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Four things to know for tonight's WCC semifinals

Posted on: March 7, 2010 7:33 pm
Edited on: March 7, 2010 7:42 pm
Thomas Beisner

7:30 PM

The WCC Semifinals get underway tonight in Vegas and, if you want to continue to pass yourself off as the West Coast's #1 fan (you're doing a good job so far), there are a couple of things you need to know about each school.  Other sites might bombard you with tons of information.  Here at CBS, we know you roll with the type of crowd that is impressed with you knowing only one fact.  We roll with those types of dudes too.  Now study up.

1. Nepotism rules at Gonzaga - Most people don’t learn the cruel reality that some people get places in life only because of their parents until they’re out of school. At Gonzaga, it’s obvious in the program every night. David Stockton, whose dad was an NBA player or something, is a 5’10”, 150 pound Bulldog walk-on who carrying on a proud, rarely on-the-court tradition previously traveled by Josh Maravich at LSU and Johnnie West at WVU (briefly).  Don't get too attached to David Stockton yet.  He's only a freshman and you're going to hear his story in every single game of his Gonzaga career.  To his credit, though, David Stockton did not ignite a uniform war over refusing to wear long shorts in favor of his father's nut-huggers.  Not that any other NBA legend's son would do that, right?

2. What is a Gael and who is the robot? - While commonly mistaken for its homophone meaning horrible mother-in-law, St. Mary’s mascot just refers to a group of Irish robots. And, true to his mascot, Coach Randy Bennett has five Australians on his team.

3. Wally Pilot is back!! - For some reason or another, Portland forced mascot Wally Pilot out the door back in 2004, siding instead with the "school spirit sucks" movement.  After some soul-searching and some world traveling, the riverboat captain is back and ready to accept our emails or be your Facebook friend.  Dr. Drew really can help anyone.  Welcome back, Wally. 

4. Loyola Marymount is Spanish for “star power” - You wouldn’t expect much from a school of less than 4,000 people in terms of notable alumni, but Loyola Marymount carries the swagger of a much larger school that produces unfunny people and irritating lawyers. Gilligan, Carson Daly and Holly Madison can all call themselves Lions, as well as OJ lawyers Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro and Mark Geragos, lawyer to the stars. Now you know why they brag about Hank Gathers so much.

Tonight's Games

#5  Loyola Marymount vs. #1  Gonzaga (8:30 pm)

#3  Portland vs.  #2 Saint Mary's  (10:30 pm)
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