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Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: July 4, 2010 8:39 am
Edited on: July 6, 2010 1:57 pm
Yes, I am here to explain why Kobe Bryant is overrated. By the end of this, you just might be convinced. To explain this, I will have to use a era based explanation.
The Shaq Years       With Shaq on the team, The Lakers enjoyed much success. In all, it totaled up to three championships. They dominated the league from 2000-2002 and at this point, Kobe was on the rise with his sidekick helping as well.

The Loner Years       Then one day, Shaq was traded to the Miami Heat in a deal that would pay off later on. But for right now, the Lakers were in trouble. Kobe Bryant could not win a championship by himself(Gasp.)  He tried to do it all on his own, but failed. He was so angry that he demanded a trade unless the Lakers could get another big name player because he can't win by himself(will get to this later.)  
Then one day in the 2008 season when the Celtics were already aquainted with their team......
 The Lakers were part of the best trade (for them) in Lakers history. Basically, the Lakers got Pau Gasol while the Grizzlies got scrubs. This worked out and the Lakers seemed like a banner was already being put up. But the Celtics were waiting in a dark alley. They shut down Pau Gasol leaving only Kobe to score and he just couldn't do it. But then the next year, Kg gets hurt and the Celtics are knocked out(the Lakers breathed a sigh of relief) and they faced the Magic. With Pau Gasol actually performing, the Lakers won. And this year, again they faced the Celtics and it seemed like the Celtics were going to win, but then Kendrick Perkins gets injured and the Lakers dominate the offensive boards and noone can cover Pau Gasol, so the Lakers win.
So, um, what's your point?           My point is that if LeBron is trashed for not winning a championship and is called overrated, then the same be true for Kobe. Yes, I am saying that Kobe Bryant,yes the Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED(clap,clap,clap,clap,clap)



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Posted on: July 5, 2010 7:10 pm

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quit cryin, you freakin baby. WAAAHHHH Kobe sucks. Boo Hoo

The only reason you even wrote this is because your celtics choked away a 3-2 lead. I guess using your logic jordan was over rated too because he had pippen. Your celtics are fat (pierce and big baby) old, (Rasheed) and lazy.

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 7:02 pm

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the fact that a team led by an overrated player like Kobe Bryant with an injured center (Andrew Bynum) beat a team with three theoretical hall of famers in Keven Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, and back up center Wallace means that the Celtics were overrated.  I heard Celtics fans say that the Celtics are supposedly a better team with Wallace. Let us not forget Rondo who is one of the best point guards in the NBA. I would say the Celtics had 4 all stars and the Lakers had two in Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant. Let's think about that in a value system.  Pau Gasol is not as good as Kevin Garnett.  So basically, since Kobe Bryant lead a team with an all star not as good as KG and beat at team with three other all-stars. Does that means Kobe Bryant is either equal to at least 3 of the Celtic all-stars or does it mean the Celtics all-stars are actually the overrated ones?

What exactly does overrated mean?
Basically overrated means a person would incorrectly pick a player over a player that is statically rated higher. So who would you pick higher?

If you were going to build a team around a shooting guard, with your life on the line, for a one year run around a championship right now who would it be?

Would you choose Ray Allen over Kobe?  Of course not. You choose Kobe.
Would you choose Joe Johnson over Kobe? Nope.
Would you choose Dwayne Wade? Of course not, you choose Kobe. Even Shaq knows that.
Kobe is the total package. He rebounds, he assists, he scores, he makes his own shots, he defends, he scores during crunch time, he makes game winning buzzer shots frequently, and he is a leader loved by his fellow players.
So how exactly is he overrated if you would chooe him over any other shooting guard in the game if your life was on the line?

How many shooting guards have this resume?
5× NBA Champion (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010)
2× NBA Finals MVP (2009–2010)
NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)
12× NBA All-Star (1998, 2000–2010)
2× NBA scoring champion (2006–2007)
8× All-NBA First Team (2002–2004, 2006–2010)
2× All-NBA Second Team (2000–2001)
2× All-NBA Third Team (1999, 2005)
8× All-Defensive First Team (2000, 2003–2004, 2006–2010)
2× All-Defensive Second Team (2001–2002)
NBA All-Rookie Second Team (1997)
3× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2002, 2007, 2009)
NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner (1997)
Naismith Prep Player of the Year (1996)
Gatorade Men's National Basketball Player of the Year(1996)
McDonald's All-American(1996)
USA Today All-USA First Team player(1996)
At age 23, Bryant became the youngest player to win three championships
On January 22, 2006, Bryant scored 81 points in a 122–104 victory against the Toronto Raptors. This is the most points ever in a regulation timed game.
He is the ONLY guard to have had 4 consecutive 50 point games and is the only player besides Wilt Chamberlin to have ten 50 point plus games in a season.
Bryant became the youngest player (29 years, 122 days) to reach 20,000 points.
Should I mention the Olympic gold Medal stuff and all the quotes the other NBA players gave about Kobe and how he is the greatest?

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 4:03 pm

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

So exactly what does this say about Paul Pierce who need not just one but TWO all stars to win his one title, while Kobe has won the last two?

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 2:22 pm

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

In response to jeremiahw941. He couldn't be more wrong. For one, no one can win a championship by themselves. No one has and no one will ever accomplish that feat. You need 2 or more star players to win and that has been proven throughout the history of the NBA. Jordan could not have won without Pippen. Bird could not have won without McHale. Magic could not have won without Kareem. Russell could not have won without Cousy. Erving could not have won without Moses. So of course during the Kobe loner years he didn't win. He needed that special guy to play along side him. Gasol! This also does not make Lebron overrated. He is not overrated. Once he teams up with the missing piece he will then win a championship.

In response to uncursed. When Perkins went down actually evened out the series with the Lakers. Bynum would only play the first 10 minutes of the game and sit the rest. Perkins was a major contributer in the series until game 7. Bynum was not able to contribute in the entire series. So as far as Perkins being out for game 7 is an excuse. Fisher is a big time player but never say he is more of an MVP than Kobe. Fisher never gets double teamed. As soon as Kobe gets the ball, he is double or triple teamed. That will usually cause him or anyone to have a bad shooting percentage or commit turnovers. Its expected! Face it. The Lakers beat the Celtics with no excuses on the Celtics part and have proven that they are the best team.

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 1:44 pm

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I agree Kobe is Overrated. He is still one of the top 20 players EVER!!  I do think The Lakers were handed a title this year and The Celtics shoudl have won the series. But It doe snot take away from hoew great Kobe is. Kobe and Gasol shot mor efree throws than the Celtics through out the series. The NBA blatantly wanted the Lakers to win. And The Lakers Will win again Nexy year Before lerons Team starts to take over. Hell The NBA might as well be WWE.

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 12:42 pm

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Kobe signed with the Celtics tomorrow, I bet you would praise him as the BEAST that he is..........You know it too......

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 11:11 am

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicely put - KoMe is by far the most overrated player in the league.

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 4:46 am

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must really suck to be a Kobe hater.

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 4:43 am

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must suck to be a Kobe hater.

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Posted on: July 5, 2010 4:28 am

Why Kobe Bryant is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look PatsC's-whatever the rest of your handle is.

You're a Celtics fan and it's sort of your job to hate against the Lakers. Just do me the courtesy of not pretending you're anything but a Kobe hater. It's fine! I'm a Lakers fan and I think Paul Pierce is nothing but an overrated cry-baby who fakes injuries to try and motivate the other overachievers that comprise the Celt's.

I don't care about your fake reasoning about Kobe because it's all a bunch of bias B.S. that you came up with because you can't get over the fact that the Lakers punked your Cinderella Celt's with a type of physical basketball that the Celt's just couldn't handle.

In the end it was the Celt's who ironically admitted being the ones who were in an "emotional locker room with some tears"...Wait a minute...the Broad Street Bullies of the NBA admitting they cried? WOW! sounds like a locker room full of...let's just say the word I'm looking for to describe these old Celt's starts with a "P" and it rymes with wussies.

Oh! One more thing. If I were you I wouldn't be too eager to mention the fact that you're such a big Cet's fan because I seem to remember a game a few years ago in your building and Celt's fans were chanting M.V.P. when a certain "overrated" player came in and pimp slapped the Celt's. Do you remember the game or have you conveniently forgotten?

I'm willing to bet no Celt's fan will ever forget that! I know Laker fans haven't.

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