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Week 1 Thoughts

Posted on: September 14, 2010 5:05 pm

The NFL is off and running. Week 1 had a lot of games come down to the wire. Here are some thoughts I had during Week 1 throughout the NFL.
- The Vikings and Brett Favre better realize this year's schedule is much more difficult than last year's. They can't treat the first four games like its preseason games for Favre like they did last year.
- I hope the NFL looks into why the referee overruled the Visanthe Shiancoe catch. The first ref called it a completion, but was overruled by a ref who appeared to have no angle on it. If it was called complete like it should have, it would not have been reversed.
- Thank you Cris Carter for supporting what I have been saying the past three years. Jason Garrett doesn't seem to know what he is doing and it looks like the Cowboys don't believe in his offense. Not calling a kneel is on him. Why is he not on the hot seat?
- That wasn't a hold at the end of the game...that was attempted murder. Is strangling covered in the rule book?
- Redskins fans should enjoy the Week 1 win, but remember, your defense is outscoring your offense.
- Albert Haynesworth is a disgusting joke  to say the least. How can any owner justify trading for him? He's not an American.
- It didn't even take 30 minutes before controversy hit the Bengals. Not a surprise by any means. Bengals looked like kittens.
- A win is a win, but the Dolphins and Bears have to feel like they're 0-1. 
- The Colts Bob Sanders has to have the saddest career. The Defensive Player of the Year has now missed more games than played.
- The Texans have finally made their mark. They still have a tough schedule, but they look like they're ready to dethrone the Colts.
- The most hyped player I ever have seen makes his debut in his college area. 2 carries for 2 yards. Nice debut Tim Tebow.
- Did anybody else hear the Giants crowd cheer for their ex punter? They chanted "Feagles, Feagles" after a blocked punt. Funny!
- Good win for the Steelers. The fans were excited when they woke up in overtime.
- Vince Young looks really good. Nice to see him mature. What happend to that QB he beat in college? What was his name again?
- I watched Stewart Bradley get up and stumble to the ground to walk off the field. When I saw him back on the field a few plays later, I was absolutely stunned. Did the Eagles want to see a player die on the field? Is there a fine for an obvious lapse in judgement?
- It didn't take long for the Eagles to boo Kevin Kolb. You see Donovan McNabb, the Eagles fans aren't racist, they're just stupid.
- Mike Williams is a feel good story about a young man who lost his way, matured, and has found himself again. Michael Vick is not a feel good story. He would still be murdering dogs right now if he wasn't caught. He looks good, but he will never win back certain fans.
- I wasn't surprised to hear the Cardinals tried to get Kurt Warner to come back. Thank you for not making a soap opera about it.
- If I hear a peep of smack talk from the Jets again, I'm going to laugh. Good job Rex Ryan for putting pressure on your second year QB Mark Sanchez who appears to be a long ways away from being a good NFL QB.
- To top it off, the Jets haven't learned from the past. Don't get Ray Lewis fired up. He actually lives up to the talk.
- The Jets kept on talking; quoth the Raven "Nevermore".
- The Chiefs look like early winners in the 2010 draft. They have explosiveness like no other team. Now all they have to do is sustain a drive.
- There is a line between being a competitor and being a crybaby. Chargers QB Phillip Rivers was being a crybaby. The QB is supposed to be the leader of the offense. Pointing at your teammates and crying like a baby is not being a leader. It was embarrassing to watch.


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Posted on: September 19, 2010 12:18 pm

Week 1 Thoughts

I agree sir cept your boys LOST THE GAME!

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 10:30 am

Week 1 Thoughts

"They look like they're ready to dethrone the Colts". You're over analyzing that statement big time. I didn't say set. You're living in the past too. The Texans gave up big leads last year and the years before didn't have a legit QB. Now they have a legit QB with the best WR in the league and it looks like thy found a solid RB to complete their offense. If the Texans make the playoffs this year, it will be well earned as they have a tough schedule. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Texans at the top of the division at the end of the year. Neither would the Colts of course. I think the Colts and Texans are two of the best teams in the AFC. It's early and the thing that will prove whether the Texans are for real will be how well they play on the road.

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 5:52 pm

Week 1 Thoughts

2 wins out of 17 games and the Texans are set to dethrone the Colts, ffs it's week one, the texans should worry more about stringing 2 winnings seasons together and try to make their 1st playoff appearance.  If they happen to knock the Colts off the top of the AFC South, then good for them, but condemning a team that has spent the last decade in the playoffs and dominating their conference year in year out off of the 1st week is just dumb. We've all seen the lack of run defense in Indy, it was just as bad in '06 when the Texans got their 1st win over the Colts .... same season the Colts won a Superbowl.  Does that mean they're poised for a SB run this season, no that would be as stupid as saying they are going to lose the Division to the Texans.  It's just too early to tell.

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 4:01 pm

Week 1 Thoughts

chc14, the games were close all around, but they were rather boring to watch. 2 minutes of excitement at the end doesn't make up for 30 plus minutes of boring, error prone football. It will be interesting what the negative side effects of the 18 game schedule will be. The first two games will be rusty football. I'm guessing two bye weeks and teams may stategically rest star players throughout the season. The extra two games will also make division games less important and will raise the chances a team with a .500 or losing record winning a division title. There is a lot of things with the additional two games that will have to be scrutinized. Unfortunately for us fans, the owners see dollar signs.

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 3:29 pm

Week 1 Thoughts

I couldn't agree with you more Big_Dogs. Jason Garrett needs to take a step back before he gets promoted to head coach. He is the highest paid offensive coordinator and has been a complete disappointment in that position. He isn't flexible in his game plan. He doesn't make in game adjustments liek good OCs do. I remember a few years ago when the Giants made their run, Romo was getting pressured in the first half. Garrett came out with the same offense with deep patterns and the Giants got to him. I thought he should have been fired then. Last year's miserable performance against the Vikings should have been th enail in his coffin. But he has an in with Jerry Jones apparently. It scares me to death to think he may be the future head coach.
As far as Wade Phillips, I agree, he is a solid defensive coordinator. The Cowboys defense is the bright spot on the team despite all the talent of offense. Problem with Wade is he is a softie. Bill Parcells parted the red sea when he walked around on the sidelines. Phillips has to ask players to move out of his way. It's embarrassing to watch. I would rather see Garrett go before Phillips. It's inexcusable what the offense does. Last year, Ray Lewis said the Cowboys were the easiest team he has ever game planned against. That was horrible to hear because it was and still is the truth.

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 6:24 am

Week 1 Thoughts

Alot of mistakes, very little offense, the games that were televised here in Baltimore were horrible and boring I can imagine how great the first 2 weeks will be when they expand to 18 games with only 2 preseason games

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 8:27 pm

Cowboys coaching beyond suspect!?

I have not been one to jump on the bandwagon bashing the Cowboys coaching, but my patience is wearing thin. The Cowboys consistently lack discipline and seem to lack a mental toughness. I truly wish Tony Sparano was the coach of the Cowboys instead of the Dolphins. When Sparano was coaching the offensive line there was a toughness and drive that is clearly lacking now. I understand the Cowboys are dealing with injuries up front, but this has been a persistent problem. The Cowboys need to get younger and more physical as they transition some of the older players out. Colombo and Kosier are clearly superior to their replacements, Montrae Holland and Alex Barron. This drop-off is evidence of the mistake in cutting Flozell Adams and not adding a high quality back-up. Doug Free had been that transitional back-up previously. Now that he is a starter there is not a back-up I feel comfortable getting the start. I did not have a problem per se cutting Flozell, but if you cut him you need to go get a high quality back-up with some of the money they were paying him. This is particularly true in an un-capped year. 

Wade Phillips falls into the category of a great coordinator, yet an average head coach. When Phillips is a coordinator, as he was most recently with the Chargers, he produces top defenses that are sack machines. As a head coach, he is too much of a player's coach. There needs to be more discipline and accountability. Sparano brings the accountability and toughness that Phillips lacks. I suspect if the Cowboys do not play in the NFC Championship game or Super Bowl that Wade will be out. I just hope Jason Garrett is not the one who replaces him. There are way too many good coaches that are waiting for the right spot to land. Garrett's pedestrian play calling and the offense's lack of consistency does not make me think he is ready for the head job. I would love to see the Cowboys get a proven winner. We will see if Jerry Jones can get out of the way and let that happen. I have my doubts this will ever happen though. 

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Posted on: September 15, 2010 7:59 am
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