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my Dallas Cowboys

Posted on: November 2, 2010 12:14 am
Wow; as a fan of America's Team I am officially disgusted... @$#%^!!! We got our butt kicked by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

David Garrard looked like a ALL Pro QB against us... 4 or 5 TD's!!! Goodness Gracious!!!

A lot of talk about our offense not running the ball but our defense appears to be on vacation; i am pissed off!

For all the money I spend on Cowboy gear & all the cheering I do; Jerry you gotta put a better product on the field. At this point the blame has to start at the top with ownership & then fall down hill!!

Next in line is Wade Phillips ... ur such a nice guy but we don't need a nice guy! Hold your players accountable for a change & sit somebody on the bench for making a million mental errors!

Jason Garrett seems to always slide out the back door but not this time buddy. Your selection of offensive play calling is just flat out horrid! I'm still ticked from the play you called right before halftime of the Redskin game... remember the screen pass to Tashard Choice, I mean DeAngelo Hall. Great call guy; only problem is D Hall plays for the Redskins... Just curious; have you ever heard of taking a knee? I think the saying goes something like this... "Jason Garrett; You are the weakest link!!"

I was hoping we could finish 5-11 but now I'm thinking more like 3-13..... oouch!!
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