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What I'd get for MYself if I were Lebron James666

Posted on: July 7, 2010 7:58 pm
What I would do...if given the chance, to be LeBron James .

If I were LeBron James...I would demand a sign and trade AWAY from Cleveland.

Sorry, Mistake by the Lake. It's time to be your monster, but become the legand of everyone elses' little guy who is getting out of the little town, and dominating the big city, and then THE WORLD. Cry babies...give give give, it's better for us, not for you, we dont want to put forth the effort to grow and survive. Sounds a little like Jesus...except he DOESN't save us....awful...Lebron James is the son of Satan.
If the team can't work it out that I want to go to, then that's OBVIOUSLY not where I'm going. Because they aren't doing what I want...

Ah, Yes...New York...You will do ANYTHING I SAY...wont you? save your pretty city, "bring us out of the last ROTTING DECADE, sweet savior of filth." you say. Of course...under these following conditions...

#1 - Three words....Max Con Tract. That's right...128 mill or whatevah. Get it done...Six Years servants.

#2 - Eddy Curry and Danillo Galinarieiirie---er whatever, I dont care, I'm the King!....gone. They leave in the Sign and Trade...buh-bye....and get me a 2nd round pick from someone, anyone, doesn't matter...I'm going to make that kid my bitch to fetch me my Crayons and fresh sashimi...and turn him into the next "Side kick on Lebron's Team." he he...stupid SKOLTs.

#3 - Gilbert Arenas ...muh mis-understood Friend. You've got lots of money...use it and get his "gonna be the next NYC Plaxico Buress" PG over here. I want a man that can make shots, and with our alleged "rivalry" I'd rather get more play on that story during the season, which would be BETTER than Artest and Kobe...3 points Lebron...*ting*....and LEBRONIMATE the Knicks vs Heat Rivalry. It's a match made in heaven, and my career, and legacy...and religious

rs............whatevah...Sign that white guy you've got that everyone RAVES about, and sign Mike Miller too, and ship them whities over to Washington for Gilbert (this is why Gilbert has changed his mind about #6, because that's gonna be My Number!!!...or should I say THE NUMBER!!!!!!666....) that Blatche goofball, and my lazy friend Nick Young ...

#4 - So, you've got me my squad so far...ME...(I always come 1st) then Gilbert Arenas, Amare Stoudemire, Tony Douglas (my new goblin,) Wilson Chandler , and Bill Walker . You know that contract about Eric Dampier and Dallas? Yeah....We'll take him....we'll waive him...and then offer him a contract he CAN't MLE to come play with ME after the two months has passed...

#5 - Carlos Boozer ....get that man some money...just enough that will fit in our budget...which is practicly nothing....but if he wants in on this party, he better leave some cake on the knows he'll be part of the best entourage in New LeBrork. Everyone else...just make sure they pass through my inspection...I'm sure they will start ligning up outside to ask to pick him (or her) to play with ME, Lebron 6 James.

#6 - Yankees....I'm not coming unless I get top of the list dibbs, as Lebron the King James, to the new Super 'Fit for The King' suite you're about to build using these architectural plans...and it has to be ready for next season. Opening Day...I've already got a one hour special for charity on prime time 4 Letter Networks scheduled for the unveiling of that suite you're starting to yeah...and I want it for life...and yes...I want to buy a portion of the Yankees....and you will sell it to me...or I'm not coming and becoming a Nationals Fan! Strasburg and Zimmerman,'s gonna get HOT.

#7 - I want a legal pass from the city and state that would allow ME and MY CREW to Park at the Front Entrance at any establishment, public or private, without punishment or towing with no limit to the size of our Royal Parade...

#8 - The agreement to build my own Clothing Line and Athletics Lebron 6 James store in Time Square...If you have to pay someone to remove themselves, so be long as I make at least 51% of the company....and it BETTER BE AT LEAST 99% (that's two sixes upside's for when I begin to first "LB2"

#9 - Renovation of Madison Square Garden...I want it professionaly renovated, keeping a similar look to the old, new Club Level Seating for EVERY SEAT IN THE HOUSE that will my face sewn into the back rest of every seat...different expressions of course..I've got at least 100 I can do...I practice looking at myself a lot...and in the renovation, opposite of the TV cameras, at mid level.

 I want the restaurant " 6 " - A LeBron James SteakHouse, That I will donate 5 tickets to a family of 5 every home game of the year and get to eat in "A Table fit or The King" overlooking the court...That's where I want my Lifetime (to be passed down my generations) Season Tickets to be when I retire a Knick, with all our championships and MY MVPs...

#10 - I want to be allowed to buy a part of Central Park....and be allowed to build my Castle there....

Follow these Ten things...and I, if I were LeBron, would be able to make all these things happen...with the power LeBron brings...RAWRRR666

What would any team give you, if you were Lebron James?

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