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The Point in Miami...

Posted on: July 18, 2010 3:43 am

Miami has officially reached elite status, either you "love em or hate em". The roster now 9 deep has people acusing the Heat of playing 3 on 5, while others try to convince people that Carlos Arroyo, Undonis Haslem and Big Z will all be alternates for the All-Star game. With the recent addition of Mike Miller my personal belief is that Miami should start D. Wade or LeBron James at the point. Only the signing of Derek Fisher would have changed my mind. To believe Mario Chalmers could and would know who should get the ball at what time of the game is 1 thing, to believe he has the testicular fortitude to turn down LeBron or D. Wade when Chris Bosh is the hot man is another. The fact that Mike Miller can play the 2 or the 3 gives the Heat options. While D. Wade has more experience running the point I can't stop thinking what it would be like for LeBron to run the show with so many viable options. Pat Riley of all people know what a 6'9" atheletic point guard who thinks pass first can do. The strength of Lebron running point is what many on this site call his weakness, he doesn't want to be "the man", at the same time he is capable of being "the man".

With all the hype and drama before and since "the decision" a few things have been overlooked. First and foremost the Lakers are the defending Champs and with the exception of an upgrade at the backup point guard come back completely in tact. The Orloando Magic and the Boston Celtics are very strong and both the Bulls and Bucks upgraded already quality rosters.

For arguements sake lets say the Heat are really good next year, and all 3 of the big 3 have a drop in production. None of them get into the conversation of MVP. None are leading or in the top 5 in scoring or top 3 in assists. Lets say they don't win it all next year. How long before the smiling stops. How long is too long for somebody in Miami not win something in Miami before egos start coming out? When will someone say "my role needs to be bigger!"? I'm sure Pat Riley will take over like he did in 06' if it's not going according his plan, but my question is who will be the next 1 to point?

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 7:39 pm

The Point in Miami...

I understand your point but with a different team I don't see Lebron averaging 9 turnovers a game. DWade is a scorer first and on this new team he would have to do more passing. And though I can see that as a possibility Lebron already has a passing mentality. When coming into the league he was thought to be a tremendous passer and from the small forward position he has already proven to be just that. Then there would be a huge mis-match on defense for opposing teams. Also his responsibilities on defense would be similar to Rondo's who is close to a triple-double a night, imagine what Lebron would average. Bosh is very atheletic and can fill the lane on the break. This team will be up and down the court, I don't see too much half court offense, and as good as DWade is I think we can agree that Lebron is much scarier leading the break. 

As a Lakers fan I still feel the Lakers are the team to beat. But as a Lakers fan I also remember the "Showtime" days and I know Pat Riley does too. I would be very surprised if this team did not at least try to copy that recipe for success. On the other hand I hope they don't because I feel that is their fastest way to win it all, and the longer it takes for that to happen the faster this team breaks up. 

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 12:29 pm

Wade at point

Unless Miami wants to make this harder than its going to be to mesh these guys together, Wade should play point, Miller needs to be in to stretch the defense. Lebron played the point in Game 6 of the eastern confrence finals, call it tanking, call it his elbow, but the bottom line is that he had 9 turnovers, DWade won a championship while playing a little point, so it seems obvious who to put there to me.

All this being said, Can Mike Miller hit a crucial three late in the playoffs? Ron Artest can, but Mike Miller has never faced any pressure like this. How Miller does is key to this team's success.

To be completely frank i do not even know if this team is capable of beating the celtics, for one huge reason...Is Bosh for real? Bosh has nevre done anything "spectacular" in the playoffs, or even the regular season. The reason the Celtics win games is because every night the big ticket revs up his engine and goes out and makes things happen, I do not view Bosh as a huge threat, he's been compared to Gasol, now he has to live up to that, can he?

If this team plays the Celtics or Lakers, i will not put my money on them, Bosh and Miller will determine this team's success.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 12:11 pm

The Point in Miami...

Pat "the rat " Riley will do what all rats do if this facade does'nt perform they way they bought them to perform... he will jump ship and run... history proves it and as we all know history has a tendancy to repeat itself...

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 4:47 pm

The Point in Miami...

Sorry I'm slow on the uptake, but I just realize how much Riley is trying to bring the old magic back...

Find a Magic Johnson (LeBron), surround him with athletcism like James Worthy (Dwade) and fill in role players as necessary.

I can't bring myself to put Bosh and Kareem in the same breath but in this NBA (especially the Eastern conference) he is a (semi) dominant big man.

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 2:43 pm

The Point in Miami...

Lebron definitely needs to start at point...I love the fact that people think this is going to be Wade's team, Lebron is the 2nd best player in the NBA by far.  So what Wade won a chip, what has he done for Miami lately...

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Posted on: July 18, 2010 9:24 pm

The Point in Miami...

They should and will start Chalmers at the point, but Lebron will get a lot of pg time, a la Scottie Pippen.

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