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Picks, Confusion, Observation - January 19, 2009

Posted on: January 22, 2010 10:02 pm
Need some redemption from last week's 1-3 picks. So here it goes:

Steelers/Ravens: As much as I hate doing it, I have to pick the Steelers. I think these teams are so even, I'd probably pick whoever was a home. But with the weather as it's going to be, I guess I'll go with the team with the most experienced QB.

Eagles/Cardinals: Upset special, I'm picking the Cardinals. I guess I shouldn't try to rationalize anything when it comes to these 2 teams. There's unpredictable as hell and who knows who will show up. But it just seems like destiny that it's the Cards year.

Confusion: I guess I just really don't understand the way some NFL teams are managed. How can any organization hope to improve and have any consistency when the coaches turn over so much. The firing of Mangini by the Jets blew me away. I thought he was a good coach with a plan who was forced to take Favre, who just so happened to knock them out of the playoffs himself. However, the firing of Gruden is unreal. The guy won a Super Bowl with Tampa, took the Raiders to the brink, works tirelessly, and (I think) gets the most out of what he has to work with. Tampa woulda made the playoffs if Brooks hadn't gotten hurt. They have a solid team. And the get rid of Gruden after losing their D Coordinator as well? I seriously just don't get it.

Observation: I think I've lost some respect for Pete Carrol this week. His handling of Sanchez's exodus from Southern Cal reminds me of a little kid pouting, stomping, and crying because he didn't get what he wanted. Worse, he most likely put doubt into NFL GM's minds as he made it so apparent that Sanchez, in his expert opinion, isn't ready for the NFL. So to summarize, he tried to talk his QB into staying, Sanchez made his decision, Carroll throws a hissy fit at the press conference and didn't even sit with his QB, which possibly hurt his draft status. Isn't a head coach supposed to be more than just a coach? Does Carrol really think he's not ready, or is he just looking out for #1? Regardless, Sanchez won him several games, and he treated him like crap as he left. What an asshole.

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