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2011 NFL Season Predictions

Posted on: September 5, 2011 11:43 pm
Edited on: September 6, 2011 5:25 pm
I'll try to follow up my Packers 31-17 Super Bowl prediction over the Ravens prediction of 2010 with a familiar set of predictions this year. Enjoy!


Philadelphia Eagles- 11-5 - Philly improved their secondary,
but still weak in the middle of the defense. Offense still lacks a big target
for Vick. Can Vick and small WRs stay healthy?

Dallas Cowboys- 10-6 – Romo needs to utilize his young
offensive weapons and finish drives in the end zone to counter suspect defense
with newly charged DC Rex Ryan.

Washington Redskins- 7-9 – Redskins inconsistency at QB will
doom them in the end. If Coach Shanahan can trust a QB to manage the game, the
Redskins have a chance.

New York Giants- 7-9- Giants should have learned from the
Cowboys last year and realized that you can’t play that bad in the preseason
and expect a change in the regular season.



Green Bay Packers- 14-2- Packers were a 12-14 win team last
year but injuries got in the way. Packers improved dramatically by just getting
healthy. Cheese heads may forget who Favre is by season’s end.

Chicago Bears- 11-5 – Bears start the season off with the
three best teams in the NFC, two at home. A win or two in the first three will
determine their season and will show what this team is made of.

Detroit Lions- 10-6- The playoffs will be early for the
young cubs as the Week 1 and Week 4 match up against the Bucs and Cowboys will
be crucial. Stafford’s health is the big X factor for this team as usual.

Minnesota Vikings- 6-10- Donovan McNabb will feel young
again for the wrong reasons. Great RB, but his receivers will be one of the
league’s worst groups like they were when he was on the Eagles.



New Orleans Saints- 13-3- Veteran team with some hungry
newcomers will wreak havoc in the toughest division in the NFL. Saints have a
chip on shoulder and will refuse to let weak NFL rule make them travel.

Atlanta Falcons- 12-4- Got to admit that Julio Jones is on
every one of my fantasy teams, but I’m not biased. Jones will prove to everyone
why the Falcons traded for him. Ryan has an extra weapon.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 10-6- The young Buccaneers will prove
to everybody that last year’s success was not because of favorable schedule.
Can stud QB Josh Freeman and the young Bucs make the playoffs?

Carolina Panthers- 1-15- Cam Newton is getting paid more
than he did in college, but his success will be dramatically different. Good
games will not be awarded with wins, but moral wins in the NFL pay off well.


Arizona Cardinals- 8-8- The NFC West is still the worst and
will only slightly improve. QB Kevin Kolb is a big improvement for the West,
but won’t mean much in the NFC playoffs.

St. Louis Rams- 7-9- Things don’t get better or worse for
the Rams but the experience of the season will give Rams hope for years to
come. NFL fans will get to see great RB Steven Jackson in the playoffs in future.

Seattle Seahawks- 4-12- Season ticket holders who call
themselves the best “12<sup>th</sup> man” in league will regret buying tickets.
Seahawks will regret not losing more games than winning games.

San Francisco 49ers- 3-13- That won’t be “suck” you are
hearing in the crowd, it will be for Stanford QB Andrew Luck, and 49ers fans
will try to ignore that sick feeling in their gut as Alex Smith looked the



New England Patriots- 13-3- My hatred for the Patriots won’t
make me ignore their solid winning system led by QB Tom Brady. Will two misfits
(Haynesworth and Johnson) be greater than one? We will see…

New York Jets- 11-5- Defense will prevail once again. The
best thing from the offense will be parolee WR Plaxico Burress won’t shoot
himself during the season. Fans will wish he shoots QB Mark Sanchez.

Buffalo Bills- 5-11- Bills will be one of the most exciting
teams to watch all season, but end results will be the same as losing has
become the norm. This is a playoff killing team as I expect upsets.

Miami Dolphins- 4-12- The best thing Reggie Bush brings to
Miami is community support which I commend him for and hope he keeps up on.
Other than that, not much, if anything at all on the field.



Pittsburgh Steelers- 12-4- Easiest schedule for defending
AFC champs will get them in the playoffs, but how much further after that? The
league’s most hated team will struggle with loyalty and health.

Baltimore Ravens- 11-5- The Ravens weak off season will come
back to haunt them. Age will be looming on the team as the defensive era’s end
may come to an end before the season’s end.

Cleveland Browns- 6-10- Record won’t reflect great strides
the Browns will have made by season’s end. Record could flip flop on
progression of QB Colt McCoy.

Cincinnati Bengals- 1-15- Record will be reflection of
ownership, management, and coaching. Best thing for the Bengals this season
will be RB Cedrick Benson’s 20 day prison sentence was reduced to 5 days.



Houston Texans- 11-5- Texans finally live up to experts
predictions the last five years and make the playoffs. Division win will be scrutinized
because of another team’s player’s health.

Indianapolis Colts- 9-7- My heart bleeds with the news of
Peyton Manning’s health, even as a Cowboys fan. It may be for hatred of Brett
Favre’s only meaningful record. Good guys don’t always win.

Tennessee Titans- 7-9- They paid CJ2K but it won’t mean
much. QB Matt Hassleback is an improvement with a huge health risk. Add that to
WR Kenny Britt’s prison risk, it doesn’t add up too well.

Jacksonville Jaguars- 3-13- Not sure why Coach Jack Del Rio even
stays as coach of this team. Jaguars will need to evaluate rookie QB Blaine
Gabbert to see if they should enter the “Luck” sweepstakes.



San Diego Chargers- 12-4- QB Philip Rivers will have huge
year and the special teams unit won’t ruin it. Chargers will look for revenge
but a mirror is not allowed on the playing field. Will they make a run?

Kansas City Chiefs- 6-10- Chiefs will come back to life with
first place schedule. QB Matt Cassel has to play beyond himself for this team
to challenge. Fans will still enjoy electric RBs Chiefs offer.

Denver Broncos- 6-10- Broncos defense will again destroy any
hopes of Broncos success. Hall of Fame QB John Elway, will right the sunken
ship ex coach Josh McDaniels sunk. Ship will be repainted by next year.

Oakland Raiders- 5-11- Raiders will still be playoff killing
team late in season instead of playoff competing team. Raiders seemed to have
invade beach with quicksand, AKA Al Davis.




Falcons @ Cardinals- Matty Ice finally wins a playoff game and the Falcons look like a team on the verge like the 2010 Packers. Kevin Kolb gets his feet wet in the playoffs and the Cardinals future will be looking good despite the loss.

Bears @ Eagles- Bears defense knows how to contain Vick and they will do it again. Vick will receive blame for
loss, but small WRs rarely win the big games.

Jets @ Texans- Revis Island looks more like Shutter Island. Andre Johnson plays the

Ravens @ Steelers- Ravens steal the show and doesn’t
squander early lead. True NFL fans wil enjoy this match up as it may be the end
of several future hall of famers’ careers.


Bears @ Packers- The Bears will get a chance to avenge their loss to the Packers in last year's Championship game, but Rodgers will prevail once again. A lack of a possession WR will be the top of the Bears list for the offseason. A year too late.

Falcons @ Saints- QB Matt Ryan will be questioned again despite ridding himself of the "one and done" label. The Saints seem like a team destined for another taste of the Lombardi trophy.

Ravens @ Patriots- Revenge game comes through for hungry
Patriots. Ravens playoff failures squawk “evermore”.

Texans @ Chargers- Great battle will result in home playoff
advantage. Rivers elevates status.



Saints @ Packers- The Saints march right into their
kryptonite and that is outdoor weather. Packers wear beach gear in celebration
despite going to Indianapolis.

Chargers @ Patriots- Revenge plays a factor again and people
will start to question Patriots playoff legacy. QB Philip Rivers finally gets a
chance to shine.



PACKERS vs. CHARGERS- Experience trumps inexperience as QB
Aaron Rodgers elevates his status from Favre status to Starr status in Cheese
Head lure. Packers 34, Chargers 24



MVP- QB Aaron Rodgers- Packers’ Rodgers is no surprise and
Super Bowl status puts him above QB Tom Brady who has similar stats overall at
end of season. Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will have supporters as well.

COACH- Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy will follow his QB and
receive an award he deserved last year with all of the injuries he had to deal

OFFENSIVE PLAYER- WR Andre Johnson, Texans, won’t receive
the proper amount of votes he deserves for MVP, but will be rewarded for
stellar year with OPY.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER- DT Ndamukong Suh, Lions, will be mentioned
in MVP talks but not seriously enough. Young DT will already start “greatest DT”

ROOKIE- WR Julio Jones , Falcons, will not disappoint the
many draft picks the Falcons used to get him with 1,000 plus and near ten TD


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Posted on: September 7, 2011 10:53 am

2011 NFL Season Predictions

Interesting predictions.
I agree that the Phialdelphia Eagles will win the NFC East, but I believe that the Dallas Cowboys will get one of the two NFC wildcard spots.

I agree that the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North, but I believe that the Detroit Lions will get that other NFC wilcard spot. They (the Lions) are going to really turn heads this season and impress.

I disagree with your NFC South prediction. I believe that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to win the division. The Saints losing to the a sub .500 Seahawks team in the playoffs is going to set them back this season.

I disagree with your NFC West prediction. I believe that the St. Louis Rams are going to win it because Sam Bradford is getting better by leaps and bounds and the lockout which prevented an earlier move for Kevin Kolb will hurt the Cardinals.

I agree that the New England Patriots will win the AFC East and that the New York Jets will get one of the two AFC Wildcard spots.

As far as your AFC North analysis goes there are lots of holes in it. As big of a Steelers fan as I am I don't believe that they will go to the playoffs this season because history suggests that the Super Bowl runner up usually takes a step back the following season. As far as them being the most hated team with loyalty issues, that is an epic fail of an argument and health issues effect every team in the league. I believe that the Baltimore Ravens will win the division but that this is their last hurrah before having to go into rebuild mode. As far as the Cleveland Browns go I can see them going 9 and 7. Colt McCoy's understanding of and running the West Coast Offense has been very impressive. They will make huge strides but not enough to make the playoffs this season. As for the Cincinnati Bengals I agree that it is going to be a very long season.

I agree that the Houston Texans will win the AFC South. I predict that Peyton Manning will not take a single snap this season and that is unfortunate for both the Colts and the league as a whole. I just hope this is not an injury that puts an end to his sure fire first ballot Hall of Fame career.

I agree that the San Diego Chargers will win the AFC West. Furthermore, there will be none of that slow start nonsense that has been their hallmark the last several years. I disagree with your assessment of the Denver Broncos. I think that the return of Elvis Dumervil is going to give that defense a much needed boost to the point that they secure the other AFC Wildcard spot.

In spite of your assessment of the Steelers Yell this was still a good posting.

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 5:37 pm

2011 NFL Season Predictions

Agreed Big_Dogs, my prediction for the Cowboys is an optimistic one. As much as I questioned Garrett's hiring as coach, I do like the way he is disciplining the team and the little things do go a long ways, like not adding a star to the rookies helmet until they earn it. Rob Ryan will demand respect and his blitzing will spark some new life on the defense. Hopefully, the CBs can get healthy and remain that way. Wade 

Philips was not a good coach. He didn't earn the respect of the team. The players showed Wade no respect on the sidelines and that is Wade's fault for loose standards. The change from Parcells to Philips was like night and day and the atmosphere Philips brought was way too relaxed. Garrett seems to be bringing back the Jimmy Johnson style a little bit and I like that. He better have shown Romo old tapes of Aikman and Irvin being leaders on the sideline so Romo will change his immature antics. If I see him sitting on the bench with his head down this year, my TV may have a Bud Lite go right through it, lol.

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 5:28 pm

2011 NFL Season Predictions

Thanks Vincent Vega, I was thinking about it today when I noticed I had both of my notes together. I updated one, but not the other and the alchol didn't help any either, lol. I edited it and went with my latest notes.

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 3:03 pm

2011 NFL Season Predictions

The Playoff seeding is not consistent with your records, how do the Falcons get a bye week 1 of the playoffs if they end up with the second best record in the division? How do the Lions even make the playoffs finishing 3rd in the division??? Can you at least be a little consistent?

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 10:15 am

2011 NFL Season Predictions

I don't know Doc. Even though I am a life long Dallas Cowboy fan, I am skeptical of the offensive line. Perhaps the youth movement will work, but if it doesn't Tony Romo will be running for his life and Felix Jones and Tashard Choice will have some tough sledding.

I agree Romo needs to be more of a leader and it seems like he is stepping up a bit more. I read where he was praising Dez Bryant, but also stating that Dez needs to pay more attention to detail. Ironically enough, that has been one of the knocks on Romo for several years.

The good news is that the defense should be much improved. I am hoping an improved pass rush helps the Cowboys cornerbacks return to their Pro Bowl form of year before last, instead of their toilet bowl form of last year. Rob Ryan should be able to keep everyone off-balance and give the NFC East fits. Fortunately, the best way to counter Michale Vick is to blitz him incessantly and Ryann and the Cowboys defense should be able to do so. We will wait and see if its effective.  

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 12:19 am

2011 NFL Season Predictions

And yes, as a Cowboys fan, I predicted the Lions to make the playoffs over my Cowboys because Week 4 is a playoff game and with the negative attitude QB Tony Romo displays every time the Cowboys get into trouble, the Cowboys are in trouble. While the offensive line may be better than it was two seasons ago, Romo cowared from the Vikings defensive front, and the Lions defensive front is much better. As a Cowboys fan, I hope Romo looked in the mirror and made a clear decision that he is going to handle trouble this year like a leader and prevail. Garrett should be showing him Troy Aikman videos of the the 1990's as the main reason Aikman is in the Hall of Fame is because of leadership before anything else.

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