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Something’s happenin’ here

Posted on: August 16, 2010 5:42 pm
Edited on: August 16, 2010 6:22 pm

It’s the time of year when football players report to training camp—unless you’re Darrelle Revis, of course —and work on getting faster, stronger and ironing out kinks in their technique, all while refining basics like blocking and tackling.

We spent the summer doing the same thing here at  We worked hard on today’s launch to make the site design cleaner, scores more accessible, and our coverage more expansive. Oh, and there’s still plenty more to come!

But first, thank you.  We appreciated the feedback from the initial phase of our redesign.  Many of you completed a survey or posted a response to this blog back in March.  We read all of your comments, and we hope you notice some of the proof in the pudding.

If you have ideas to improve the site, please let me know.  You can, of course, discuss the changes with me and others by posting a message below.  You can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook .

However, if you find a bug, need help for something unrelated to the site redesign, or otherwise need customer service, please contact us through the Help center so that we can respond directly to you.

The X's and O's on Today's Launch

Back in March we focused on simplifying navigation, changing the color palette, and eliminating clutter on the home page. In this phase we upgraded how our sports coverage is presented across the entire site.

Cleaner design

We upgraded the visual design and attacked usability problems throughout the site that have likely plagued some of you for years.  How?  Open layout, larger font sizes, cleaner tables, intuitive interfaces, and navigational enhancements to make it easier to get the sports news and information you’re seeking faster.

Easy access to what you care about most...scores

“Scores at a glance”—the new scoreboard now located prominently at the top of the home page and each in-season sport section home—enables you to get custom scores based on teams you follow, your Fantasy teams, and any game that’s in progress.  It also provides quick, simple navigation to game previews, recaps and live GameTrackers.

Scores at a glance

Expanded coverage

There are many ways to tell a story and we’re striving to give our 24x7 sports coverage team flexible ways to present what’s important.  The new site allows us to better integrate our real-time coverage—so that you can get into the game as it’s unfolding.

  • You’ll notice the big new cover story treatment. That’s just the beginning.  It will soon feature embedded presentations of our video, scores, dynamic content, live feeds, and other interactive coverage.
Cover Story
  • More video throughout the site. With the redesign we have more ways to provide access to live video, highlights, and analysis from the 11,000 live events streamed by annually.
  • After serving 53,746 RapidReports last year we designed a new, personalized way to get the web’s only real-time database of on-location NFL reports.
  • We just fired up new NFL , MLB and NBA blogs manned by some of the best journalists in sports.  You can find them throughout the site in our new Facts and Rumors sections.
Facts and Rumors
  • Team and player pages were reorganized to present wide-ranging and in-depth coverage.  And as a first step toward the redesign of our Community, we enhanced the comment boxes on these pages to make it easier to get into the discussion with other fans.
With these changes, we’re only half-way through the redesign!

What Does It All Mean?!

Based on the feedback we received from many of you on the Beta version of this launch, it’s not difficult to notice that this year’s redesign represents a big change—especially since the previous version of the site in February.  Internally, we’ve deemed this the most significant overhaul since 2002.

While the new site marks the second major release this year, we still have plenty of additional upgrades in the works for the fall and into 2011.  Some things to keep an eye on as we head into the next chapter of our redesign:

  • An innovative way for you to quickly and easily get the up-to-the-minute content most relevant to all your sports interests.
  • Revolutionary changes to Community that will make it not only easier to connect from anywhere around live events and hot topics with other fans on, but also with friends on your favorite social networking sites.
  • Overhauled site search indexing all pro, college, and high school sports content from, the College Network, MaxPreps, and even sports content from across the Web recommended by you.
Not to be outdone by some of these other enhancements, we’ve been working since last year on the next generation of our award-winning Fantasy Sports games.  Still the best, but now even better, look for the first phase of our redesigned games to launch with Fantasy Baseball 2011.

And there’s even more to come.  We’re even working behind the scenes on platform changes that—while they may not affect you much today—will accelerate how we innovate new sports experiences as we head into 2011 and beyond. 

Take a Minute to Let Us Know What You Think

Feel free to drop me a line on the comments section of this blog.  I welcome your thoughts, both favorable and critical.  This will serve as a forum for your voice to be heard.

I’ll try and answer as many questions as possible, but it’s really your site...thank you for your participation in the development process.

Again, if you find a bug, need help with something unrelated to the site redesign, or otherwise need customer service please contact us through the Help center so that we can respond directly to you.

Thanks for using,


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Since: Sep 27, 2009
Posted on: August 25, 2010 7:08 pm

Content Box Stablized - Thanks CBS [P. 96]

Thanks for stablizing the Profile page "Latest Content" box, which previously popped on - and then disappeared.  At least back to normal on that little issue.  We're getting there.

Since: Mar 21, 2010
Posted on: August 25, 2010 4:37 pm


Dear Mr. Patrick Herde and the rest of CBS

It has been about a week and a half since the "great" Upgrade of 2010, and I have given it all a chance to sink in. Frankly, these new "improvements" make my skin crawl and I am being kind.

I have been a member of CBS for 10+ years. When they made their upgrade several years ago I abandoned them and headed to Sporting and had a great time there. However, when Sporting announced earlier this spring that they were phasing out their fantasy sports line I came back to CBS just to play the fantasy sports. Well when I came back not only did the the fantasy products improve (remember when the winning pitcher got 10 points and the closer who saved the game only got 5 points?), but the ability to post comments through a thread style were are a vast improvement over what Sporting offered. I liked picking out a topic and getting into good spirited debates with members. Now the comment style is pretty much a replica of what Sporting offered and that was horrible which has cause me to stay away from their site for over 5 months now. Why would CBS want to replicate a website that is winding down some of their operations and had to streamline what they were able to offer baffles me? Maybe CBS wants to fail miserably so that they could try to get a "Sports Website" bailout from President Obama.

I am glad that CBS made the changes to show their true colors as being completely unresponsive to their customers with legitimate complaints and that the softball complaints that Patrick Herde chose to reply to. By the way has there been a Patrick Herde sighting or reply to anything since I asked this past Saturday? I am willing to bet the house that the answer is no but I thought I would ask.

I just wish CBS made these changes in the early to middle part of July, so that more people who are digusted by these changes would have had the opportunity to not sign up for and plunk their hard earned money on their Money League fantasy products. I have no problem playing the free fantasy products (it just won't be as competitive as the Money Leagues), but if they think that I am going to plunk down $39.99, $99.99, $249.99, or even $499.99 to play in any of their Money Leagues they are sadly mistaken. I will go elsewhere to play in a Money League, because I as a customer refuse to shell out my hard earned money to be neglected and disrespected.

In conclusion Mr. Herde in your blog you stated and I quote "I’ll try and answer as many questions as possible, but it’s really your site". If this is really our site then you will listen to all of the comments on all 96 pages (and counting) and immediately correct OUR WEBSITE to reflect the greatest issues that exist on this upgraded site (e.g. no more thread style comments, players height/weight/date of birth missing, IE 6 issues, etc.). Please change OUR WEBSITE back to way the we liked it.

Thank you.

The Eugene

Since: Sep 22, 2008
Posted on: August 25, 2010 4:06 pm

Something’s happenin’ here

About the only problem with the old boards was that the quotes wouldn't always work correctly.

Not only did this new upgrade NOT fix that problem (actually made it worse), but it made the rest of the message boards worse as well.

NOW you can't even tell where one post stops and another ends, and sometimes entire pages look like one long message board posts.  Sometimes the s/n of the poster and his AV is in the upper left where it should be, other times it's in the bottom right and looks like it's at the top of another poster's post.

This SUCKS, please bring the old board back

Since: Jan 6, 2007
Posted on: August 25, 2010 2:02 pm

Something’s happenin’ here

Being as miffed as I am about the complete abandonment of IE6, I decided to find out some info about IE8.  Here's an interesting link to info about this tardization of this IE version "launched" just this past Mar. 9:

It's pretty funny, as the first question out of the box is "How do I uninstall IE8?"  lol!  There are quite a number of questions to get the 'tard to work...where did my email go?  And so forth.  Do you people at cbs actually think people in the real work world spring forth from their board meeting to order this problematic piece of crap?  It sure wouldn't have passed muster with anyone that's a technically oriented professional that I've ever worked with!  Small wonder almost everyone is still on IE6!  All I would need to do is walk into a board meeting, after having printed this info off, handed copies out: end of meeting and adios everyone.

It's like when Asynchonous Transport Mode first came out and network folks assumed it was actually stable and wanted to install it as their backbone board.  I went to a contract job, and there were error messages coming out left and right.  There was a conference call with IBM, and after everyone had their big opinions about what was causing traffic disruption because it was impossible for it to be the newly installed ATM.  When I finally suggested they switch back to their prior methodology, and mentioned the problems with packets arriving out of order as being a common symptom of ATM, they changed everything else but the ATM board, and problems continued.  I said that when they removed the ATM board the problems would cease.  As a last ditch stand, on the last evening possible, they removed ATM and everything was just fine.

Not intending this as a brag on me at all, but it's just a good example of how stupid some companies are in technical decision making.  Such as CBS.  Idots!  This should have been a simple design upgrade using the reliable and proven IE6.  Never step into the swamp (not UF, sorry) without being sure the alligators are gone.  Plus, it's a standard that you don't change everything at once, especially with a bad new browser!  Not unless you work with Microsoft!  Microsoft launched IE8 early and out of desperation because they feared growing competition in that arena. 

Since: Oct 8, 2008
Posted on: August 25, 2010 1:46 pm

Something’s happenin’ here

As usual...great work....much better everytime.....I would ask, that if possible and place a link to the Rapid Reports on the team page....I have noticed that If none are avail at the time, then you have to go to the Rapid Reports main page and then select your team.  Again, great work and GO RAIDERS/YANKS/MAGIC..

Since: Jan 6, 2007
Posted on: August 25, 2010 1:13 pm

Something’s happenin’ here

Excellent post, andy35moog!  "Says the person whose profile was created August 24, 2010.  Is that you Herde?  Making up screen names and posting positive comments."  lol!    

Well you can see Andy's reaction to the poster who's been with Sportsline Fantasy Football for "over 10 years now" .  If that isn't so unrealistic and fake I don't know what is.  You guys who like fantasy football find it worth $150 to pay CBS?!  I'm not criticizing your choices, I've just always come here to communicate with other members via the message boards, but I sure as heck wouldn't be giving them anything for this site.

I'm still disgusted with the IE6 issue, and why you would ignore such negative outcries against this "new" version disallowing support for that more stable edition of IE6.  I am truly disappointed in cbs, and guess where all that "fantasy" money went?!  To this worthless site! and to Herde's salary.  And Dennis Dudd, and other such evils.  I see a cbs'er behind everyone of the positive posts (not literally, of course though the intelligence and decision making processes sure match), and why not?  They can generate IDs and create reputations at will.

Why don't you follow the current industry standards and provide support for IE6!!  It's reliable, and everyone supports it, except you of course in your infinite idiocy.  They can do anything, can't they?!  Caring about customer opinion is not done and is not an option.  

Since: Jan 14, 2009
Posted on: August 25, 2010 12:09 pm
This comment has been removed.

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Since: Apr 22, 2008
Posted on: August 25, 2010 11:58 am

Something’s happenin’ here

ok so I've compalained to the help desk 4 times with no resolve. all I get is an email saying after 9 days if not fixed then do it again. that is just B.S.!!

so here is another question:

can we have the a link in the upper corner like the beta site had? so we can actually use the site again. Sounds fair and should not be hard for you morons to do!!! since you can't actually fix the problem!!

Since: Sep 18, 2006
Posted on: August 25, 2010 10:24 am

Something’s happenin’ here

here is how messed up this site is right now. You ask posters to click on help in the bottom of this blog if you are having technical issues, so I click on help, get to the page where it states "ask a question", and what happens, CBS asks me to log in. I am already logged in!! So I log in, again, and what happens when you hit help on the top next to your profile, the same damn thing. If you did not have the best fantasy football format, I would leave cbs b/c nothing you have done with the site in an improvement. Nothing. You should be embarrased that you can not even ask for help right now. I suddenly like espn again, not by choice!Embarassed

Since: Sep 15, 2006
Posted on: August 25, 2010 7:50 am

Something’s happenin’ here

Give us the team message boards back on college football. I won't be using this site anymore if they aren't back. I'm only on this site for the boards and I only came on today to check to see if they were back. Didn't see them. I'll check again in a week.

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