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Lebron James: Does he stay or go?

Posted on: January 14, 2010 8:46 pm

As everyone who follows basketball by now has known for some time, there is a lot of news following Lebron and the possibility of him leaving Cleveland for either New York or Miami.  At this point I would say that the chance that he stays are at maybe 65 to 35 at the best because not many know how a rich athlete such as Lebron thinks.  One would like to say that he will stay but the problem is that there are things surrounding Lebron such as being a Cowboys fan and a Yankees fan.  I'm not sure about if he still is a Cowboys fan because there have been commercials in which Lebron dreams about joining the Browns as well as the comment that he made in the middle of this year's season when he said that he thinks that he could help out the Browns.


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Posted on: May 20, 2010 3:51 pm

Lebron James: Does he stay or go?

Personally, I don't think LeBron will leave Cleveland. If he goes to New York it would be for money... his best chance at winning a Championship I think would be Chicago, Cleveland or Miami... Now I'm a Bulls fan, so I would love to see him come to Chicago but I just don't see him leaving the Cav's. His legacy is in Cleveland!
However, If he wants to win many Championships quickly, I think Chicago is the best fit! 
I know he would draw comparisons everyday to Jordan, but look at all the greats that have played for the Lakers! I don't hear a lot of comparisons of Magic and Kobe... not as much as Kobe, Lebron and Jordan. Please come to Chicago Lebron!!!

I just read LeBron contacted Eddy Curry (Knicks, Center) about working out together this offseason! That was in the New Your Daily News. However, the post I read speculated not to read to much into it because James and Curry have the same agent... that's why he contacted him. It also went onto say this could actually be a bad thing for the Knicks because Curry and Coach D'Antoni don't exactly see eye to eye. Thoughts...

I also saw something on ESPN about LeBron house hunting in Chicago!?! It said it was not true, did anyone else hear anything? ESPN actually has a LeBron tracker...

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