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what cranks my chain

Posted on: June 17, 2010 12:48 pm
This is my first "What cranks my chain" and i am going to start with the off season of the NFL.

Now with all the signings and OTA's going on there is alot to talk about with the new players and team changes.  Yeah Right.  the topic that seems to be popping up everywhere is the crimes.  Now not all the crimes are US illegal but still are unexceptable. 

I will start with the Big case that has everyone panties in a bunch and that is Big Ben.  Even though he did nothing legally wrong, that is not how someone that told on the role of a role model should act.  Big Ben was able to do pretty much what ever he wanted to to in Pittsburgh.  That doesn't mean that you do whatever you want.  stay out of trouble and play football.  Doesn't sound to hard.

Vince Young.  I'm not much of a Titians fan nor am I a fan of Vince Young, but anybody can see that this guy has problems.  Go get the help that you need and follo the guild lines.  Once you do that get with the team and start playing like the QB that the Titians thought you were.

Now the troubles don't have to be actions.  As we see with Chris Johnson.  Yes you had a great year last year.  I'm not going to take any of that away (not that I could).  You signed a contract and that is what you agreed that you were worth.  If you think you got screwed then tell the GM NOT THE WORLD. 

I want to see a NFL or any sport at that, to get the employees straight and have them play there sport.  This is your job, if you don't like it then quit.  Last I check there are only two things that you have to do and that is pay taxes and die.

That is my first "what cranks my chain"  write in and tell me what I may have missed.

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