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Glenn Beck lashes out at the Patriot League

Posted on: March 7, 2010 11:00 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2010 7:34 pm
Thomas Beisner

10:30 PM

After wins over Holy Cross and American gave Lafayette and Lehigh berths in the Patriot League championship game, Fox News television personality and defender of the American dream, Glenn Beck, lashed out at the NCAA for “spitting in the face of freedom”. Beck’s anger apparently stems from the fact that the Patriot League will now be given to a team with a French name (Lafayette) or a team that he mistakenly believes to be French (Lehigh).

“What are we saying to our children when they watch Sportscenter and see American go down to some flimsy-whimsy Frenchy poo team?” Beck said as he fought back tears. “I mean, Lafayette and Lehigh for the Patriot - that’s right, Patriot - title? Just give ‘em some ex-lax and directions to Arlington National Cemetery.”

Beck’s tantrum, which took place on his television program, lasted only a few minutes and was cut short when a caller seemed to try to correct him and inform him that the schools were actually US-based institutions and only one had a French name.

“It’s a disgrace. A complete disgrace. It’s bad enough that this is happening,” a now sobbing Beck said, “But it’s even worse that the American people are accepting it and justifying it. Justifying it! Where are you 9-12ers? Where are you?”

Despite Beck’s pleas and outrage, the Patriot League’s NCAA bid will be up for grabs Friday and either top-seeded Lehigh or third-seeded Lafayette will go dancing.

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Posted on: March 8, 2010 7:21 pm

Glenn Beck lashes out at the Patriot League

Pile on, Beisner!  Beck.Deserves.No.Mercy.

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Posted on: March 8, 2010 2:57 am

Glenn Beck lashes out at the Patriot League

I'm shocked.  Totally dumbfounded.  Glen Beck get ticked off?  Throwing a temper tantrum on Nat'l TV over an issue he was basically completely IGNORANT on-----by CHOICE!!! 

The JUDGMENTAL jerk is not only a National embarrassment but even a bigger embarrasment to HIMSELF.

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 11:59 pm

Glenn Beck lashes out at the Patriot League

Maybe he will write a book about it?  Or, what about another rant?  Beck is disgusted about the parody in college basketball, selling it as NCAA Welfare.  "Why shouldn't Duke be able to offer 100 scholarships and keep these inner city kids off other teams who could beat them?"  It's a travesty I tell you.  After Obama's tax plan, teams winning over 25 games will be given a lower seed, rather than higher in the tournament, according to Beck.  Nice article.. I like the humor at midnight.

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