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2010-11 NCAA Football Preview

Posted on: September 8, 2010 12:59 pm

Without further ado, here is my NCAA Football Preview for the 2010-11 season. While most other experts jump on the Alabama bandwagon predicting a repeat, I'll go a different route and look to a team that, like it or not, continuously gets batter and better and should run the table -- the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I see just two teams running the table this year and those teams will square off for the championship on January 10 (Yeah, for whatever reason, we should expect to see the title game played after the Super Bowl in a few years at this rate of pushing the game further and further back!!!).

Anyway, here is my Top 25 (how I see the regular season ending) as well as my BCS Bowl Predictions. Enjoy!

2010-11 College Football Preview

1. Ohio State

2. Boise State

3. Nebraska

4. Alabama

5. Oregon

6. Wisconsin

7. Virginia Tech

8. Georgia

9. Texas

10. Oklahoma

11. TCU

12. Miami (Fla.)

13. Pittsburgh

14. Florida

15. Notre Dame

16. Iowa

17. Florida State

18. Utah

19. Arizona

20. USC

21. North Carolina

22. LSU

23. Oregon State

24. Penn State

25. Michigan State



BCS Title Game: Ohio State vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Pittsburgh

Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Texas




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Posted on: September 18, 2010 8:54 am

2010-11 NCAA Football Preview

Solid points.  I totally agree on Iowa.  Unless their QB gets notably better, PSU may struggle to finish in the top 1/2 of the conference.

I would like to see UGa back at the top of the conference, but this doesn't look to be their year.

I would like to see Wisconsin make the BCS - they are overdue - might be the most underrated team in NCAAF.

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 11:23 am

2010-11 NCAA Football Preview

I really like Alabama, but there are too many good teams on Alabama's schedule and teams in Division 1 that it'll be real tough for Bama to go undefeated and reach the BCS title game. Heck, all it'll take is a loss to another SEC team in the SEC Championship!

I think Iowa is a hard-nosed team but this team is completely overrated. Last year, I was at the MSU-Iowa game where Iowa needed the last-second TD to win. That was how Iowa's entire season went. I see a 3-loss season, which is still really, really good, but that's not Top-10 material.

I still think Pitt is the class of the Big East. I see a 9-3 campaign and a very solid Big East slate for the Panthers.

I would not be shocked to see Va Tech run the table from here on out. I think VT is still the best team in the ACC so I'm not too worried. No. 7 apparently was too high though.

Year after year, I like consistent teams. Georgia is to the SEC as Wisconsin is to the Big Ten and Virginia Tech is to the ACC -- all those teams consistently win 8-9 games while crashing the BCS every few years. Outside of Alabama, I think the SEC is much weaker this year than last. I think Georgia could easily win 10 games and win or play 'Bama tough in the SEC title game. Once the team gets A.J. Green back, the offense will be even more explosive (though the loss vs. S. Carolina was a little discouraging). 

Lastly, I'm a Michigan State grad. I think the Spartans have the talent to finish 8-4 (9-4 with a bowl win) and that's the type of team I see falling in at No. 25. The Spartans avoid Ohio State this year and have Notre Dame and Wisconsin at home. Road trips to Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan and Penn State are worrisome, but I think this could be the best offense in the Big Ten. (Now, let's talk about the iffy defense...)

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Posted on: September 11, 2010 6:00 pm

2010-11 NCAA Football Preview

Not jumping on the Bama bandwagon - good decision this early - while others look at their losses on D, I would add their schedule and concerns about a passing game after last year's title game.

Not jumping on the Iowa bandwagon - I agree - there was a lot of close wins last year (not convinced the stars will align again), they don't have a strong bench to replace graduating players.

Pitt - a bandwagon we all need to get off of and park in the shed.

VT - everyone got caught on them.

UGa - this was more than a bit optimistic.  I don't follow them closely - what was the reason for the optimism?

MSU - interesting pick to slip into the top 25 - I would love to see it, but what's up with the optimism?

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