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NFL Power Rankings

Posted on: April 28, 2010 3:47 pm
Edited on: May 5, 2010 9:45 am

#1 - Jets  (14-2)
#2 - Colts (14-2)
#3 - Ravens (13-3)
#4 - Chargers (14-2)
#5 - Cowboys (11-5)
#6 - Packers (11-5)
#7 - Dolphins (11-5)
#8 - 49ers (12-4)
#9 - Vikings (10-6)
#10 - Saints (10-6)
#11 - Steelers (9-7)
#12 - Redskins (9-7)
#13 - Bengals (9-7)
#14 - Giants (8-8)
#15 - Bears (8-8)
#16 - Falcons (9-7)
#17 - Chiefs (9-7)
#18 - Eagles (7-9)
#19 - Seahawks (8-8)
#20 - Patriots (6-10)
#21 - Titans (7-9)
#22 - Cardinals (6-10)
#23 - Texans (6-10)
#24 - Buccaneers (5-11)
#25 - Panthers (5-11)
#26 - Rams (5-11)
#27 - Raiders (5-11)
#28 - Browns (4-12)
#29 - Broncos (4-12)
#30 - Jaguars (3-13)
#31 - Lions (2-14)
#32 - Bills (1-15)

#1 -Jets - This team had the best defense in the league last year...and actually improved it during the offseason. Trading for Antonio Cromartie and Drafting Kyle Wilson and then signing Donovan Warren...GL passing the ball NE, Miami, well....anyone. Losing TJ and Leon wont affect much as Shonn Greene will prove he can be an everydown back while getting plenty of tips from LT, who will spell here in and there. Year Two for Mark's going to be "dirty, filthy, and NASTY." With Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery on one side, and Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes on the other....I am betting the farm the Jets are AFC Champions 2010.

#2 -Colts - Peyton Manning won't miss a beat this season. His WR's need to stay healthy (see Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzalez) let alone Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie. Dallas Clark is a top 3 TE in the league and will continue to move the chains with Manning. Their draft focused on some defense and refused to focus on a young QB. Mike Hart is far behind Donald Brown and Joseph Addai, but shouldnt be forgotten. Jerry Hughes (1st round) will most likely be set at defensive end to become a speedy pass rusher around the outside. Jacques McClendon (OG - fourth round) should be a strong asset in the OL rotation this season, giving Manning an even larger edge against the opposing secondary. With a decent schedule running through the NFC east, the Colts still show they will be hunting for another trip to the superbowl.

#3 -Ravens - Joe Flacco has two more weapons this season in Dante Stallworth and more importantly, Anquan Boldin. Anquan has great sideline ability and Stallworth can cut across the middle for those dumpy slant route passes. MarK Clayton and Derrick Mason wont be forgotten either. Ray Rice is projected to gain even more yards than last year with the upgraded WR core and is a solid target in your fantasy draft for at least 1500+ 12+ TDs this season. Depending on the health of Todd Heap, the Ravens could move ahead as a top offensive team, which will have people doing a double take when they see them leading the score boards and yardage leaders. Players like Dominque Foxworth and Lardarius Webb need to improve this offseason in order for the secondary, the team's only recognizable weakness, to keep this team from slipping. Ray Lewis? I dont think he'll ever stop playing this game, let alone stop playing it well.

#4 -Chargers - ***Running situation? Coaching?***

#5 -Cowboys - I don't care how bad Wade Phillips is as a coach, or how much Romo is over rated, the offensive weapons, and Felix Jones being in his 3rd season, subplanting Marion Barber as starter, the Cowboys are this year's New Orleans Saints. Roy Williams hasnt shown much, but he will when he's pushed the entire preseason and regular season by rookie Dez Bryant. Miles Austin? Pro Bowl. Don't forget about Jason Witten. They will have questions on defense...none to label specificaly, but it will be enough, Romo will finally do it after tasting blood last year, the Cowboys, as much as I hate saying it, will be NFC Champions 2010. (Only if McNabahan doesn't turn the skins into an outstanding team, and the Madden Curse doesn't skip a beat in New Orleans.)

#6 -Packers - ***Improved Defense***

#7 -Dolphins - ***Henne and Marshall + CB's***

#8 -49ers - Alex Smith....being argued as a #1 Bust and with all the Jemarcus Russel talking, his name pops in here and there. This year, will be different. I'm pulling a Jason Campbell logic (already this sounds like crap, I know) but he's under the same consecutive offensive coordinator and play calling for the first time in his pro career. His shoulder should be back to %100, and has been given a new talented young o-line (Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis) to protect him, as well as the organization backing him %100 now and have shown theyre comitted solely to him. Let's also mention that he "should" be starting with better field position off of kick and punt returns with the acquisition of Ted Ginn Jr. Other key points that drasticaly improve the 49ers is Vernon Davis' head has shrunk back to earth thanks to Mike Singletary (genius without pants) and Michael Crabtree will play in games 1 thru 5. You're a fool if you dont think Michael Crabtree is a great player and has a large impact on the offensive push. Josh Morgan is in his third season and is projected to have a breakout season. You also never know if Ted Ginn might actually work on his catching skills this never know, but im not counting on that. Dont forget that Glenn Coffee is a backup. And to who? the perennial injury machine Frank Gore. But Frank Gore is plenty enough to dominate day in and out as a dual threat RB easily a top 10 in the league. I also want to point out that the 49ers have the best LB in football, Patrick Willis. He's young, he's a tackling machine, and everyone would pay top dollar for him. Let's also not forget about Manny Lawson and Takeo Spikes. But adding someone like Taylor Mays at Safety....a freak hard hitting athlete that only dropped in the draft because of off the field intangibles, please...Mike will just drop his drawers and he'll be under the Singletary spell. This team has a lot of talent, and is ready to use it. With one of the easiest schedules in the NFL this season, It's a lock that the 49ers are in the playoffs, making a run at a superbowl.

#9 -Vikings - ***Favre or Jackson, Harvin and Peterson***

#10 - Superbowl Champion Saints - Congratulations to New Orleans for their victory in their Team's first trip to the superbowl. Here's what to prepare for: Your quarterback is jinxing the entire season by agreeing to become the cover of Madden 11 (voted by the fans,) your team, and city, wont give the same energy and motivation because it's no longer your team's "first" superbowl, and you're still the same team as last year, but with a schedule a bit harder. I don't doubt your youth and talent, but why havnt you re-signed Pierre Thomas yet? What's with signing 14 undrafted free agents? I know you're the champions, but you have to believe your competetion is improving during the offseason, why not at least make an effort? Maybe I'm just not paying enough attention, or as many say I know nothing about football. Perhaps Darren Sharper will continue to help your team and give some great leadership, but Shockey doesnt run your team, so who cares what he says. Dallas, Minnesota, San Fran, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh....and maybe even Arizona losses with a split with Atlanta. I see (and so does Miss Cleo) at least 4 losses in there.

#11 -Steelers - Ben's out for Six games. The Steelers improved with the pickup of a young center, where theie offensive line is possibly the worst in the league (side by side with Washington.) Their draft focused on their defensive ends and snatched Jonathan Dwyer in the sixth. The only problem is Baltimore improved dramaticaly and the Browns are looking less like an easy win with their defense improving. Roethlisberger's immaturity off the field IS going to have an affect on this team, but he'll rally them in his return to just barely beat out cincinnati and KC for the wild card.

#12 -Redskins - ***McNabbahan and Runningback Committee***

#13 -Bengals - ***TE and Cedric Benson***

#14 -Giants - ****Coughlin youre in or out, Brandon Jacobs?***

#15 -Bears - Jay Cutler isn't the greatest, but he just needs some time to get thing that seems to frustrate JC is his team's lack of defense last year that would have saved many games (not to mention Cutler's Ints either....) But with his young receivers (Devin Aromashodu, Johnny Knox) and the WR Project Devin Hester, can you blame him?  TE Greg Olsen is a major impact on Cutler's offense and will continue to grow into a top receiving TE. Will Matt Forte turn back into his rookie year form? Even if not, Chester Taylor and Brandon Minor will be waiting to fill in. Landing Julius Peppers should improve leaps and bounds, as well as having a healthy Brian Urlacher for hopefully the entire season. In the draft Chicago addressed their defensive needs just fine.  Wakeup, NFC North, Chicago is gonna be grizzly. Shame their schedule is super tough.

#16 -Falcons - ***Michael Turner, Michael Turner, and Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Turner***

#17 -Chiefs - ***New SS, Matt Cassell a bust?Dwayne Bowe wakeup***

#18 -Eagles -***Kevin Kolb or Vick week 4? Young***

#19 -Seahawks -***Great Draft, Hasselback Healthy***

#20 -Patriots -
Everyone (except Dolphin, Jet, and Bill fans (wait bills fans dont really care)) wants Tom Brady to return to form. If he does, he's going to have some trouble anyways. Rookie Rob Gronkowski will need to be useful this season, Wes Welker will be sorely missed with injury, and Randy Moss is being Randy Moss again (the Bad one, not the Good one.) Let's hope he keeps interest in winning with the Patriots rather than wanting to win with another team sometime midseason. BenJarvus Green-Ellis should become the featured back, how soon will it be necessary though? Look for Rookie linebacker Jermaine Cunningham to turn some heads, and hopefully give NE the pass rush they need in order to pressure the young QBs in their division. The Patriots are falling behind and really need to pick it up with their very tough schedule this season. (Now bring on the hate for their 6-10, but look at the schedule...Chi, GB, Minn, Balt, Cin, Pitt, Indy, San Diego....Not to mention the Jets and Dolphins twice.)

#21 - Titans - ***Chris Johnson has a slow year after all those carries last year, Vince Young lol***

#22 -Cardinals - ***No more Warner, Lienhart a bust***

#23 -Texans - ***no more Kyle Shanahan, Slaton continues woes***

#24 -Buccaneers - ***Improving, but just not there yet***

#25 -Panthers - ***Moore blowsup first game, Clausen takes over, but team can't get it going on defense***

#26 -Rams - Sam Bradford out performs Matt Stafford by leaps and bounds this year. Steven Jackson has proven to be one of the elite dual threat runningbacks in the league, now let's see if he can continue while theyr prep the Rams young franchise QB. Rams are going to steal a few wins here and there from unsuspecting teams and really show that theyre ready to make a run at a winning season......soon, just maybe not this year. Perhaps signing on Brian Westbrook to help spell Jackson will help add more running plays and let Bradford manage an easier game focusing mostly on the run. Roger Staffold should add enough protection to help Sam Bradford get 20 comfortable throws a game.

#27 -Raiders - ***Campbell doesnt fix anything, defense improves, but cant win games***

#28 -Browns -***Awful...rely heavily on running game and just can't stop the offensive monsters they match up to play***

#29 -Broncos - ***Wide Receivers cant get the ball into their hands, because noone can throw them.***

#30 -Jaguars - ***Where are they headed? Vegas? SouCal?***

#31 -Lions - ***Stafford does fine, the defense does not***

#32 -Bills - Sorry Buffalo, your management and coaches wanted more "Pow, Pizazz, and excitement" on your team, not wins, so they drafted C.J. Spiller. There were so many other options available that would have helped your team immediately, or even trading down for a possible QB project in McCoy or Clausen (dont need to mention Tebow, thats just R-tarded) The Bills failed to bite, and being in the second toughest division in football, you will squat on 32nd place this season. 2011, Jake Locker is all yours.

Playoffs - NFC - West - San Fran (12-4)
            - NFC - South - New Orleans (10-6)
            - NFC - North - Green Bay (11-5)
            - NFC - East - Dallas (11-5)
            - Wild Card - Minnesota (10-6)
            - Wild Card - Washington (9-7)

            - AFC - West - San Diego (14-2)
            - AFC - South - Indianaoplis (14-2)
            - AFC - North - Baltimore (13-3)
            - AFC - East - New York Jets (14-2)
            - Wild Card - Miami (11-5)
            - Wild Card - Pittsburgh (9-7)

***Teams with this will be in detail later***


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Posted on: June 23, 2010 7:58 am

NFL Power Rankings

Nobody's forcing you, Nick_2quick. Nice avatar yourself, it defines you well, as a nobody, just like me and everyone else. What are you expecting? ESPY award winning sports writing?

You don't give us reasons why the Patriots shouldnt be at 20, or the dolphins at 7...please, enlighten us.

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Posted on: May 27, 2010 11:08 am

NFL Power Rankings

Man, I have got to stop reading these posts from guys with a basketball avatar. totally pathetic. Patriots at 20, chiefs, dolphins(7), 49ers(8), bears. Stick to thump thump.

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Posted on: May 15, 2010 12:26 am

NFL Power Rankings

 Yeah, I know.... I can't get right, either !!   DOH !!!

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Posted on: May 15, 2010 12:19 am

NFL Power Rankings

Here, let me take a poke at who'll be playoff bound, see whatcha tink.

AFC EAST: NEW YORK JETS - Already couldn't run on them, now nobody will pass on them either. Their running game takes a huge tumble this year. But not enough to hurt them much.
AFC WEST: SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - The running game was the only flaw on offense last year and it was addressed...BIG TIME! Matthews is my early favorite for R.O.Y. The Bolts will be nearly unstoppable on offense.
AFC NORTH: CINCINNATI BENGALS - Carson Palmer now has targets and the defense should be a tick better.
AFC SOUTH: INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - You were expecting the Houston Texans?
WlLD CARD: BALTIMORE RAVENS - Yeah, yeah, yeah...they added Anquan Boldin and had a good draft, but the Bengals did better overall in improvements. Still can't defend the pass. Carson's gonna eat them alive with his new receiving corps. Probably will upset someone in Divisionals
WILD CARD: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Will make playoffs one more time before next youth movement. Never count Brady and Belichick out.
NFC EAST: WASHINGTON REDSKINS - McNabb's far from done if not a little slower. Still knows how to win the big ones. Overall additions and draft were enough to make them my dark horse.
NFC WEST: SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Q: Will Alex Smith finally pull it together? A: Hell no! But this team is ready for prime time everywhere else. This offense/ defense could make Brady Quinn look good. Will still get apush from Seattle.
NFC NORTH: GREEN BAY PACKERS - Rodgers is ready to take his spot as an elite NFL quaterback. Defense is as stout as ever.
NFC SOUTH: NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Didn't do as much to improve and schedule will be tougher. Expect some drop off and a push from Atlanta and maybe even the Bucs.
WILD CARD: DALLAS COWBOYS - Lose their throne to Washington simply because thry didn't do enough to keep it. One and out.
WILD CARD: DETROIT LIONS - My second and biggest dark horse. They were only 10 acquisitions away from contending and they went out and got 20! Stafford and Johnson are one year older together and Kevin Smith is finally healthy. Most improved defense in the conference. Corey Williams will be back in 4-3 and a huge suprise. Most acquisitions were made on defense and Schwartz will know exactly what to do with them. Wanted to play it safe and pick Minnesota, but if Jackson's the quarterback, I just can't see it. Chicago has Cutler and no D- backfield, same as last year. Nuff said.

AFC CHAMPIONS: SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Would like to go along with everyone else and pick the Jets, but I'm still not sold on Sanchez or the new backfield. It's been S.D.'s turn for a while now and I think the Jets aren't quite ready yet nor did the Colts do enough to hold the crown.

NFC CHAMPIONS: GREEN BAY PACKERS - Like I said before, Aaron Rodgers is finally ready and that's all they've been waiting for. It's now or never for the older guys. THEY ARE GETTING OLD !!!

NFL CHAMPIONS: SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - The addition of Ryan Matthews is bigger than anyone can imagine. Merriman finally gets the message and starts tearing heads off again. Vince Jackson finally has an ALL- WORLD season. Rivers finally plays the game of a lifetime.

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NFL Power Rankings

I hear ya, I just don't buy that those teams really have legit top notch offensese to compete with the elite teams.  See my individual retorts below.  At the moment, scedules may appear to favor certain teams, but we really don't know how SOS is going to play out until the end of a given season. 

ARI and PHI are indeed very much up in the air next year, but both teams have tons of talent and playmakers on offense to ease the transitions.  For the record, I DO think both take a big step back, but I expect them to be on the edge of the playoffs all the same.

Dolphins definitely upgraded with Marshall, but there's not a lot else there in the passing game.  A 7-9 team doesn't become elite because they add a WR.

Ravens are not going crazy through the air.  They did get Boldin, which helps, but Stallworth isn't gonna do much (except pull his usual) and Mason is another year older.  They'll be better on O, but I need to see it before I believe their offense is good enough, and the defense got some fresh talent in the draft but they've fallen off a cliff in the last few years.

Bengals are definitely not horrible (all these teams are good teams, just not legit SB contenders).  Their O really doesn't scare me at all.  Jermaine Gresham was a beast at OU though, so we'll see.  Chad isn't getting any younger, and there's really nothing else about that passing attack that you need to gameplan around.

The Jets have some nice weapons, but don't get caught up in the hype.  Holmes is a solid, occasionally spectacular WR, but they've only got him for 12 games.  I don't care how much he thinks he is, Tomlinson is no longer a Pro Bowl type back; they downgraded from Thomas Jones there.  Edwards needs to learn how to catch before I'm afraid of him (it can be done btw, just look how far Devery Henderson's come).  The rest of those guys are solid, but not enough to put them into an "elite offensive talent" category.  Sanchez got way more hype than he deserved.  At his best, he was servicable to solid.  At his worst, he singlehandedly lost games.  I think he'll get better, but he's still got a long way to go.  Plus, this was a 9-7 team afterall.  I'm not on the bandwagon just yet...

Anyways, been a fun debate.  Have a nice weekend!

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NFL Power Rankings

I agree with you in the most part, but teams like the cardinals have lost their leader, Lienhart hasn't been trusted to be named yet, and the Eagles are "rebuilding" and two games for Kevin disastrous, and one good....that really doesn't sell me. Shoot, Derek Anderson had a great SEASON, and look what he became the following season after he was given the reigns. Now, I know Mark Sanchez could fall under this same reasoning, but look at what he has arround him as offensive weapons. It's Black and White compared to ARI and PHI. Perhaps only Dallas has a better array of offensive weapons compared to NYJ.

High Octane Offensive teams are the hot thing in the NFL right now. But how do you not call New York Jets one? Braylon Edwards, Dustin Keller, Ladanien Tomlinson, Shonn Greene, Santonio Holmes, and Jerricho Cotchery. With speedster David Clowney too. Also see my Team by Team up top on the 49ers. They are an offensive team along with their great defense. Dolphins get Brandon Marshall (thats quite an upgrade from Ted Ginn Jr) The Ravens are going to be crazy through the air compared to last year and the year before, and Ray Rice is one mroe year better. And the Bengals aren't horrible....They will score 20+ points. I'm trying to point out that the schedules that favor the right teams, at the right times this season, made the right moves, and it's going to show. The Parody in football is going to be a lot better this year for those middle teams, but the upper echelon teams will continue to dominate, unless their QB is on the cover of Madden 11 :)

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Posted on: April 30, 2010 12:44 pm

NFL Power Rankings

Fair enough.  I've never really bought into the curse, but I figured it was something like that keeping the Saints that low.  At any rate, none of us know anything at this stage.  That's the fun of power rankings I suppose.  I didn't mean to sound too critical; as I said, I do like seeing unique rankings rather than the same old same old, I'm just poking fun a bit.

My larger criticism in general though was the preponderence of teams with very limited offenses in the top ten (and teams like the Rams higher than they ought to be until they prove, well, anything).  I've always been a believer in "Old school" football where running games and strong defenses win games, and I believe teams like that can still compete in the NFL and even win divisions (see: '09 Bengals). 

Their problem arises when they face teams with elite QBs and offenses so good that their D isn't going to hold the other team under 20, teams like the Colts, Chargers, Vikings, Packers, Cards/Eagles (maybe...depending on you know what), Falcons (when healthy), Patriots (again, when healthy), and yes my Saints, who can and will put up 24-35 points a game, even against a very good defense. 

When the Bengals, Jets, Ravens, Dolphis, 49ers, etc of the world come up against these kinds of teams, 9 times out of 10, they won't keep up, and st some point, like in the playoffs, they ARE going to come across that kind of team.  Of course, they CAN come out on top sometimes (see: Jets-Bolts in playoffs), but its difficult to sustain, and the limitations tend ultimately to be exposed (see: Jets-Indy in playoffs).

I know we've all been beat over the head with this, but it's true: this is an offensive league now.  The NFL is not the same animal as when I was a kid, and defense is important, but you've gotta score 24 PPG to be a big dog nowadays.  Just my $0.02, and of course, I'm biased based on the brand of football I've grown accustomed to these days...

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Posted on: April 30, 2010 8:31 am

NFL Power Rankings

Thank you for your input :) If I deem necessary, I'll adjust accordingly. I will continue to post my team by teams, until then, I'll wait for more feedback. I'm sorry about where I have the Saints. I am a firm believer of the Madden Curse. And after seeing what happened to the Steelers last year, (I know its only one year), but I'm also saying that they dont have the same drive as "playing and winning in their team's first superbowl." So, they slip. I'll get to them a bit more at a later date.

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Posted on: April 29, 2010 1:34 pm

NFL Power Rankings

Congratulations!  You've just constructed the single worst set of power rankings I've ever seen...and that actually is saying something.

I'll even ignore the fact that you've got the defending Super Bowl champs at #11, which in and of itself is enough to flush this whole thing down the drain.  Maybe there's a SB hangover and/or Madden curse, whatever; I doubt it, but I'm biased towards the Saints so I'll speak no further on them.

The Cardinals and Eagles both lost their starting QBs, true, but they've got talent waiting in the wings, and maybe you haven't been paying attention, but those are really talented teams who both made the playoffs the last several seasons.  But there they are at 24 and 22.  Okay? 

The Panthers are right there with them.  They lost their QB too, but that's clearly an upgrade not having Jake.  They've still got a very good defense and one of the best runnign games in the league.  They're better than 25.

Meanwhile, the Patriots are sitting there at 18 and you've got teams like the Lions, Bucs, Raiders, Rams and Chiefs all grouped in around the above teams (in some cases actually ranked higher ...seriously, Rams at 23?! Have you seen their roster?).  Amazing.

All the time, here are the Ravens Dolphins, Bengals, and 49ers all in the Top10.  Ahead of the Saints, Falcons (heads up: this is a really good 14), Steelers, Giants, and Texans (who have as much claim to the top 10 based on potential as the wannabes you stuck in there).

And look, I like the Jets.  They're a very good team, with a good D and good running game, but they're still trotting out a 2nd year QB, who really didn't play consistently well last year (the potential is there though).  There's no way they're the best team in the league, even if they've had the flashiest offseason.

I mean, I appreciate trying to mix it up a little bit, and not just regurgitating the same hierarchy we see everywhere else, but I just don't see the logic here.  Its clear you really didn't have any ranking criteria other than "meh, I think that team's due for a good year".  You've either severely overanalyzed, or simply thrown darts at a board...

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