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The Joke of NY Hockey

Posted on: November 23, 2010 11:33 pm
From top to bottom, my favorite hockey team is an absolute joke. The New York Islanders, once a proud franchise that posted 4 consecutive Stanley Cup Championships in the 80s have become a complete laughing stock.

We have all read the well-documented missteps of the team's owner, Charles Wang. The guy has completely lost focus on the team in favor of the Lighthouse Project - an amazing idea that will never come to fruition.

For Garth Snow to go from the crease, to retirement and then directly to the front office as the team's GM is laughable. Although I like where the team is headed with this youth movement, there are no legitiment scorers on this team. And the one's they have (Tavares) need a lot of help.

Now we come to the most recent embarrassment. The team's TV play-by-play man is Howie Rose. A man who will forever be linked to the 1994 NY Rangers Stanley Cup. He made the infamous call when the Rangers advanced to the Cup Finals with ".....Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!!! The Rangers have one hill to climb! And it's Mount Vancouver!" when Stephane Matteau scored the game winner against the Devils in overtime. Three nights ago during a TV timeout, Mr Rose thought they had gone to commercial break when he let loose with some very stupid comments about the team in reference to their current 13-game winless streak. Comments like" it spring training yet?" or "...let me know how this game ends....not that I really care." are not going to endear him to Islander fans. Then to come on in between periods with some lame apology and blaming it on a techinical problem is complete BS. Howie just go away.

I've been saying for many years, that I wish they'd bring back Jiggs McDonald. The guy has an amazing voice and does fluid play-by-play. I believe Rose only calls games for the Isles in the hopes of "furthering his career". NY Hockey fans know that he's truly a Rangers fan at heart. He should be removed from the broadcast booth and replaced with someone who'd have pride in the job.

It's just another reason why my beloved Isles are the Joke of NY Hockey.
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