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Catching Up - December 7, 2009

Posted on: August 9, 2010 9:14 pm
The Tiger Woods thing is fascinating on so many levels. I could probably write at least 1,000 words on it, but I won't do that to my friends. Also, the 30+ people that actually read this blog probably would skip it anyway, haha. Just some quick thoughts instead:

*Many have said they feel sorry for Tiger. I don't. He is simply paying the price for the dangerous combination of bad decision-making and fame. When the two collide, this is what you get, and it's no one elses fault but his. Its his fault, he owns it.

*Many are blaming the media for dragging this story through the mud and getting into Tiger's business. It's not the media's fault, it's Tiger's fault. Don't cheat on your wife with pancake house waitresses, and the media won't have anything to talk about. Its Tiger's situation to own.

*Many that aren't golf fans now think less of Tiger. I'm one of them. I guess he's not as smart or strong as we gave him credit for all of these years. He's not smart for obvious reasons. He's not strong because he's married, had urges and opportunities, and caved. Wussy.

*Many that are golf fans don't think less of Tiger. I understand. Most of golf fans are men. Men can separate the two (Tiger as a golfer and Tiger as a person). He's still a good golfer despite maybe not being a good person. Golf fans will still root for him. I never really rooted for him anyway. I was fine with him winning but never wanted him to beat Jack's records. Maybe this derails him enough to keep Jack at the top. Go Bucks.

*The phone messages, the text messages, etc.. tell me once again that these celebrities are no different than the rest of us. He had no more confidence dealing with these ladies than the rest of us did in high school. We're all the same...some of us are just better golfers.

*Lastly, if Tiger wanted to enjoy his fame in this way, then carve out a smarter life plan. Don't get married, then you can date/sleep with whoever you want. Ask Derek Jeter how that plan is working out.

I'm happy and sad:

I'm happy to make the playoffs in one fantasy league and sad to barely miss them in the other. Amazingly, the teams are identical at the core except for 2 players which made the difference. That's how difficult fantasy football is...and 2 players is the the difference between 9-5 in the playoffs and 8-6 outside of them.

I'm sad for the Bears, who had a really disappointing season but one that didn't surprise me too much. Such is life in the NFL.

I'm happy that the Steelers really, really suck. In related news, I'm happy that their fans have finally shut the hell up for a while.

I'm happy for the Bengals and all of my Bengal fans. They SHOULD beat anyone in the AFC aside from the Colts, and they CAN beat the Colts.

I'm sad for myself and the rest of Buckeye Nation. I doubt I'm the only one who has looked back at our two losses and gotten pissed. Of all the years to get USC at home when they finish 4th in the PAC-10...and not beat them! And of all the years to take a dump at Purdue. And of all the years to see Texas struggle against a poor Nebraska team and know that OSU could be there undefeated...waiting...AUGH!

On the contrary, I'm somewhat happy for the sake of Buckeye Nation that maybe we did lose a game or two. I'm thinking that if we were undefeated...that 1/3rd of Buckeye Nation jumps out a window as Texas pulls out that game against Nebraska. Then the other 1/3rd jumps out a window as the bowl announcements are made last Sunday night...and Texas remains #2 despite the fact that they were give a game they should have lost and that they aren't that good anyway. Then the final 1/3rd goes and burns something to the ground...anything...and gets locked away until Jan 2nd. So maybe for our mental health we're better off.

I'm sad that Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise St fans have no frickin' perspective. They are all getting $12 million bowl checks for their BCS appearances, and all they want to do is BMW (bitch, moan, whine) about not getting respect and having to go to a bowl they didn't want to go to. Shut the hell up. As Colin said on Monday, they are like the fat girl who didn't get a hot date to the prom. Just be happy you got invited. Cincinnati couldn't cover/stop Jeff Riley, Ben Wills, or Justin Hobbs in a game of touch football. TCU can't even sell out there home games in an undefeated season. Boise St play on blue turf that they call "Smurf Turf" and they want respect? All three teams are terrible. Get over it.

I'm happy for my Buckeye Nation fans in Cincinnati, who have had to put up with idiot Bearcat fans all year. Cincinnati will get beat 98-2 against Florida. They can't cover anyone now, how do they expect to stop Florida? Regardless of losing their coach, they will get pummeled.

I'm happy for Brian Kelly, sad for their players, and don't feel sorry for their fans. If you're Kelly, you have to take the job, and take it now. I could go on about this for 1,000 words too, but the best argument is that if he waits to take it after the bowl game and loses 98-2, maybe he doesn't get offered the job. Anyone care to pass up $4 million a year just to coach a team against Florida in a game that means nothing? Didn't think so. Sure, I feel bad for his players, who have a right to be upset. And even though it's the right thing to do for him, I can't ask the players to gain perspective and understand it. It is what it is (that one's for you Jake).

The fans, however, need to get some perspective, and most of the following examples I got from Colin on Friday (the opinions are mine, the examples are Colin's that back me up): Brian Kelly brought them NFL players and an undefeated season. The university is getting a $12 million check and new facilities. The program is now on a much higher level versus 3-4 years ago. And they are pissed at him? Get some perspective. They should be having a parade in his honor. Notre Dame is a better job. Get over it, like you didn't see this coming? And we didn't see Cincy fans getting upset and egging houses when Kelly left Central Michigan before their bowl game to come to Cincy...hmmm. Colin's best analogy: If you want to be safe in life, date 6's and they'll never leave you, and you get what you get. But if you want to take risks and be with the best, date 9's and 10's...just don't be surprised if/when they leave you. Nothing wrong with it, just don't be shocked and bitter. Move on and get another 9 or 10. Cincy hired a buy who was smart and moving upward. Now they are pissed/bitter/shocked that he's smart and moving upward. Get a clue.

I'm happy for Allen Iverson. Great press conference and he's back where he the NBA.

I'm sad for Greg Oden and Evan Turner. I'm more sad for Evan Turner, who will most likely have to come back next year and prove himself all over again. I'm also sad for the Buckeyes, who would've beaten Butler on Saturday with Evan, and who's season will suffer (even in March when he returns) without him.

I'm happy for bowl season, even though I may watch 4-5 of the games and I'm only interested in about 12 of them.

I'm sad that fantasy football is close to coming to an end already. Time flies.

I'm happy that we only have one more Tebow game, thank goodness, good riddance, bye.

Finally, a great link to some memorable games of the 00's:
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