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Draft Breakdown by Position: Offensive Line

Posted on: February 9, 2010 7:10 pm
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Well, if many of you Cowboy fans are like me, the rest of the Season is pretty much a bore.  So lets get down to business.   

I'm going to post on each of the team position, give my assessment and poll the rest of you on what you think.  All this in an effort to best evaluate what the Cowboys will be looking for in the 2010 draft.  The first of these posts will be on the offensive line.  

The Dallas Cowboys had the number 3 ranked Offensive Line in the Run. Mia, NO, Dal, Bal, NE were the top 5. 

But they were ranked 16th, middle of the pack in pass protection.  Indy, NO, NE, Tenn, SD were all top 5. 

The Cowboys were 9th overall.  So, a top 10 offensive line. 

They ran: 

11% over left end
15% over left tackle
52% over middle guard
13% over right tackle 
9%  over right end 

Romo was sacked 34 times.  

Many think the Cowboys could use and upgrade.  Lets look at each player and come to some conclusion.   

Left Tackle:

Flozell Adams 6'7 338, OT  Michigan State
   12 years   

Flozell has been selected to the Pro Bowl in five of the past six seasons as a left tackle, Flozell Adams is regarded as one of the NFL's most productive and powerful offensive linemen. Though many fans for reasons I cannot fathom why. ( ESPN and NFL Network Coverage were it seems most of you get your opinions might be a start )  

Dallas was sacked 34 times in 2009. 16 of the Cowboys 34 sacks came against Denver(5), Greenbay(5), and Philly(6).  

An objective look shows Flo gave up 5 Sacks in 2009 with a mean avg time to sack 3.25 seconds - a very very good avg.  Flozell did this while taking on some of the best pass rushers in the league. 

2008 Adams Signed a 6 year 43.8 million dollar contract.  2010 salary is 5 million. It would cost the Cowboys 8.666 million to cut him.  Like it or not, He's not going anywhere for at least thru 2010.  

Doug Free 6'6 313, OT  Northern Illinois
   3 years 

The Cowboys drafted Doug Free in the fourth round (122nd overall) of the 2007 NFL Draft with the hopes of him developing into a key player for the future in the offeKnsive line. Free beat out Pat McQuistan as the "swing-tackle" to back-up both tackle positions on the active game day roster.  Free is a natural left tackle but was forced to start 6 games with Marc Columbo injured and was not a reason for alarm. He was not credited with giving up a sack. 

Doug has 1 year left on his 4 year 2.1 million dollar deal. I expect Free will see spot duty for Flo in 2010 to determine if he can to be the future which team officials have said is likely, and weather he gets a contract or the tender at the end of 2010.    

Left Guard

Kyle Kosier  6'5 305, G  Arizona State
  8 years 

Kyle Kosier stepped in right away at left guard to replace Larry Allen in 2006 with little rancor.  In 2008 when he was out, RANCOR!.  2009 saw again calm at the position.  He's solid but not spectacular. Kyle gave up 2 sack with a 2.4 avg. 

Kyle has 1 year left on a 5 year 15 million dollar deal that will pay him 3 million in 2010.  Kyle has been solid, but I think he is holding a spot for Robert Brewster who I project as the starter by the end of 2010.  

Robert Brewster 6'4 320, RT/G Ball State
  1 year PUP 

The Dallas Cowboys used their second selection (75th overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft on Robert Brewster. Brewster, played OT at Ball State, will be looked upon as a swing tackle to shift to either tackle position as well as guard to provide versatility to the depth of the Cowboys offensive line. A starter the instant he stepped on the field, Brewster made a start in all 50 collegiate games since joining the team as a true freshman.    


Andre Gurode 6'4 318 C, Colorado
  8 years 

Andre Gurode was selected by the Cowboys in the second round 37th pick in 2002 NFL Draft, the highest pick the team has used to draft an offensive lineman since 1981, with Howard Richards. He has started 93-of-109 games at center and guard, until 2006, when he started every game at Center and made his first Pro Bowl. He duplicated that feat in both 2007 and 2008 and earned the starting nod for the NFC team. Andre gave up only 2 sacks in 09. 

Andre received a 6 year 30 million dollar deal in 07.  

Draft Pick

The Cowboys will likely take a Guard/Center combo with a mid-round pick in 2010.   

Right Guard

Leonard Davis 6'6 354, OG Texas
  9 years 

Leonard Davis joined Dallas in 07 as the highest profile free agent acquisition on the offensive line in club history. He exceeded expectations and earned his first career Pro Bowl selection. He establish himself as one of the most physically dominant guards in the NFL and in 2008 earned his second trip to the Pro Bowl. Davis's was one of the most heralded offensive linemen to come out of the University of Texas and spent 6 seasons with Arizona and was the second pick in the 2001 Draft.  Leonard gave up 2 sacks 2.3 avg. In 09 he was named All-Pro. 

Leonard signed a 7 year 49.6 contract in 2007. 

Brewster will be the back-up to both Guard position until he takes over as the starter for Kosier.  

Right Tackle

Marc Colombo  6'8 318, OT  Boston College
   8 years 

Marc Colombo became the Bears first round selection (29th overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft, he was limited to seven career starts at left tackle and played as a reserve right tackle in 11 other games in 3 seasons after he suffered a serious knee injury toward the end of his rookie season.  He spent all of 2003 and most of 2004 rehabilitating the injury. He entered the 2006 season as healthy as ever, starting all 16 games for the first time in his career. Columbo has been solid. He gave up 2 sacks 2.4 avg time.  

Colombo was rewarded with a 4 year 22 million dollar contract extension in December 2008 that will keep him with the club until 2012  

Draft Pick

I expect the Cowboys to take the best available tackle in the Draft with their 2nd round pick.      


Now then, It's clear that Offensive Line is not a Urgent need but as I have said, I expect the Cowboys to draft a couple of offensive linemen in the 2010 draft.  Flozell is a 13 year starter, and while he played well, the Cowboys will be looking to increase their depth and have a back-stop for Free who most likely will take over for least initially.  I could see a slight move up in the second or down out of the 1st to get this done.  

My Pick

Kyle Calloway  6'7 318  OT Iowa

Kyle on most talent boards is ranked around 80 because he is a Right Tackle, but based on his skills,  he can be had for a 2nd Round Pick, and would be a fine addition to the Cowboy Line.   

Kyle Calloway  OT  Iowa


 Round 1


Kyle has excellent size, strength and feet to play his position.  He is a right tackle with a left tackle heart.  By that, I mean he takes pride in pass blocking and protecting his QB.  He is a powerful run blocker and does a very good job blocking in space and moving to the next level.  Most of the time he is not covered up when blocking on passing plays with a TE.  He does not get overpowered when being bull rushed.  Kyle is smart, shows mental stamina and does not get beat by the same move twice if he gets beat at all.  I suspect that once Kyle works out at the combine, he will show enough athletic talent to play left tackle at the next level.  However, even if he does not, Kyle (right now) shows Pro Bowl right tackle skills.   


He is stronger than most of the players he plays against right now and does get up too high at times.  He gets a little lazy when pass blocking once he drives his man past his QB and looks to help his line mates out a little too quickly.   All of this is nit picking and can all be corrected. 

Bottom Line

I'm calling him Kyle (Right Away) Calloway because you can draft this kid and plug him into your offensive line at the right tackle position right away.  He can play Right tackle in his sleep, but I believe he could also play the left tackle position also at a very high level.  I will be surprised if by the time the draft comes around he is not considered a top draft choice, but I have been surprised before.  You are talking about an offensive lineman who can pass block, run block, has the athletic agility to go out to the second level and combo block, can move out and block on screen plays and can be used in a pulling system.  What more are you looking for in an offensive lineman?  I suspect that playoffs teams at the end of the first round are going to be salivating over the possibility of drafting this kid.  Kyle's ability to play the left tackle position will dictate where he will be drafted.  Workouts and a demonstration of his ability to switch to the other side will move him up the draft boards.  For me, it won't matter much...he is a first rounder and he will play right away. 

Drew Boylhart  11/09

 Ted Larsen  6'2 304, C  North Carolina St.

Fellow fan's, please with any response be clear and specific as to "WHY" you think what you think. Give the rational in some context.
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