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Siena Vs. Fairfield: Happening Now

Posted on: March 8, 2010 7:23 pm
Edited on: March 8, 2010 9:16 pm


(The following will be updated as events warrant.)

7:06 The MAAC Championship is delayed by an overtime Xavier vs. Temple women's Atlantic 10 Conference Championship game. Xavier wins 57-55, I think. I had a hangnail that was pretty fascinating itself. Did see Xavier doing the John Wall dance.

7:08 And we join the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Finals already in progress at Albany's Times-Union Center, where citizens of Albany (Albanians?) will watch anything as long as it's warm in there.

7:12 Fairfield coach Ed Cooleyhighharmony looks like someone made a copy of a copy of a copy of Nolan Richardson.

7:18 Commentary by ESPN's Bob Wischusen and former Iona coach Tim Welsh. I can understand Welsh's inclusion, but it would seem Bob Wischusen's boss clearly hates him.

7:22 Score 14-13 Fairfield. Though they're not supposed to be, Siena's been looking not-so-fresh so far in this tournament, and they could drop this, I think.

7:30 Fairfield on an 11-2 run, leading 23-15. If this upset goes down, you're going to want to tell your friends you saw it live, at a slowly updating blog writing about it real time. 

7:38 Fairfield is rolling 34-19, having fun and making it happen as Siena looks like they can't find their car keys.

7:45 I think Fairfield forward Mike Evanovich literally grew a full beard during that last TV time-out.

7:50 At the half, Fairfield leads 39-38 and Siena could be in some trouble. Bob Wischusen right now is firing a finger-gun at himself in a men's restroom at the Times-Union Center because he knows this could be the big one for him.

8:14 Five minutes into the second half and Siena has decided to play, cutting Fairfield's lead to five. Saints forward Ryan Rossiter is good, but he looks like he should be yelling at you for bringing a can of soda into the computer lab. 

8:20 Siena's Edwin Ubiles just performed the most awkward, strange 360 dunk I've ever seen. You'll see on Sportscenter. Don't worry, your slow-motion button didn't magically activate itself, the dunk really was that slow-looking.

8:36 Tied up with seven minutes to go. I'm either becoming mesmerized by this game and starting to pull for Fairfield, or the tractor beam emitted the perfect part in Fran McCaffery's is physically preventing me from going anywhere. 

8:43 Cooleyhighharmony calls his crew over for a time out after sophomore Sean Crawford drains a three to put Fairfield up 58-55 with three and a half minutes to go. I like these Stags, they've got moxy.

8:48 Color me surprised that this is turning out to be a really exciting game. Actually, color me surprised that I'm sitting here watching Siena and Fairfield in the first place. But I've got MAAC fever.

8:52 Tied, twenty seconds. We got a ballgame here. And quite possibly a HUGE upset.


9:02 Three and a half minutes in overtime left, Siena back on top 64-60. Albany gets some excitement on a Monday night that's NOT a new episode of Accidentally on Purpose (only on CBS!).

9:07 Thirty seconds left to go and Siena looks to have the edge as the Stags start fouling. Seems as if Siena's going dancing, but they didn't really earn it. 

9:12 It's going to be rockin' at Siena tonight as the Saints win the MAAC Championship. The Arby's in Loudonville is staying open an extra hour tonight!  Now head on up and watch the goings-on at the Southern Conference final with Matt and Drew, and I'll be back with the Pac-10 Preview tomorrow evening.


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Siena Vs. Fairfield: Happening Now

It's like two hotel chains having a feud.  Siena Suites vs. Fairfield Inn.  Rumor is Ritz Carlton has the #1 seed in the East. 

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