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Michigan Week - November 19, 2009

Posted on: May 29, 2010 8:49 am
Had to set a co-worker straight on a few things this week via email. Here it is below...

Speaking of twisted...allow me to share some real-world perspective and “un-twist” things for everyone:

· Michigan’s consistent claim of 11 national championships is laughable. They actually only have 1.5, the rest of the alleged 9 ‘championships’ occurred before 1936, when there was no true ‘national champion’ recognized. All of our national championships (all 7 of them) are all officially recognized, and all of them after 1936, when football was actually acknowledged on a national level. For some perspective on this, Princeton officially claims 28 national championships dating back to 1869. Give me a break.

· The national recognition of collegiate football started in 1936. Since that time, Ohio State has 7 national championships. Michigan has 2, but we all know it’s actually 1.5, and it should actually be 1, but Michigan shared their ‘national championship’ with Nebraska in 1997, which was the year before the BCS started. This was a year in which we all know that Nebraska would have beaten Michigan by a score of at least 52-9 had the BCS started a year earlier.

· Since 1936……again, the nationally recognized era of modern football……Michigan has an edge of 35-34-4, which we will even up after Saturday. So assuming we will even the series this Saturday, let’s recap:

1. Series 35-35-4, soon to be tied 35-35-4 if things hold up.
2. National Championships…..OSU 7, Michigan 1.5.
3. Heismans (which started in 1935)…….OSU 7, Michigan 3.
4. Bowl Appearances (not including this year)…….OSU 40,Mich 39.
5. Consensus All-Americans (not including this year)…..OSU 130, Mich 126.

· But why live in the past? Let’s look at now:

1. Current NFL players…..OSU 37, Michigan 34.
2. Jim Tressel’s record vs Michigan…..7-1.
3. Rich Rod’s record vs Ohio State….0-1.
4. Rich Rod’s current overall Big Ten record….3-12.
5. BCS bowl appearances….OSU 8, Michigan 4.
6. Overall Big Ten Championships since 2000….OSU 5 (in a row), Michigan 3.
7. Outright Big Ten Championships since 2000…OSU 3, Michigan 1.
8. BCS National Championship appearances…OSU 3, Michigan 0.
9. BCS National Championships…..OSU 1, Michigan 0.

So who are the real champs?

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