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CptMasterShake's NBA MockDraft 2011

Posted on: May 25, 2011 11:49 am
Edited on: June 19, 2011 2:37 am

Welcome to CptMasterShake's NBA MockDraft 2011! (No Free Agency this year...thanks to these Ass Hat players, and some owners)

Volunteer General Managers will represent Each NBA Franchise leading into the 2011-2012 NBA season. We will perform a Mock Rookie Draft and also make Trades using the same rules as the current CBA (as best as possible.) General Managers will be encouraged and some-what regulated on performing “realistic” against “wishful” trades and acquisitions. I want to input a "rejected" trade opportunity for a significant majority of GMs opposing a trade.

******Due to the lack of involvment and teams not being filled quick enough, I have waived the Team Favorite and Current level > allstar requirements.******

The Regular season is over and seeding has been set for the 2010-2011 NBA Rookie Draft.

The Official NBA Rookie Draft is scheduled for June 23 2011 at 7:00pm in Newark, New Jersey.

Our Rookie Draft will begin June 13 at 10:30am EST – 10 days to lead up to the draft.

Trade Discussions will begin immediately but Trade announcements not until June 3, 12:00AM EST. (Trades will then continue until June 23.)

There will be no Free Agents this will be too complicated while the CBA is being addressed.

What to do:

If you have elected to take responsibilities of a team, please be considerate of other participating GM’s and be responsive to inquiries and offers. Daily response and attention may be required, but not necessary in most cases.

Respond to trade offers with more than a simple “No.” Please include reasoning for the rejection and/or the counter-offer in detail. (Detail = salary information, needs vs wants, and current roster position rolls)

Manage your team with a business attitude towards Salary Cap and Future Salary cap.

I've thrown out Coaches this year.....

After the Draft and any Final Trades have been wrapped up (June 23), each team are encouraged to post an extensive analysis of the “whys and intentions” about the moves they made and give an internal analysis and debate of why their team has improved, and defend their madness behind their team’s goal to win the championship. We will then have a Final group/community analysis of the current state of the teams including polls, voting, more debate, mock season and playoffs. We are going to assume that the Salary Cap will be $56.5 Million.

Separate Blogs will be created to help simplify the  “Current team Roster + Salary” and “Draft board.”

Private Messages are strongly encouraged for trading inquiries and “rival team banter” for if GM Boston really feels like telling GM Lakers that his team sucks. Leave it out of the public eye, please. 

Each Representing GM MUST change their Avatar to their team’s CURRENT logo. Please accept this “sacrifice” for the month.

Please use regular Text sizes as the Moderator will use Large Bold lettering to announce trades and draft picks.

Trades are beginning June 3rd, 12:00am EST... 

Also another note, When making "proposals" and searching "interests" in trade, before the trading begins, please note that you're not simply saying "I will give you this and this, for this." and then with responses that say "okay ill do that." and then have someone offer a better offer and them saying "I changed my mind, sorry.".......Take your options, dont commit to anything until you and the other party are completely SOLD on the idea, and I would suggest not doing so until the end of may or between june 1st and 3rd. Since there is no way I can keep track of "who said theyd do this and they changed their mind" im leaving it to you guys to just be honorable and not step on anyone's toes. At the same time, even though someone says theyll consider one thing, make sure you have backup plans, etc in the event they go with another option. 

I am not going to Tollerate one team Trading 10 times...period...

Try not to get too crazy with this stuff guys, I mean, Trading Kobe Bryant or LeBron James isnt realistic in any bit...if your team made the playoffs and you arent losing any major contracts, dont blow up your team...youre winning...

Now, trading will be allowed during the draft, I will make sure there is ample time for pick and trading...

When awarded the GM of a team, pleas PM me your roster using the format I have used for the Washington Wizards. (see the Team Roster and Status.) Take the Wizards information out and input your players, and 2011 salaries. Also fill in your draft picks, etc like the others. The link is in the main blog. DO NOT USE A COPY PASTED ROSTER FROM ANY OTHER SITE AS IT MESSES WITH THE FORMAT.
Additional Information will be added if necessary.


Below are Websites that are useful tools for GMs.
 - Discussion Thread
entry/21137513/29652464 - Team Status for Mock Draft 
- Current Salaries

- How the NBA salary works (Layman)

  - How the NBA salary works - Best "business side" of NBA Website ever
 - Mock Draft with Updated Order (Not related to this Blog)

- Trade Center (approved Trades)

This will be the link where I will post Approved Trades. 


All Trades should be PM'd to me in REPLY to THIS message. (click reply under this message box, not reply to thread or reply to someone elses thread)

I will update rosters as they happen, be patient. 

Please include Salaries for EACH PLAYER and PICK as well as trade exceptions, etc. Be detailed. 

I need BOTH TEAM GM's to Private Message me the EXACT SAME MESSAGE regarding the trade details. If there are multiple teams involved, get together with all teams involved, and ALL THREE TEAMS have the SAME message. Even if the third team has nothing to do with the first team...if a player from the first team ENDS UP on the Third or Fourth team passing through team two, whatever, it MUST be included.

Ex. - If the Washington Wizards trade Andray Blatch and Nick Young to Cleveland for Delonte West, and then Cleveland trades Andray Blatche to the Clippers for draft picks (just an example, not happening) then All three teams message each other, until you all have the SAME DRAFT for proposal of the trade including every detail. 

The Draft starts MONDAY JUNE 13 at 10:30am EST.

The draft will most likely last all of the week and possibly into weekend.
I hope everyone has done their homework on players entering this year's rookie draft. 

If you are going to be drafting in the first 20 picks, I suggest being around (I'd think everyone would be around) in the event that a team misses on a player they wished to draft and would feel more comfortable to trade down or give offers to teams if you want to trade up.

Each Team will have 90 Minutes to Announce their Choice when it is their turn to pick for the first round. (I will announce when their time begins, and the time stamp on the message will be the starting time) Please be considerate of others by announcing your pick right away if there's no question on your pick, so that we can move on. I figured the first 10 picks or so will go rather quickly, unless a player announces their pick is for sale and wishes to trade down. If this is the case, simply announce "The Blankety Blanks are looking for offers to trade down." He will then have only his alotted time to receive offers. They get no extra time. If an agreement is made, the trade will be announced, and the pick will be made in the same message as the trade announcement (so if youre trading down, find out who the other team is drafting and announce in the draft, this prevents people from trading down picks for a target player only for the team they traded down for drafted that player with that pick ((I'd LoL if that happened to any of you, so dont be foolish)) .) If someone drafts your player, even after youve traded down, boo-hoo....

Please let me know if none of this works out for anyone. We will draft until 10:00pm nights. Then the timer will be off, but picks can still be made if done in order.

Again, any discrepancies, please, let me know asap.

Draft will then continue throughout the weekend after the initial draft dates slightly differently. Each pick will be up for 2 hours MAXIMUM. When a pick is made, the 2 hours clock restarts. The first pick of the second day will begin at 10:00amEST. Any Gm's who think they may not be around will send me Top Five players IN ORDER, that they wish to draft if they are within 5 picks of the current pick. When their pick is up, if they are actually there, they can confirm with me who they want to pick (even if they're not on the list they initially gave) and the draft will move on. If the GM is absent for the ENTIRE two hours, the pick at the top of the list will be made. I hope all Gm's who know they are close to their pick can check in once every two hours at least to see the status of the draft. And could stick around to see what happens. But if not, it's going to be okay, some of us do work.

I know who I am targeting and have picks spread out pretty evenly where I wouldnt draft a player 7 picks ahead of where I was hoping him to fall if he is on someone's list before I'm able to draft him. You will have to trust me as I've done my best in being commisioner and keeping this as fair and fun as possible. If anyone DOES find a pick of mine to be "fishy" then please talk to me about it. And I will give you perfectly good reasons for my picks. 

If you want to trade down your pick when your pick comes up, you must be present. If you are present, and wish to be humored by trade offers, you get 15 minutes. You will announce the same as before using "The Blankety Blanks are looking for offers to trade down." From that time stamp, you get 25 minutes. When that 25 minutes is up, your pick must be in, or (present or not) the player at the top of your list will be drafted. Please don't wait through all 25 of the minutes if you aren't that interested. Most trades should have taken place already, but some players get drafted and some players are still available when unexpected, so there's still some room.

The remainder of the draft will continue so-on until all 60 picks have been made. For all I know, this draft could be over the first night, or it could be over before the end of the day Friday if everyone keeps to it and doesn't want to try and trade down EVERY pick. I can't not give the time to trade down, so please try not to abuse the time given.

If something needs to be fixed for the drafting, let me know.


Good Luck

Current GM's

Atlanta, Hawks = PatsC'sSoxOhMy 
Boston, Celtics = RandyMoss81  
Charlotte, Bobcats = gordiancyon 
Chicago, Bulls = Hoosierdude12 
Cleveland, Cavaliers = M1ghty Mouse  
Dallas, Mavericks =  roxfan4life
Denver, Nuggets =  
Detroit, Pistons = slick612 
Golden State, Warriors = Cain=CYYOUNG 
Houston, Rockets = Nosferatu39 
Indiana, Pacers = Titan_Gator 
Los Angeles Lakers= wlkwlk3
Los Angeles Clippers =  Michigan Sports
Memphis, Grizzlies = 
Miami, Heat = KingJoffeJoffer 
Milwaukee, Bucks = LBJwitness31
Minnesota, Timberwolves = WIBAGDERS
New Jersey, Nets =  
New Orleans, Hornets = 
New York, Knicks = Packers 500
Oklahoma City, Thunder =  JaguarFan34 
Orlando, Magic =  BucFan34
Philadelphia, Sixers = Pey900 
Pheonix, Suns = Iowa Hawkeyes
Portland, Trail Blazers = xavierschwab 
Sacremento, Kings = akainu
San Antonio, Spurs =  
Toronto, Raptors = Diabetic8025
Utah, Jazz = TitansMcNa1r  
Washington, Wizards = CptMasterShake 

**A Note to everyone in trade talks, it helps to use "Reply" at the bottom of trade proposals from another GM when discussing trades with an individual GM with the last message you had with him about the trade, rather than the last message currently on the entire thread list, so that you can then click "See Replies" and "In Reply to" and see all messages directly related to that message, instead of searching through all the pages looking for the messages you want to read. 

***Suggestion - For all current GM's while we are waiting for GM's to fill the team list, I suggest researching the top 80 draft prospects. If you want to make a decent team, I suggest creating a word document with notes you pick up of possible draftees, etc, to post why you draft them when you do and how theyre going to help your team in the final "Analysis Presentation" of your team for our Mock season and playoffs in mid July (Maybe). In no reason do you HAVE to do any of this and can do this half-assed and be lame, but it would be great if you did, and helps you get attached to certain rookie players that you actually become interested in their progression through their rookie season and career when you remember "I drafted him in CptMasterShake's mock draft...I knew he was awesome."***

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