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How about the offense??

Posted on: May 4, 2010 12:43 pm
Those outside of the Big Blue like to point to the youngest Manning as the reason for their struggles. They say he is not a top QB, and he can not get it done stat wise, and in the playoffs. His low key demeanor is looked at as a reflection of his interior fire, but Giants fans know the truth.

Eli and Co. have brought a level of passing to the Gmen that has never been witnessed before in the Meadowlands. Steve Smith caught more passes than any Giant ever, varifying his status as a possession receiver extraordinaire, Nicks will have a breakout season (did tremendous for a rookie receiver) and if he can cure the bobbles, Manningham can be a great left side receiver. Add Kevin Boss and a possible speedster in Beckum, and who knows, the passing offense has everything they need to add on to last years great season.

The oline was okay, but not near the level of their 2007 form. They need to get back to being tough in the trenches, and the rookie (and second year) olinemen might be able to add a bit of urgency to practice and get the old vets going.

Now, the running game, ugggghh.  Someone get Brandon Jacobs a snickers, he loks like Betty White out there. He is definitely scared of injury, as was evident by his suggestion to Danny Ware. When Ware was injured, BJ pretty much told him he was running too hard (trying to get extra yards by puttng his hand on the ground for more yards) and that he had to be wary of injury. I understand this, but man, you want to see him running hard. There has to be a better line than he found this year, in terms of not getting hurt, but giving something to the team. He idd help us to a SB ring, but is he done there? Will we see Jacobs hit the corners and AB hitting the hole? Will Ware get some run, Brown?? When will Gilbride get fired? or wil he be around for a while?

The Big Blue used to rely on defense, special teams, and 3 yards and a cloud of dirt. NOw they have receivers breaking records and leading the league in receptions, a beast of a running back who is seemingly scared of contact, and a defense that gives up 40 points on the regular.

I like what Eli adds to the team, I just hope the oline and RBs can get back to 07-08 form.

Go BIg Blue!!!!
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