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Four places where the West final will be decided

Posted on: March 27, 2010 4:02 pm
Edited on: March 27, 2010 4:04 pm
1. On the Glass: While Frank Martin’s Kansas State Wildcats use a barrage of athletic bodies to hit the offensive boards and shut down their opponents on the defensive end, Butler carries more of the Tiger Woods marriage philosophy when it comes to rebounding. Yeah, whatever. The Bulldogs have been out-rebounded in every game this tournament and are facing their most physical opponent yet. If they want to make the Final Four, their streak of being out-rebounded will have to end today. That means the eyes of the whole world are on Matt Howard, YMCA superstar.

2. The back court: Kansas State sports one of the premier guard duos in the country in Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente. Butler, meanwhile, can boast of underrated star Shelvin Mack and, well, Shelvin Mack? Rarely does a team make it this deep in the tournament without an experienced, steady point guard. Though Ronald Nored has played well above his normal output the past two games (11 ppg and 2.25 assist to turnover ratio), he is nowhere near the top-level floor general that his counterpart, Jacob Pullen (who only has four turnovers the entire tournament), is and shot 18% from the three-point line during the regular season. The Bulldogs will need him to take his game to a whole new level today.

3. The free throw line: If you were trying to find a consistent theme in Kansas State’s seven losses this season, you’d find that the closest thing to a recurring weakness is free throw shooting. Outside of their loss late in the season to Iowa State where they shot 79% from the line (and 13% from three), the Wildcats struggled knocking down the freebies. Given their athletic advantage over the Bulldogs, you’d think that the foul situation would favor them and give them plenty of time to do damage at the line. If they so choose.

4. Salt Lake City:  That’s where the game is being played. Duh.


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Posted on: March 28, 2010 3:06 am

Four places where the West final will be decided

  being the expert. it is obivious that you were so right about Butlers sub par guards, and, of course your courtious remark about their ymca player. to bad your team got beat by these low brow wanna be's. 
  how do you think they have won so many games???  they game planned according to their opponent.  and, that BUtler uses their brains to help determine how to play the game they are in. and they concentrate on different things in each and every game. depending on who they are playing??
  apparently you did'nt take brains into account. because that is what is winning the games they are playing. not every team could pull off the switches on defense and run the motion offense that Butler runs. do you experts bring that up???
  no. you say they can't run as fast. jump as high. move as quick. and, that they are not strong enough to win.  then when they do you try to wessel out of what you said prior to the game. like this article.
  so, fess up to the fact that you were saying that BUtler did'nt have a chance becasue they wer'nt athletic enough. and, that you were WRONG!!!

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