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State of the New York Giants Defense

Posted on: April 29, 2010 11:22 am
Well, we won't know until they suit up, and play the games, but we can guess, right? We (The Big MoFO Blue) have a new DC, and that should help things, depending on who you ask. Some argue Sheridan did not get a fair chance, but that ship has sailed. Fewel is here now, and it is his ship to right. And continueing the horrible analogy, he has some new weapons to help him along the voyage.

Most Giants fans agree the LB and Saffety positions were in, at best, disarray last season.

Was it the fault of the a. LB's? b. The Safeties? c. The Coord? Or d. a combination?

So far, it seems the Giants brass believe it was b. and c. And maybe a little bit of a., so that means maybe a little bit of d. (aha)

They replaced our Safeties (even (especially) if/when Phillips comes back, the safeties added turn the position from a weakness to a strength - on paper) revamped (maybe??) our LB's through addition by subtraction. Getting rid of older LB's with the hope that the younger ones are ready to go. And obviously Sheridan was canned, welcome Pete Fewel.

Here is what I am getting at.

Are we still in trouble with our Lb's? I think not.

I think a major problem with last years LB's was the safeties. With so much looking behind them, the LB's could not concentrate on the action in front of them. Now, with a better safety (net), they can focus on what they are supposed to focus on, RB's, TE's and QB's.

The safeties and corners, hopefully, will also be helped by a better, healtheir dline.

I think the Giants have done a great deal to sure up the defense, but we won't know until they butt heads with the Panthers, Sunday, Sept. 9 at 1 p.m.


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Posted on: April 30, 2010 10:33 am

State of the New York Giants Defense

Thanks B,
It is a while away, and I want to enjoy the summer, but at the same time can;t wait to see what this defense can do. Last year was tough as a Giant fan, kind of seperated the fans from the fairweather.

It is kind of odd that for once in I don't know how long, the Giants passing offense is not the problem. Now, if we could just getback to doing what the Gmen have done for years, defense and running the ball, we should be tough to beat.

Thanks for the contribution man.

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Posted on: April 30, 2010 8:43 am

State of the New York Giants Defense

Great blog Adam, I agree with you totally.  The Giants nation have been feeling like there has not been any attention given to the fact that we needed a great linebacker.  During the draft we addressed the line to open up holes for our upcoming L-backers, and added depth to each position along with great Safeties to take care of the backfield.  Let's get it straight, Antonio Pierce was a great captain, yes, but not a great player.  He was slow to make the transition, especially in his later career.  Our upcoming LB's, Chase Blackburn, Michael Boley, Gerris Wilkinson, and (R)Phillip Dillard, I believe are going to make an outstanding transition to filling his shoes.  So overall I give Jerry Reese an A for this years draft.

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