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The New York Football Giants: What happened here?

Posted on: August 11, 2011 7:54 pm

I always thought that the Giant's GM, Jerry Reese, was a smart man. Since he took over for Erine Acorsi, he has signed several key players that have made this team a contender every year (late season collapses aside). This training camp however is a completely different story.

Let's begin with the soap opera that is Osi Umenyiora. Was a deal really put into place that if Osi was one of the top 5 players at his position that his contract would be renegotiated? If that's the case he deserves the cash. The man had an NFL-record 10 forced fumbles last year and is amazing pass rusher. His rush defense aside he is one of the top defensive ends in the game. The two sides need to sit down and work this out before it becomes more of a distraction.

Kevin Boss had been more than a pleasant surprise as a tight end. He came on at just the right time becoming a key player in that miraculous Super Bowl run in 2008. He has very soft hands for a big player and is a great down field blocker. So what's the problem? Apparently the two sides were nowhere near each other when it came to money. Now Boss will be a waste in Oakland and the Giants have no one in the tight end position.

Now we turn to the wide receiver position, which at one point was one of the Giant's strengths. Now, I'm not so sure. I can understand not wanting to resign Plaxico - 34 years old, just finished 20 months in prison and all that history bewteen him and Coughlin. However, who said he needed to be the featured receiver? Who said he couldn't be used in the red zone as a big target for Eli? They had amazing chemistry before, who's to say they shouldn't have taken a chance on him. Finally there was the mishandling of the situation with Steve Smith. Reese and the Giants totally dropped the ball when they allowed him to find another team. Did they actually believe Smith would let the Giants come back with a counter offer? Truth be told, they had no business letting him do that. Now he's on a team, that on paper, looks Super Bowl bound.

I sure hope Reese and the Giants know what there doing. Because from where I'm sitting it doesn't look to good.

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