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Some Crappy Event Known as The CPMD Schedule

Posted on: January 18, 2011 12:22 am
Edited on: January 30, 2011 3:21 pm
Southern Hospitality Division

(1)BucFan 1-0
GoHornets 1-0
(3)BostonBay 0-1
(1)Bolognahead 0-1

Monday January 24th

BucFan at BostonBay - FF win for BucFan
GoHornets at Bolognahead - GoHornets wins 11.95-2.00

Thursday February 3rd

GoHornets vs. BucFan
BostonBay vs. Bolognahead

Monday February 14th

GoHornets vs. BostonBay
Bolognahead vs. BucFan

Mockdraft Mediocrity Division
(1)Cain 1-0
(3)Joe 0-1
Biggy 1-0
(3)GoCavs 0-1

Thursday January 27th

Joe vs. Biggy - Diaper wins via Judge Vote
Cain vs. GoCavs - Cain wins 9.6-0

Monday February 7th

Joe vs. Cain
Biggy vs. GoCavs

Thursday February 17th

Joe vs. GoCavs
Biggy vs. Cain

Young and Restless Division


Monday January 31st

McGradykid vs. LBJWitness
Blood vs. Jakey

Thursday February 10th

McGradykid vs. Jakey
LBJWitness vs. Blood

Monday February 21st

McGradykid vs. Blood
Jakey vs. LBJWitness

And regardless of what the rules on the front say, heres the voting rules:

1) There's no teams so all scores will be ranked on a 1-3 scale. 3's will be tough to get. Want a 3? View my ATMD votes. That length, detail, and supported evidence gets you a 3. Anything less than a 1.5 will count for the game, but you will be credited with a missed vote. There's 72 hours, if you can't get a 1.5 (as I plan on any legit vote being a 2 or higher) your vote will count as a missed vote, though I will count it in the game score.

2) You get One missed vote per Pool Period. So with 18 games in Pool Play one, here's how it breaks down. Since you have to keep 3 of your original players from the start of the Pool Period (after Pool Period 2, you have to keep 3 players from the start of Pool Play 2), missed votes will go as follows.

Vote all 17/18: 5 trades/7 players
Vote 16 Games: 4 trades/6 players
Vote 15 Games: 3 Trades/5players
Vote 14 Games: 2 Trades/4 players

Miss more than 4 of the 18 games....No Trades.

3) Voting patterns will be monitored. They were handled poorly by the Judges in the ATMD who were oblivious to the obvious. You have a trend of voting against people who vote against you, you lose trades. You seem to always vote the same person, even in games they shouldn't win (which I will have my opinions on), you will lose trades. Any people who think they will team up to vote people through, nope. This doesn't mean if you vote someone twice, you should vote against them the 3rd game. I've done enough games to tell which comments are ones that were predetermined coming in and which ones are genuine opinions. Don't believe me. Try me.

4) Votes are at 72 hours on the dot. No roving time this Mock Draft. I'm not listening to "What's the difference between 75 and 76 hours?" At 72 hours the game is dead as long as 8 TOTAL points have been reached (probably requires 4 votes). Think that's too few? Make sure you all vote in each other's games.
If 8 points aren't reached, it goes to a BOD decision which the 3 judges will vote on.

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