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A Change Up

Posted on: January 27, 2011 10:37 am
Edited on: July 13, 2011 12:16 pm

If you have read “Rounding third” in the past you may get the idea that I’m a older fan who is not altogether content with the direction that one of my passions has taken over time.   If so, your impression is totally on target.  I have critized the inequity between the haves and have not’s, expansion, the power of the players association, and the impotence of the current commissioner.   It is time to take a break and lighten it up.  

You are ‘baseball’ old if you remember that the National and American Leagues had 8 teams and only one went to the postseason. 

You are ‘baseball’ old if you recall the World Series being over before mid October and every game during the day.

You are ‘baseball’ old if you could go over the days outcomes at dinner. 

You are ‘baseball’ old if you remember Sunday

Doubleheaders…every Sunday.

You are ‘baseball’ old if you rooted for the Dodgers….the Brooklyn Dodgers.

You are ‘baseball’ old if you remember MVP Yogi Berra in 1955 striking out 20 times in 615 plate appearances while catching 147 games in a 154 game schedule, and hitting 27 Hrs and driving in 108.

You are baseball old if you had a transistor radio confiscated by your teacher during a World Series game.

You are ‘baseball old’ if you can remember a time where pitchers hit…all pitchers. 

A lot of changes have taken place in baseball over the past 50 years, I could probably keep adding to my list but would like to hear your thoughts.



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