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The Final "Should Be" 2010 All-Stars

Posted on: July 6, 2010 12:15 pm
Edited on: July 8, 2010 10:35 am
Ok, so after much debate, injuries, hot-starts, & slumps, here is my final version of the 2010 "Should Be" All-Star rosters. Just to make a quick note, this roster only includes healthy players that would be able to play in the actual game next week. Also, just as a reminder, every team must have at least 1 representative. So here we go:

AL Starting Lineup:

1) RF - Ichiro Suzuki
2) SS - Derek Jeter
3) 1B - Miguel Cabrera
4) DH - Justin Morneau
5) LF - Josh Hamilton
6) 2B - Robinson Cano
7) 3B - Evan Longoria
8) C - Joe Mauer
9) CF - Carl Crawford

SP - Cliff Lee

NL Starting Lineup:

1) SS - Hanley Ramirez
2) 3B - David Wright
3) 1B - Albert Pujols
4) LF - Ryan Braun
5) DH - Joey Votto
6) RF - Matt Holliday
7) CF - Andre Ethier
8) C - Miguel Olivo
9) 2B - Martin Prado

SP - Josh Johnson

American League Roster

C - Joe Mauer - Twins
C - Mike Napoli - Angels
C - Carlos Santana - Indians

1B - Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
1B - Paul Konerko - White Sox
1B - Justin Morneau - Twins

2B - Robinson Cano - Yankees
2B - Ian Kinsler - Rangers
2B - Ty Wigginton - Orioles

SS - Elvis Andrus - Rangers
SS - Derek Jeter - Yankees

3B - Evan Longoria - Rays
3B - Alex Rodriguez - Yankees
3B - Michael Young - Rangers

OF - Jose Bautista - Blue Jays
OF - Carl Crawford - Rays
OF - Josh Hamilton - Rangers
OF - Torii Hunter - Angels
OF - Ichiro Suzuki - Mariners

DH - Vlad Guererro - Rangers

SP - Trevor Cahill - Athletics
SP - Felix Hernandez - Mariners
SP - Phil Hughes - Yankees
SP - Cliff Lee - Mariners
SP - Jon Lester - Red Sox
SP - Andy Pettitte - Yankees
SP - David Price - Rays
SP - C.C. Sabathia - Yankees
SP - Jered Weaver - Angels

RP - Neftali Feliz - Rangers
RP - Jon Rauch - Twins
RP - Joakim Soria - Royals
RP - Rafael Soriano - Rays (Replacing Mariano Rivera)
RP - Jose Valverde - Tigers

National League Roster

C - Brian McCann - Braves
C - Miguel Olivo - Rockies

1B - Adrian Gonzalez - Padres
1B - Ryan Howard - Phillies
1B - Albert Pujols - Cardinals
1B - Joey Votto - Reds

2B - Brandon Phillips - Reds
2B - Martin Prado - Braves
2B - Dan Uggla - Marlins

SS - Rafael Furcal - Dodgers
SS - Hanley Ramirez - Marlins

3B - Scott Rolen - Reds
3B - David Wright - Mets
3B - Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals

OF - Ryan Braun - Brewers
OF - Marlon Byrd - Cubs
OF - Andre Ethier - Dodgers
OF - Matt Holliday - Cardinals
OF - Andrew McCutchen - Pirates

SP - Chris Carpenter - Cardinals
SP - Yovani Gallardo - Brewers
SP - Jamie Garcia - Cardinals
SP - Roy Halladay - Phillies
SP - Tim Hudson - Braves
SP - Ubaldo Jimenez - Rockies
SP - Josh Johnson - Marlins
SP - Mat Latos - Padres
SP - Tim Lincecum - Giants
SP - Roy Oswalt - Astros
SP - Stephen Strasburg - Nationals
SP - Adam Wainwright - Cardinals

RP - Jonathan Broxton - Dodgers
RP - Arthur Rhodes - Reds
RP - Brian Wilson - Giants

Just like the last few All-Star games, the NL looks slightly better on paper, especially with their absolutely stacked starting pitching. I had to include a ton of NL starters on this team, probably more than necessary, but too many of them deserved to be on the team. Guys like Garcia, Latos, & Strasburg are having seasons that would easily get them on the AL All-Star team, but have them on the outside in the NL due to the sensational seasons of many of the NL aces. As you can see in my projected pitching schedule for both clubs, the NL marches out ace after ace:

AL Pitching Schedule:

Inning 1 - Cliff Lee
Inning 2 - David Price
Inning 3 - Jon Lester
Inning 4 - Phil Hughes
Inning 5 - Felix Hernandez
Inning 6 - Jered Weaver
Inning 7 - Jon Rauch / Jose Valverde
Inning 8 - Joakim Soria
Inning 9 - Neftali Feliz
Inning 10 + - Trevor Cahill, Rafael Soriano etc

NL Pitching Schedule:
Inning 1 - Josh Johnson
Inning 2 - Ubaldo Jimenez
Inning 3 - Roy Halladay
Inning 4 - Yovani Gallardo
Inning 5 - Stephen Strasburg
Inning 6 - Tim Lincecum
Inning 7 - Adam Wainwright
Inning 8 - Arthur Rhodes / Brian Wilson
Inning 9 - Jonathan Broxton
Inning 10 + - Mat Latos, Jaime Garcia etc

While the NL has the advantage in the starting rotation, I believe that the AL will be boasting a better overall lineup this season with the return of Justin Morneau, the development of Robinson Cano, & a healthy Josh Hamilton. The NL are no slackers either, however don't look as strong as in years past with Chase Utley on the sidelines.

In the end it will be a close game as usual, but I see the AL pulling out a close 3-2 victory. The game will be low scoring the in beginning, but the AL will eventually get to one of the NL starters & get a rally going. Here are some final predictions as to how the game will go:

Final Score: AL: 3 , NL: 2
All-Star MVP - Jose Bautista
Winner: Phil Hughes
Loser: Yovani Gallardo
Save: Neftali Feliz
HRs: Bautista (1), Votto (1)
RBIs: Bautista (2), Hamilton (1), Votto (1), Holliday (1)
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Posted on: July 14, 2010 11:29 am

The Final "Should Be" 2010 All-Stars

Nice game by Thronton last night Scotty. I will go back to calling him Thorton and not caring about the White Sux now. Thanks for the great advice again.

Since: Mar 9, 2007
Posted on: July 10, 2010 5:22 pm

The Final "Should Be" 2010 All-Stars

You know at first you had me mad by your comments Scotty, but then I realized that you are just some clown that gets off on getting a rise out of people. Everyone has beef on these lists, and everyone has opinions, but only people with major inferiority complexes feel the need to attack people. If you want to battle baseball knowledge I will go toe-to-toe with anyone, but if you want to make it personal, get a life. I'm a 26 year old engineer that played baseball through college that makes lists on CBS for fun when I am bored at work. If you have a problem with my lists no one is asking you to read them.

So back to baseball, if you look at all-star rosters in the past, teams often carry 3 catchers. With Mauer going through injury concerns I doubt the Twins are gonna want him behind the plate more than 4 innings. So I carried an extra catcher to be more realistic. I think that would be smart managing, especially considering if the game went to extra innings. 

Next: I'm sorry it is Matt Thornton, I didn't realize I made a typo until after I submitted the message, not everyone is perfect. My choice came down between Jon Rauch, Soriano, & Thornton, but you made a good point with taking him as a lefty specialist in the late innings, so I will add him and drop Jon Rauch. I had a bias towards Rauch since he has been on my fantasy team this season and been a great late round gem and honestly I have seen Thornton pitch only one time in person when I was drunk at Yankee Stadium and the inning went by so quick I didn't remember seeing much of him. 

Finally I did do homework on Jamie Garcia, which is why he is on my roster, but I don't see how you can say Bell has deserved it more than Garcia. Garica has been a stellar SP all season, which I would consider more impressive than pitching an inning a night in the black hole of Petco. Bell is a great closer, but I went light on closers in the NL (like I talked about above) since I was so impressed with so many of the starters in the NL this season. I felt they deserved to be recognized more. Its all opinion these lists, you get it Scotty?

Basically in the end I think you are just a little too bias toward the Padres and White Sox. I added Konerko & Latos and just added Thornton. Is that good enough of are you gonna cry about it more?

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 4:48 pm
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Posted on: July 10, 2010 4:43 pm
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Posted on: July 9, 2010 11:34 pm
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Posted on: July 9, 2010 11:20 pm

The Final "Should Be" 2010 All-Stars

I can sit here and throw stats after stats to you, but I am not going to waste my time with you....  But I will hit a few key issues that you have....  Having 3 catchers is just as dumb as Mike Dikta giving up the farm for Ricky Williams..  Matt Thornton (and it would be nice if you spelled his name correctly....  Just goes to show you the talent that CBS has...) is the top 3 lefty out of the pen in the majors ..  98+, you cannot touch him, but you leave him out...  Why don't you put Jamie Moyer in the game...   You cannot compare Garcia and Bell, one is a SP and the other is a RP (but since you did, I will show you how WRONG you are....)  But since you DIDN'T do your homework, I will..  Garcia...  99 innings pitched, 80 K's..  Not too shabby... Bell, 36.2 innings pitched, 49 K's... and his ERA is better..  Much better stats all around...  I don't have to go into specifics about who's the better pitcher for the NL....    You can even see who's better given your elementary school education.  Before you start bashing someone, do your homework, learn the game, then bring it..  I have nothing to do this weekend except to play slow pitch softball on Saturday, so if you choose to try and go toe-to-toe, I will be here.. 

Since: Mar 9, 2007
Posted on: July 9, 2010 3:04 pm

The Final "Should Be" 2010 All-Stars

Nice constructive criticism. Maybe you can clarify where these White Sox & Padres relievers can fit onto the team? Thorton and Bell are doing great this season, but where do you fit them in?

Drop Soriano for Thorton & Jamie Garcia for Bell? Maybe take away my 3rd AL catcher which I added since Mauer isn't going to be playing deep into the game and replace him with Thorton?

I made some cuts leaving out deserving players but that will always happen with an All-Star team. 

I acutally thought up a functional roster and I have a gameplan for both teams the entire game.

Are you capable of doing that with your elite baseball knowledge Scotty2Hotty21?

Since: Mar 14, 2008
Posted on: July 8, 2010 2:08 pm

The Final "Should Be" 2010 All-Stars

Your an idiot..  The White Sox and Padres have two of the best bull pens in the game and you only have Latos???  Get a life retard!  Your just as dumb as the idiot fans who vote for their favorite players, vice the best players in the game and that's what the game really needs...  The only thing I agree with you is Stephen Strasburg.  OK, he didn't pitch but this many innings, has this many starts, etc..  But sorry to tell you he's mowing people down...  You NL fans will be hating life when game 7 is in an american league backyard....

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