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Gary Betman and the NHL are morons.

Posted on: December 27, 2010 4:34 pm
It's official. The powers that run the NHL, Gary Bettman & Co. have no clue what they are doing. Last night my beloved New York Islanders were forced to play a home game while the winds and snow howled outside. Newsday reported on its website that the NHL turned down the requests of the Islanders and Nassau County to postpone the game. What were they thinking? That their wouldn't be a better day to reschedule a game? That this one game was going to have incredible playoff implications? The NHL would rather put the fans' lives in danger by making them drive on the Meadowbrook parkway in a freakin' blizzard. Tthe paid attendance for last night's game was a paltry 3,136 and most of them were Canadiens fans.

The NFL on the other hand didn't need a slide rule to postpone the Sunday night matchup of the Eagles and Vikings in Philadelphia. That game was being played outdoors, but that's besides the point. The NFL knew that not too many fans would make the trek out to Lincoln Financial Field and they like to have their Stadiums full for primetime games.

I realize that the Islanders are considered a joke of a franchise - horrible on the ice, an arena that's falling apart and no end in sight. But for the NHL to actually think that playing last night was a good idea is ridiculous. The Lighthouse Project? That's just a dream. A new arena of any kind? Only if it's in Kansas City.
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