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Favre's New Legacy

Posted on: October 5, 2011 11:58 pm
I'll admit that I am a "Favre hater" amongst fans because that is what "Favre lovers" label me. But et me climb atop my mountain again and preach to all who want to listen, Favre has no legacy. Brett Favre is an empty soul that is trying to find its way because the door before his existence and the door after his existence has closed. The worst part, Favre closed his own door. 
Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons and then traded by them because of his party antics to the Green Bay Packers. He showed his great abilities but was never able to get over the 90's hump, winning in Dallas (0-6 career record in Dallas). Once the Cowboys dynasty fell, Favre had his chance. Favre led his Packers to the championship, but wasn't named the Super Bowl MVP. It was Desmond Howard who was named the MVP. But don't worry, Favre's legacy will forever be enshrined in the NFL folklure.  His image of him holding his helmet up high will forever be used depiste the fact he wasn't te Super Bowl MVP and another sad fact...the play where he raises his helmet being proud of himself, was the second play of the game.
Notice how I never even mentioned the comments he has made recently about Aaron Rodgers. I don't need to. True football fans know what I am referring to. Usually players get buried by the old hands of time. But Favre, buried himself. Favre is dead. Rodgers is alive. And as far as I can see, Rodgers is alive and well. In my existence, 30 years plus, I have not seen a QB as good as Aaron Rodgers in my life. The Green Bay Packers fans are blessed with Ted Thompson who made a courageous move. Hand the helm down to a better player. Brett Favre was no longer going to hold this franchise hostage. Longevity really means nothing when you don't win super bowls,  Aaron Rodgers was the new man. And Ted Thompson ,made the greatest decision in franchise hisory. TT made Aaron Rodgers the new QB.

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