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Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

Posted on: October 28, 2011 2:36 pm
Edited on: October 28, 2011 5:28 pm
By Pete Pistone

Jimmie Johnson met the media Friday morning at Martinsville Speedway and immediately addressed the Talladega controversy involving crew chief Chad Knaus' directions to damage the No. 48 Chevrolet in a post victory celebration.

Johnson denied there was anything illegal about his ride and that the team is innocent of any wongdoing:


Yeah, looking back on things, Chad ( Knaus, crew chief) explained himself very well this week, and has been more than available to talk though the situation. Everyone is very well aware at the statements he made. The other thing to remember is that car passed inspection multiple times throughout the course of the weekend. At the end of the day, while Chad was trying to protect himself post-race, he made a foolish statement. That is truly it. At the end of the day, that car passed inspection multiple times at an impound race and was pushed out onto the grid. It was certainly something that we did not want to take place. You can tell from my reaction it was something I had never heard in the car from him before, and it is what it is. The car passed tech at the race track multiple times and people have to build faith in that; Chad and I certainly respect NASCAR and their inspection process and unfortunately it happened for really no reason at all and now we have to put it behind us.”

WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION AT THAT MOMENT? “At the moment, I was kind of surprised. As he talked to me he made a reference to covering his bases and I’m like, I am not thinking about that, I am going racing like I always do, so that was that.”


No, you can tell by my reaction in the race car that was something I had not heard before.”

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Since: Aug 16, 2006
Posted on: October 30, 2011 10:25 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

The compettition is not there like when BigE raced.
You apparently don't have a clue what you are talking about. Let's look who BigE raced against. Four are in the Hall of Fame, and you have four others who won championships. Not exactly chopped liver in the competition department.

Richard Petty HoF'er
Darrell Waltrip HoF'er
Bobby Allison HoF'er
Cale Yarborough HoF'er
Bill Elliott
Terry Labonte
Rusty Wallace
Neil Bonnett
Alan Kulwicki
Davey Allison
Dale Jarrett
Tim Richmond

Since: Aug 15, 2006
Posted on: October 29, 2011 8:55 am

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

If anyone reads my comments they know I am far from a JJ or HMS fan, however, to say JJ is an average driver means those saying it don't know what they are talking about. 

If JJ is average, then what does that make Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardts Jr. and Mark Martin?  They haven't won a championship, in this format,  in the "Best" equipment have they?  In fact the most popular driver has only won 1 race in the "Best" equipment and that one was controversial at best. 

Again, I believe JJ when he said he was shocked to hear what Chad had to say, 

What I have a problem with is NASCAR heard the transmission and did nothing after the race, and reporters like Pete Pistone won't do an article questioning NASCAR about not doing anything, as Pete knows they monitor all transmissions.  According to Pete, there is nothing to question. as there never is when it comes to his favorite drivers at HMS.  And make no mistake about it,  Pete is a major fan of HMS and their drivers.

Since: Jul 3, 2010
Posted on: October 28, 2011 11:19 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

They be cheating.  All cheating.  The cars are basically equal.  The compettition is not there like when BigE raced.  Johnson is the elder of alot of youngsters in the sport and they caught up this year.  The racing is boring.  You gotta run in a sequenced order crapola and it is just not racing.  Great he won 5, cool - the competition was just not there.

Since: Dec 11, 2006
Posted on: October 28, 2011 10:15 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

Seems to me fellas that the nascar old guard doesn't want a smart
talented good looking driver to be dominant. He doesn't chew tobacco,
or butcher the Queens English and he doesn't have a southern accent.
So what. He's the best. It's a national sport now, not regional so get used to
itAnd you know that Little E is never going to win it all.

Since: Jan 2, 2008
Posted on: October 28, 2011 10:00 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

Does it matter who you are?  As I recall Clint Bowyer's car last year passed pre-race and post-race inspections yet when taken across the nation to get even more inspections his car failed inspection.  In his case his car was bounced around post race and failed by the thickness of a quarter.  Here with Jimmy we have no idea how close his car was to failing we just know that the man in charge of the car was worried that it could fail inspection.  So what is the difference between the two cases?  One (Jimmy's car) had a good chance of failing further inspection and the other (Clint's car) was thought to be within tolerance because they knew it would get further inspections.  Clint was basicly tossed from the chase and Jimmy still has an extreme outside shot. 

Since: Jan 18, 2007
Posted on: October 28, 2011 8:22 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

Just a story to try and get people interested in watching nascar. i know a lot of people who are nascar nuts that don't even watch every race like they used to because of what it has become. I use to be a big fan, but the chase is very stupid so i don't watch anymore. if a driver has a 200 point lead with 11 races left, how can another driver be within 10 points (or possibly even ahead if he has more wins) the next week????? he was given something he didn't earn. these guys are pros, not school kids. i can't route for someone who wins by getting points they never earned.

Since: Feb 3, 2008
Posted on: October 28, 2011 8:11 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

That is exactly what he is. An average driver. A monkey could drive his car. When you put enough money into a Nascar team any average driver could drive it. This so called sport and the stupid ass Chase benfitted this team more than any other team in Nascar. Nascar ruined what was a great sport to watch. The race last week was the most boring race Nascar ever had. And I personally will never watch another race. Nascar lost yet another fan.

Since: Sep 4, 2008
Posted on: October 28, 2011 7:47 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

 Yes, you ranking is "amateur"................
......'nuff said.

Since: Jan 7, 2010
Posted on: October 28, 2011 6:23 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

It's funny how non-Jimmie fans never aknowledge his talent. I'm not arguing how it would have been with the old rules or traditional system. Yes, he wouldn't have been 5-time champ but he certainly isn't average. Back in the day Petty would win by three laps because his equipment was supervior to everone elses. It's NASCAR that changed the rules to make the sport competitive. The CHASE was developed to keep peoples interest in every race. Back in the day drivers would know weeks in advance to who was going to win. I'm not saying NASCAR is perfect, but even those that hate Jimmie have to aknowledge he is no average driver.

Since: Oct 28, 2011
Posted on: October 28, 2011 5:56 pm

Johnson denies any Talladega wrongdoing

Johnson is just an average driver in top notch equipment. It's funny how Jimmie's fans never acknowledge the fact that it took NASCAR creating the ridiculous "CHASE" format to give us the arrogant 5-time bonehead. If NASCAR wouldn't have messed with the traditional points system he would only be a 2 TIME Champion and they wouldn't be talking about him anymore than they do Stewart, Kenseth or anyone else with one or two championships. I would ike to see how Richard Petty's, David Pearson's and some of the other legends of NASCAR history stats would look like if they had the benefit of THE CHASE or the other luxuries like the ridiculous LUCKY DOG free lap back crap and the free wave around option. Back in the day they raced for everything they got and had to actually earn their way back on to the lead lap. Jimmie and Chad are just a couple of NADS !!!

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