off the field is something the Bucs hope the young players catch on to.
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Since: Jan 19, 2009
Posted on: February 2, 2010 4:13 pm

Team By Team MVP's

Vince Young?  How about CJ for that team.  Young wasn't the reason for the Titans turn around, he did play well but the main reason was the return of the Titans secondary after the Patriots thrashing.  Young is a below average player on a good team - doesn't matter if you have him or collins in there, thier issue early in the year was defense.  I have an issue with Jay Cutler too - he was awful at times.  Troy may be the Steelers best player, but you have to play to be the MVP - which he did not.  Revis is still the second best CB in the league, I heard on NFL radio that Asomugha was only thrown at 14 times all year, can you believe that!  So as great as Revis is, Asomugha has been getting the Deon treatment which makes him the best.  All the others are pretty accurate. 

Since: Dec 29, 2009
Posted on: February 2, 2010 4:12 pm

Team By Team MVP's

Great post! I like the Miles Austin pick, but thing I would lean to Demarcus Ware. The Cowboys had a great run on defense prior to their last game and I do not see how they do it without Ware. I cannot agree with the Vince Young pick, though. Chris Johnson had a monster season and is now the "type" of back general managers are looking for.

I like the fact that so many young stars are up there like Desean Jackson, Miles Austin, Calvin Johnson, Chad Henne, Fred Jackson, etc. Too often the sports media gets too attached to the older stars and focuses their coverage on them. There seems to be somewhat a changing of the guard from many of the older stars such as Ray Lewis, Kurt Warner, etc. 

Since: Dec 2, 2009
Posted on: February 2, 2010 2:58 pm

Team By Team MVP's

Though I respect your choice of Vince Young over Chris Johnson and your following comment, I still have to disagree. You talked about the fact that when Vince Young came in, the team started winning. Couldn't you also say, in contrast, that when Vince Young came in, the Titans were looking for more production out of Chris Johnson? Here are some numbers: when Kerry Collins started in a game (I included the Rams' trouncing game 47-7 because he played a lot during that game and did not include the Patriots' abysmal loss because, let's face it, neither of them had positive yardage), he averaged 205.33 yards per game. When Vince Young started (same exceptions as Collins), he averaged only 187.9 yards per game. Also, on the running-side, when Collins is in the game, Chris Johnson averages around 16.5 touches per game, and when Young is on the field, Johnson gets around 24 touches per game. Now, doesn't that tell you that Jeff Fisher was more confident in Collins than Young by those statistics? Yes, Young started all eight games that the Titans won. However, look into the statistics, and you'll see that once Young came in after the bye week, Chris Johnson had more pressure and was now the focal point of the offense.

Since: Oct 30, 2006
Posted on: February 2, 2010 2:41 pm

Team By Team MVP's

Sorry, not Vasher, I was considering Lance Briggs. I agree, without Cutler, the Bears would have been worse. At least Kyle Orton had a decent line that allowed Matt Forte to have a good year. Cutler's o-line was awful as well.

Since: Oct 30, 2006
Posted on: February 2, 2010 2:36 pm

Team By Team MVP's

The reason I went with Vince Young over Chris Johnson was because of the record issue. The Titans were 0-6 with Chris Johnson and went 8-2 when Young became starter. Johnson averaged 99 yards a game in their first six games, and averaged 141 yards a game when Young was at the helm. There is no doubt that Johnson had an outstanding season and I should have mentioned him in the blog, but Young made them winners.
I did think about Vasher, but I had to go with the baby because of the dropped passes.
The reason I didn't go with James Harrison is because he was on the field during those horrible fourth quarter collapses. It is still amazing the Steelers, the returning champions, were dormats to even the worse teams in the league in the quarter they were clutch in last year.

Since: Jul 13, 2007
Posted on: February 2, 2010 2:31 pm

Team By Team MVP's

Yeah you admit the Bears Cutler will be controversial, and I'm sure it will, but I cant't think of anyone off the top of my head that was better (Vasher maybe?) I sure hope that Vasher was a joke...  Besides that, Cutler was the ONLY football player on the field for the Bears.  Without him, they compete for the worst team in the NFL.

Since: Jul 14, 2008
Posted on: February 2, 2010 2:08 pm

Team By Team MVP's

Umm the only one I would for sure change is Vince Young.  Yeah Young was light years better than Collins, but Johnson had one of those rare seasons that will be remembered for a while.  But Young is a definite number 2 in my book for the team.  Yeah you admit the Bears Cutler will be controversial, and I'm sure it will, but I cant't think of anyone off the top of my head that was better (Vasher maybe?).  I woul also change Polamalu to Harrison, but thats just because I dont think someone should be rewarded for what if they werent hurt scenarios.
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