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What this all means for the Heat...

Posted on: June 24, 2010 10:52 pm
Yeah, I agree. He was lights out in 2008 shooting from long range and won the three-point shooting contest at the 2008 NBA All-Star weekend. He always displayed class and never complained about his limited time on the floor. I think a change of scenery is going to benefit Cook. There is a strong nucleus of players in the Oklahoma Thunder squad, so he should be a good complimentary guard/small forward and will contribute from the bench and he's a decent on the defensive side of the ball.

Cook's trade now leaves the Miami Heat with most cap space in the NBA. It's very exciting to imagine what GM Pat Riley has in store to replenish the roster wih some All-Stars. How does Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade on the same tem sound? It sounds like championships. I think that's possible. A couple of more moves before NBA teams can sign free agents on July 1st will accomplish that.

Center Jermaine O'Neill's huge contract and forward James Jones' trade will mean that the cap space for the third super star will be available. Bosh would love to play in Miami and if Lebron signs with Miami first, Bosh would soon follow. Or vice-versa. I'm salivating thinking about the possibilities. Even if it's Carlos Boozer and not Bosh, that will still give the edge to the Heat to sign James. That's not too shabby either. Of course, Wade needs to sign first. That, to me, it's a foregone conclusion. The Heat can pay Wade the most money and Florida has no state income tax. Cha-ching!

So what if the cap space is breached if it means a dynastic run for the Heat. I'm sure Heat owner/billionaire Micky Arison wouldn't mind paying a a few hundred thousand for the luxury tax if the Heat can become a yearly championship contender. Just think of the ticket sales to see Lebron, Bosh and Wade picking apart opposing defenses. And, yes American Airlines Arena is big enough to accomodate three super stars. Unlike the former champion Boston Celtics, this team will be much younger, with three all-stars leading the way for several years to come. The championship window will not shut suddenly like the aging Celtics', but will remain open long enough to win a few rings.

That's right! The Heat dynasty is almost upon us. I can't wait.


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Posted on: June 26, 2010 7:51 pm

What this all means for the Heat...

Dreaming is good, we all do it. The odds of the Heat landing Wade, James, and Bosh are very slim. James will do as he pleases, Wade should go for the money in Miami, and the rest undetermined. Cannot see Wade and James playing together, may not mesh. Bosh would be a better fit with Wade or James. It is fun to speculate about all this, but soon it will be over. Hopes the best playes go separate ways and stay away from the Lakers. A monopoly in basketball is not good. LA, now, is as close to one as the owners can want. Kpbe and James would be interesting, but too much of an ego clash. James in Chicago should work with Rose, for now. Eventually all will get old to being James inferior player.

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