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RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

Posted on: March 23, 2011 2:06 am
Edited on: April 15, 2011 3:09 pm
Mock Rules

*Moderators for this mock are myself (RTTRUTH ) and LAOJoe . We both spend ridiculous amounts of time on here, so one of us should be present at all times.

*Be here for your picks. Each pick will be assigned a one hour timeslot all the way from pick 1 through to the end of the draft. I am giving time slots well ahead of time, so this should be a no-brainer. A single no-show might cost you your spot in the mock. Leave a top 5 list with me and/or LAOJoe the night before if you can't be around for a pick. Or before work, before you go out on the town, yada yada, you get the point...

*Whenever possible, if you are trading down from pick 15 for example, try to set up the trade with someone before 15 is on the clock. It is a pleasant convenience for the guy picking after you who might be here for a short time trying to make his pick. It does happen sometimes that your guy gets selected by the team right in front of you, and you are welcome to use your entire allotted hour to make a deal if you must. On this same note, try not to whine at or about people who aren't here yet guys, especially if their hour hasn't arrived yet. Some days we will get ahead of schedule a little. Other days we may not. It's not the end of the world. The slotted system works well as long as people don't let their impatience get the better of them.

*Unlimited player trades will be allowed. However, trades must be pm'd to a moderator and that moderator must approve the trade as believable and realistic. Moderators decisions are not to be questioned out loud. You may pm a moderator quietly who has disapproved a trade of yours, and they will be willing to give you an explanation if desired. It's only fair you get an explanation. There was a mock earlier this year in which every trade, approved or disapproved was immediately criticized out loud by almost every participant. I will not have that in this mock. Anyone could slip once, but repeat violators may be asked to leave this mock. Also, if a player has not been franchise tagged, RFA tendered or is not under contract, than he is untradeable. It's the most realisitc adjustment I can make to this lack of free agency, short of prohibiting trades altogether, which I am against, because even the real NFL will reach a deal at some point. And then free agency will resume and trades will exist again.

*In the event that someone does no-show for a pick, the moderators will discuss with each other team needs, and make a selection based on an educated guess. Obviously we don't know the team quite as well as their actual gm, but we're hoping to have zero no-shows total, in which case the issue won't come up. However, if for example the Bengals gm didn't show up for pick 4 scheduled from 4pm-5pm, the Cardinals gm can officially make his pick at 5:01pm and the Bengals gm cannot steal that pick away from Arizona, as the Bengals time had already expired. By the time Arizona makes their pick, the moderators will have done some research on Cincinnati, and will have a pick ready for the no-show Bengals, for example.....and the draft can continue as scheduled afterwards. Also, if you are the Browns at the 6th pick, and the Bengals at 4th no-show, do not select even after the 5th team has picked until the mods announce their pick for the team in 4th.

*Any other questions, concerns, feel free to pm me and ask. That's why I'm here..... Enjoy guys!!


Arizona = RTTRUTH
Atlanta = Torgo
Baltimore= RavenROC
Buffalo = LAOJoe
Carolina= CarolnaFaithful
Chicago = LAOJoe
Cincinnati= RTTRUTH
Cleveland= IrishDawg
Dallas = rockr259
Denver= Denvergregs
Detroit = Quew777
Green Bay= thagmoney
Houston =  Nashmeister
Indianapolis= RTTRUTH
Jacksonville= JaguarFan34
Kansas City= SPress
Miami   = jd03fins
Minnesota= Nosferatu39
New England= neilp
New Orleans= Nightshade1
N.Y. Giants= Flourfiend
N.Y. Jets = GangGreenMag
Oakland = devilraid316
Philadelphia= El Patron
Pittsburgh= nybites
St. Louis = LAOJoe
San Diego= kagezilla
San Francisco= thrashard340
Seattle= seahawksfan234
Tampa Bay= sthomas086
Tennessee= BluebirdTitan
Washington= sthomas086


Houston trades 3(9) + 6(13)             
Buffalo trades 6(4) + S Donte Whitner  

Kansas City trades Wallace Gilberry
Cleveland trades Marcus Benard

St. Louis trades 1(14) + 3(14)
Washington trades 1(10) + 5(13)

Jacksonville trades 1(16) + 3(16)
Minnesota trades  1(12) + 7(12)

Philadelphia trades Kevin Kolb + 1(23)
Minnesota trades EJ Henderson + 1(16)

Indianapolis trades 1(22) + 3(23)
Washington trades 1(14)

Atlanta trades 1(27) + 2(27)
New England trades 1(17) + 4(28)

Seattle trades 1(25) + 5(26)
San Diego trades 3(25) + Vincent Jackson

Kansas City trades 1(21)
Washington trades 1(22) + 5(24) + 7(9)

Washington trades 2(9) + 3(14)
San Diego trades 1(25)

Dallas trades 2(8) + Roy E. Williams
N.Y. Jets trade  1(30)

Pittsburgh trades 1(31)
San Fran trades 2(13) + 4(11) + 6(9) + 7(7)

Tampa Bay trades 2(19) + 3(20) + 4(19)
Baltimore trades 2(26) + 3(26) + 4(26) + Paul Kruger

San Diego trades Eric Weddle + 5(26)
Carolina trades Steve Smith

Minnesota trades Greg Camarillo + Madieu Williams
St. Louis trades Justin King + Laurent Robinson

Cincinnati trades Carson Palmer
Tennessee trades 3(13)

Jacksonville trades Rashean Mathis + 4(24)
Green Bay trades Nick Barnett + 4(32)

Cleveland trades 2(5)
Buffalo trades 3(4) + 3(9) + 5(2)

Tennessee trades 5(7)
Houston trades  Amobi Okoye

Indianapolis trades 2(21)
Tampa Bay trades 2(26) + 5(20) + 7(19)

Chicago trades 2(30) + 5(29)
Seattle trades 2(25) + 7(6)

Chicago trades 3(29) + Corey Wootton
San Diego trades 2(29)

Minnesota trades John Sullivan
Tennessee trades Leroy Harris

Cincinnati trades 3(13)
Washington trades 3(23) + 6(12) + 7(21)

Oakland trades 3(17)
N.Y. Giants trade 3(19) + 7(18)

Oakland trades 3(19)
Carolina trades 4(1) + 5(1) + 5(26)

Buffalo trades 4(3) + 6(13)
Seattle trades 3(25)

Washington trades Albert Haynesworth
Seattle trades 5(29)

Kansas City trades Donald Washington
Minnesota trades Visanthe Shiancoe

Oakland trades 4(16) + 5(26)
Cleveland trades 4(5)

Green Bay trades Charlie Peprah + Matt Flynn
Seattle trades 4(2)

Indianapolis trades Jacob Tamme
Minnesota trades 6(7)

Kansas City trades 5(9)
Tennessee trades Eugene Amano

Indianapolis trades Mike Pollak
Philadelphia trades 5(22)

San Francisco trades Chilo Rachal
Philadelphia trades 4(23)

Indianapolis trades 5(21) + 6(23)
Atlanta trades 4(28)

Cincinnati trades 5(3) + 7(21)
Atlanta trades 4(27)

Tennessee trades 5(9) + 7(9)
Oakland trades 5(17) + 6(16)

St. Louis trades 5(14)
Philadelphia trades 5(18) + 7(24)

Oakland trades Trevor Scott
Seattle trades 6(8)

Atlanta trades 7(7-TEN) + 7(26-STL) + 7(27-STL)
Tennessee trades 6(16-ATL)
St. Louis trades 7(13-TEN)

Arizona trades QB Derek Anderson
Philadelphia trades CB Dimitri Patterson

                                      THE DRAFT

All times Eastern Standard

   ROUND 1

1.1 CAR- WR AJ Green, UGA
1.2 DEN- DL Marcell Dareus, ALA
1.3 BUF- OLB Von Miller, TXA
1.4 CIN- DE Robert Quinn, UNC
1.5 ARZ- QB Blaine Gabbert, MIZZ
1.6 CLE- CB Patrick Peterson, LSU
1.7  SF-  DT Nick Fairley, AUB
1.8 TEN- DE Da'Quan Bowers, CLEM
1.9 DAL- CB Prince Amukamara, NEB
1.10 STL- WR Julio Jones, ALA
1.11 HOU- DE JJ Watt, WIS
1.12 JAX- DL Cameron Jordan, CAL
1.13 DET- CB Jimmy Smith, COL
1.14 IND- OT Anthony Castonzo, BC
1.15 MIA- RB Mark Ingram, ALA
1.16 PHI- OT Tyron Smith, USC
1.17 ATL- DE Ryan Kerrigan, PUR
1.18  SD- DT Muhammad Wilkerson, TEM
1.19 NYG- OG Mike Pouncey, FLA
1.20  TB- DE Aldon Smith, MIZZ
1.21 WSH- NT Phil Taylor, BAY
1.22  KC- OT Derek Sherrod, MSST
1.23 MIN- OT Gabe Carimi, WIS
1.24  NO- DE Adrian Clayborn, IOWA
1.25 WSH- OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA
1.26 BAL- DE Cameron Heyward, OHST
1.27  NE- DL Corey Liuget, ILL
1.28  NE- OLB Justin Houston, UGA
1.29 CHI- OT Nate Solder, COL
1.30 DAL- OG Danny Watkins, BAY
1.31  SF- QB Colin Kaepernick, NEV
1.32  GB- OLB Brooks Reed, ARZ

    ROUND 2

2.1  NE- OG Ben Ijalana, VIL
2.2 BUF- DL Stephen Paea, ORST
2.3 CIN- QB Ryan Mallett, ARK
2.4 DEN- DL Marvin Austin, UNC
2.5 BUF- QB Cam Newton, AUB
2.6 ARZ- TE Kyle Rudolph, ND
2.7 TEN- QB Andy Dalton, TCU
2.8 NYJ- DE Jabaal Sheard, PITT
2.9  SD- ILB Martez Wilson, ILL
2.10 HOU- CB Brandon Harris, MIA
2.11 MIN- C Stefen Wisniewski, PNST
2.12 DET- OLB Bruce Carter, UNC
2.13 PIT- CB Davon House, NMXST
2.14 DEN- FS Rahim Moore, UCLA
2.15 STL- RB Mikel Leshoure, ILL
2.16 OAK- OT Marcus Cannon, TCU
2.17 JAX- QB Christian Ponder, FLST
2.18  SD- CB Aaron Williams, TX
2.19 BAL- WR Torrey Smith, MRD
2.20 NYG- OLB Mason Foster, WSH
2.21  TB- G Rodney Hudson, FLST
2.22 PHI- CB Curtis Brown, TX
2.23  KC- WR Leonard Hankerson, MIA
2.24  NO- LB Quan Sturdivant, UNC
2.25 CHI- DL Christian Ballard, IOWA
2.26 IND- DT Drake Nevis, LSU
2.27  NE- WR Jon Baldwin, PITT
2.28  NE- RB DeMarco Murray, OKHA
2.29 CHI- WR Jerrel Jernigan, TROY
2.30 SEA- CB Ras-I Dowling, VT
2.31 PIT- OG Orlando Franklin, MIA
2.32  GB- RB Ryan Williams, VT

    ROUND 3

3.1 CAR- DT Jurrell Casey, USC  
3.2 CIN- OG Will Rackley, LEH
3.3 DEN- LB Colin McCarthy, MIA 
3.4 CLE- OT Joseph Barksdale, LSU
3.5 ARZ- OLB Sam Acho, TX 
3.6 CLE- WR Titus Young, BOIS
3.7 DAL- S Quinton Carter, OKLA
3.8  NO- WR Randall Cobb, KTY
3.9 CLE- RB Shane Vereen, CAL
3.10  NE- OT Marcus Gilbert, FLA
3.11 DET- LB Chris Carter, FRST
3.12  SF- LB Dontay Moch, NEV
3.13 WSH- QB Jake Locker, WSH
3.14  SD- WR Greg Little, UNC
3.15 MIA- OG Clint Boling, UGA
3.16 MIN- CB Chimdi Chekwa, OHST
3.17 NYG- RB Daniel Thomas, KANST
3.18  SD- DT Kenrick Ellis, HMP
3.19 CAR- DT Jarvis Jenkins, CLEM
3.20 BAL- SS DeAndre McDaniel, CLEM
3.21 PHI- LB Greg Jones, MCHST
3.22  KC- NT Jerrell Powe, MISS 
3.23 CIN- SS Tyler Sash, IOWA
3.24  NO- TE Jordan Cameron, USC
3.25 BUF- TE Luke Stocker, TEN
3.26  TB- DE Allen Bailey, MIA
3.27 ATL- OT James Carpenter, ALA
3.28  NE-  OLB Greg Romeus, PITT
3.29  SD- OT Jason Pinkston, PITT
3.30 NYJ- S Deunta Williams, UNC
3.31 PIT- CB Curtis Marsh, UTST
3.32  GB- WR Edmund Gates, ABI   
3.33 CAR- CB Shareece Wright, USC

    ROUND 4

4.1 OAK- C Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU
4.2  GB- OT James Brewer, IND
4.3 SEA- OG John Moffitt, WIS
4.4 CIN- OT Lee Ziemba, AUB
4.5 OAK- CB Jalil Brown, COL
4.6 ARZ- LB Mark Herzlich, BC   
4.7 PHI- DT Terrell McClain, SFLA
4.8 HOU- S Ahmad Black, FLA
4.9 MIN- S Chris Conte, CAL
4.10 DET- CB Brandon Burton, UTH
4.11 PIT- DL Ian Williams, ND
4.12 TEN- OG Stephen Schilling, MCH
4.13 DAL- WR Tandon Doss, IND
4.14 MIA- TE D.J. Williams, ARK
4.15 STL- OG Demarcus Love, ARK
4.16 CLE- DT Sione Fua, STNF
4.17 JAX- CB Johnny Patrick, LOU
4.18  SF- CB Rashad Carmichael, VT
4.19 BAL- CB Cortez Allen, CIT
4.20 NYG- C Tim Barnes, MIZZ
4.21  KC- DL Lawrence Guy, AZST
4.22 IND- QB Ricky Stanzi, IOWA
4.23  SF- RB Jordan Todman, UCONN   
4.24  GB- S Robert Sands, WVU
4.25 BUF- OT Chris Hairston, CLEM
4.26  TB- OT Jah Reid, CFLA
4.27 CIN- WR Cecil Shorts III, MT.U
4.28 IND- CB Kendric Burney, UNC
4.29 NYJ- ILB Casey Matthews, ORG
4.30 CHI- CB Marcus Gilchrist, CLEM
4.31 PIT- TE Lance Kendricks, WIS
4.32 JAX- LB Nate Irving, NCST
4.33 TEN- LB Ross Homan, OHST 
4.34  GB- LB K.J. Wright, MSST

    ROUND 5

5.1 OAK- OT Derek Newton, AKST
5.2 CLE- LB Kelvin Sheppard, LSU
5.3 ATL- TE Rob Housler, FLAT
5.4  KC- FB Owen Marecic, STNF
5.5 ARZ- OG Zach Hurd, UCONN
5.6 CLE- S Chris Culliver, SCAR    
5.7 HOU- S Shiloh Keo, IDA
5.8 MIN- LB Lawrence Wilson UCONN
5.9 OAK- CB Buster Skrine, CHAT
5.10  SF- DT Anthony Gray, SMISS
5.11 HOU- K Alex Henery, NEB
5.12 DAL- C Kris O'Dowd, USC
5.13 STL- LB Jeremy Beal, OKLA
5.14 PHI- RB Kendall Hunter, OKST
5.15 MIA- RB Jacquizz Rodgers, OGST
5.16 JAX- S Jaiquawn Jarrett, TEM
5.17 TEN- S Da'Norris Searcy, UNC
5.18 STL- S Joe Lefeged, RUT
5.19 MIN- DE Pernell McPhee, MISST
5.20 IND- DT Martin Parker, RCH
5.21 ATL- WR Ronald Johnson, USC
5.22 IND- C Alex Linnenkohl, OGST
5.23 DET- RB Delone Carter, SYR   
5.24  KC- RB Stevan Ridley, LSU
5.25 SEA- OG Darius Morris, TEM
5.26 CLE- OLB Cliff Matthews, SCAR
5.27 ATL- RB Alex Green, HAW
5.28  NE-  QB Greg McElroy, ALA
5.29 WSH- WR Austin Pettis, BOIS
5.30 NYJ- DE Brandon Bair, ORG
5.31 PIT- RB Taiwan Jones, EWSH
5.32  GB- QB T.J. Yates, UNC
5.33 BAL- OG Keith Williams, NEB
5.34 BAL- OT Byron Stingily, LOU

    ROUND 6

6.1 CAR- OG Justin Boren, OHST
6.2 CIN- RB Bilal Powell, LOU
6.3 CLE- DE Pierre Allen, NEB
6.4 HOU- OG Mike Person, MTAST
6.5 CLE- CB Demarcus Van Dy, MIA
6.6 ARZ- WR Vincent Brown, SDST  
6.7 IND-  FS Eric Hagg, NEB
6.8 OAK- LB Mario Harvey, MRSH
6.9 PIT-  DT Frank Kearse, ALAM
6.10 TEN- C Brandon Fusco, SLP
6.11 DAL- S Jeron Johnson, BOIS
6.12 CIN- TE Virgil Green, NEV     
6.13 SEA- WR Stephen Burton, WTXAM 
6.14 MIA- OLB Bruce Miller, UCF
6.15 BAL- LB Mike Mohammed, CAL
6.16 ATL- LB Brian Rolle, OHST
6.17 JAX- WR Greg Salas, HAW
6.18  SD- CB Chykie Brown, TEX
6.19 ARZ- OG David Arkin, MIZST
6.20 NYG- WR Jeremy Kerley, TCU
6.21 DEN- RB Derrick Locke, KEN
6.22  TB- RB Noel Devine, WVIR
6.23 ATL- S Mark LeGree, APP   
6.24 DEN- TE Julius Thomas, PTDST
6.25  SF- WR Denarius Moore, TEN
6.26 BAL- WR Niles Paul, NEB
6.27 ATL- CB Korey Lindsey, SILL
6.28  NE- LS Danny Aiken, VIR
6.29 NYJ- WR Terrence Toliver, LSU
6.30 CHI- DT Cedric Thornton, SARK
6.31 PIT- WR Ricardo Lockette, FtVST
6.32  GB- DL David Carter, UCLA
6.33 NYG- CB Brandon Hogan, WVIR
6.34  KC- OT Derek Hall, STNF    
6.35 MIN- S Isa Abdul-El Quddus, FRDM
6.36  SD- LB Steven Friday, VT
6.37 NYG- LB Josh Bynes, AUB
6.38 CAR- TE Andre Smith, VT

Please note the half hour picktimes for the 7th round....

    ROUND 7

7.1  GB- CB Chris L. Rucker, MCHST
7.2 DET- WR Aldrick Robinson, SMU   
7.3 BUF- WR Dwayne Harris, ECAR
7.4 CIN- RB Dion Lewis, PITT
7.5 NYJ- CB Josh Thomas, BUF
7.6 CHI- OG Andrew Jackson, FRST
7.7 TEN- CB Ryan Jones, NWMIZST
7.8 PIT- FS Chris Prosinski, WYG
7.9 OAK- C Zane Taylor, UTH
7.10  KC- QB Adam Froman, LOU
7.11 HOU- DL Chris Neild, WVIR
7.12 JAX-  CB Justin Rogers, RCMD
7.13 TEN- LB Sidney Tarver, TENST
7.14 MIA- WR Darvin Adams, AUB
7.15 MIA- CB Anthony Gaitor, FlaINT
7.16 OAK- RB Nic Grigsby, ARZ
7.17 DAL- RB Mario Fannin, AUB 
7.18 OAK- RB Da'Rel Scott, MRD
7.19 IND- WR Dane Sanzenbacher, OHST
7.20  KC- S Dom DeCicco, PITT
7.21 ATL- K Matt Bosher, MIA
7.22 BAL- S Mistral Raymond, USF
7.23  NO- S  Will Hill, FLA
7.24 STL- CB Richard Sherman, STNF
7.25 STL- LB Doug Hogue, SYR
7.26 STL- DE Ugo Chinasa, OKST
7.27 STL- FB Anthony Sherman, UCONN
7.28  SF-  FB Henry Hynoski, PITT  
7.29 PIT- OT Jarriel King, SCAR
7.30  GB- WR Phillip Livas, LTCH 
7.31  SD- RB Roy Helu Jr., NEB
7.32 MIA- QB Pat Devlin, DEL
7.33 MIN- CB Loyce Means, HOU
7.34 PHI- QB Tyrod Taylor, VT
7.35  TB- FB Stanley Havili, USC
7.36  SF-  QB Scott Tolzien, WIS
7.37 PHI- OLB Adrian Moten, MRD 
7.38 OAK- WR Greg Ellingson, FlaINT
7.39 SEA- SS Nate Williams, UW
7.40  NO- LB Jonas Mouton, MCH
7.41 CAR- LB Quentin Davie, NWST
7.42 BUF- S Jermale Hines, OHST
7.43 CIN- LB Akeem Dent, UGA
7.44 DEN- DT Colby Whitlock, TXTCH
7.45 CLE- FB Charles Clay, TUL
7.46 ARZ- CB Devon Torrence, OHST
7.47  SF- K Kai Forbath, UCLA
7.48 TEN- RB Allen Bradford, USC
7.49 DAL- K Josh Jasper, LSU
7.50 WSH- P Chas Henry, FLA
7.51 HOU- LB J.T. Thomas, WVU

Please take note of the reduced pick times for the UDFA round. Try to set a reminder in your phones to hop on for your picks ....Don't worry about me not writing times in for myself. I'll be ready to announce my picks immediately when they come up, so to save time I never gave myself a timeslot. If you pick right after one of my teams and can type fast enough, then the guy is yours, I will reselect if we happen to pick the same guy and your post comes up first. Also do not worry too much if you miss your UDFA pick, there will be no autoselections for this round. You can just announce a pick at any time after your timeslot.

   Undrafted Free Agents

DET- OT David Mims, VU
CIN- WR Armon Binns, CIN
NE -      
HOU- WR Raymond Webber, A.PB
OAK- CB Josh Gatlin, NDST  
STL- DE Ricky Elmore, ARZ
ATL- QB Eric Czerniewski, CMIZ
DEN- OG Carl Johnson, FLA    
GB - 
SD - QB Nathan Enderle, IDA
MIN- OG Caleb Schlauderaff, UTH
ARZ- P Ryan Donahue, IWA
NYG- OT Willie Smith, ECAR  
KC - C Kevin Kowalski, TOL
JAX- WR DeMarco Sampson, SDST
IND- TE Lee Smith, MRSH
CAR- DL Karl Klug, IWA
TB -  QB Matt Coughlin, BOIS 
PIT- RB Chad Spann, NIU
CLE- DT Andrew Soucy, EKTC
TEN- WR O.J. Murdock, FTHAYS
BUF- CB Byron Maxwell, CLEM
NO - RB Jamie Harper, CLEM
PHI- K Dan Bailey, OKST
CHI- RB John Clay, WIS
DAL- OT Byron Bell, NWMX
WSH-WR Fred Rouse, TXEPSO   
SF - 
NYJ- OLB Thomas Keiser, STNF
MIA- C Colin Baxter, ARZ
BAL- FB Shaun Chapas, UGA

Just wanna say thanks to everyone for participating. This has been a huge success thanks to everyone enjoying the process as much as I do and putting in hilarious amounts of time.

Extra thanks to LAOJoe for helping me moderate and putting parts of his life on hold (like sleep) to keep this running smoothly.

I hope you'll all consider doing this again with me next year.....

Friday we can all post our drafts and compare notes...should be fun. I hope this works for everyone...

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Since: Jan 24, 2010
Posted on: April 12, 2011 6:29 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

Everyone please take notice of the shortened pick times for both the 7th round and the UDFA round afterwards. Take a good look so you're clear on when your times are.

I'd like to finish this strong. We've been doing really well so far and I'd hate to have to auto more than 1 or 2 picks. There will be no autoing of UDFA round picks. You either make it for your time, or can pick someone later but would then have less of a pool to pick from.

Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: April 10, 2011 10:22 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

Truth, I will have my pick first thing in the AM and we can roll forward.

Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: April 10, 2011 7:43 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

Is Seatlle OTC or OTL (out to lunch) ????????

I got my pick armed and ready.

Since: Apr 9, 2011
Posted on: April 10, 2011 7:07 am

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

Well, I'd be lying if I said I was impressed with Oakland's mock so far. Outside of Cannon there doesn't appear to be a potential starter or great value pick in the mix.

I'm not involved, and my opinion counts for shyte. But, may as well comment anyway.

Since: Jan 24, 2010
Posted on: March 29, 2011 4:00 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

No problem nybites. I'll keep my eye on here.

I will launch this thread sometime tonight guys. Absolutely will be up by 8pm ET if not sooner....

Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: March 29, 2011 11:30 am

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

Checking in, RT, I am on board.  Listen, same deal as last time, if I am stuck at work, check out my posts on this blog, or if I have to use my IPHONE then look for the title of the thread, the text will be blank just like in El Patrons draft. Hopefully Apple or CBS fixes this soon.  I work second shift and it gets busy, so I have to limp my way through this now and then.


Since: Jan 24, 2010
Posted on: March 28, 2011 12:20 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

I will launch the official thread tomorrow guys for those curious. Tuesday the 29th the thread will go up sometime in the afternoon....

Since: Dec 22, 2007
Posted on: March 27, 2011 6:18 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

I have contacted those who I feel have a general interest in trading up. If you have any interest in trading up PM me. Just not on this blog. I don't want to take over RTT's blog with a bunch of empty pages. PM me on another page.


Since: Jul 26, 2008
Posted on: March 27, 2011 1:36 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

I'll be Tampa, if your ok with them not being my favorite team. I still know all of their needs. If not ill be the skins if the guy doesnt show up.

Since: Jan 24, 2010
Posted on: March 27, 2011 1:10 pm

RT's 2nd Annual Mock Draft

I will launch the thread probably on the 29th. Maybe 30th at the latest. I'm hoping most of us will peak in on the 31st to talk a trade or two and just check in yada yada. Nash that is correct that in real life players cannot currently be traded, but since these mocks are for fun anyway, though we try to keep them somewhat realistic, I'll be bypassing rich person greed and pretending this great league went on status quo without the bickering. So player trades will be allowed in this one, just have to be approved by one of the two moderators. Plus in reality before a season can take place trades will be allowed at some point. And there will be some (Kolbs of the world). Hope I answered all the current questions.

Everyone like the UDFA round idea?
And El, I'm still figuring out the 7th round. Detroit screwed it all up by trading twice and getting penalized for tampering so I'm still figuring out the details of that round. It will get sorted out.

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