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Fixing the Dolphins

Posted on: July 21, 2011 10:08 am

Well, for one thanks to those of you who posted comments on my prior blog "Defending Lebron".  The comments were: funny, eye opening and passionate.  Some were insightful while others, well, keep drinking the Kool-Aid people.

With the NFL lockout coming to an end (isn't it funny they've been reporting this for nearly 128 days now?), local sports talk and the national "experts" have shifted their focus on the free agent frenzy which will be coming soon to an NFL city near you.  I keep listening to all the moves the Dolphins should make and will rethink season tickets if Jeff Ireland and company succumb to temptations and sign the wrong players.

Everyone knows the Dolphins needs are on the offensive side of the ball.  They need a quarterback, running back and wide receiver.  The problem is the names mentioned would not help the Phins, and I contend would set them back even further.  Keep in mind that currently, what’s missing from the offense is speed, speed and more speed as Brian Hartline is the fastest player on that side of the ball.  Let’s breakdown each position and see why each name linked to the Dolphins would be the wrong choice, and who the Dolphins should focus their attention on instead.


Donovan McNabb seems to be the guy everyone has going to Miami.  The question is why?  When your team has no issue trading you to a division rival and that division rival benches you in the middle of the season for a guy named Rex Grossman what does that tell you?  It tells me that McNabb is now at the point of his career where is will backup a younger quarterback or hold the reins down until a rookie is ready to step in.  The guys who made these decisions are Andy Reid (one of the most loyal men in football) and Mike Shanhan who knows a thing or two about the offensive side of the ball.  Simply put McNabb’s best days are behind him and signing McNabb would be a desperation move the likes of which Dolphins fans have grown accustomed to over the past decade.

The guys the Dolphins should go out and get (assuming he is available, which by all accounts he should be) is Kyle Orton. Orton, will cost about the same amount of money as McNabb on an annual basis, is only 28 years old, has proven he can move an offense up and down the field and has a great relationship with Brandon Marshall from their time together in Denver.  He has never been given a team of his own and is the type of quarterback the Dolphins have been searching for since #13 retired.  He doesn't have the injury concerns of McNabb, Marc Bulger or Matt Hasselbeck nor the baggage that would come with Vince Young.  Orton is the right fit and this decision is the most important of their offseason.


The Dolphins are set to part ways with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and they traded up to grab Daniel Thomas who should eventually become the team's feature back.  The name swirling around town, which for the life of me I don't understand is Ahmad Bradshaw. Don't get me wrong, Bradshaw is a nice player who does bring the type of explosiveness the Dolphins could use but at 5'9 and 195lbs, he is not built to be an every down back. Also, he fumbled 7 times last season which is more than you'd like from your primary back.

I think the Dolphins should go out and sign two guys to fill multiple needs.  DeAngelo Williams and Reggie Bush.  Before you read this and tell me I'm crazy, "the Dolphins could never afford both guys", let me say, yes, they can.  Look around the NFL, even in today's two back system there isn't a real need around the league for a running back, as just about every team in the NFL currently has their tandem in place.  In fact the amount of teams in need of a running back can be counted on one hand.  Why would I prefer Williams over Bradshaw?  Easy, he doesn't fumble, has proven he can have 1,000 seasons while splitting the bulk of the carries, is more explosive and has a career average of 5.0 yards per carry despite playing on a team with ZERO passing game during his tenure.  He has proven to be a star whereas Bradshaw has too many questions.  As for Reggie Bush, he is going to come on the cheap.  Why not bring in Bush, who can be put into the roll of 3rd down back and be used as a slot receiver on 1st and 2nd down.  He would also provide a great option to fill the Ricky Williams role in the Wild Cat offense as his speed around the corner is unmatched.  One other thing about Bush, he would help the Dolphins in an area that has been a problem but always is ignored --- special teams.


Brandon Marshall is great, he is a pro bowler, but he is not the type of player to sprint down the field and stretch a defense; he is a possession receiver (12.2 yards per catch for his career). And while Devon Bess is turning into a great route runner and a great slot receiver, he too does not posses the explosiveness every passing attack requires.  The name that keeps swirling around Miami is Donte Stallworth.  WHY? WHY? WHY?  In Stallworth's last 2 seasons on the field he's produced 19 total catches for 240 total yards; he's only one season with more than 60 catches, has never had a 1,000 yard season and has caught 5 or less touchdowns in 6 of his 8 seasons. He is not the playmaker the Dolphins desperately need.  Know who lives in Miami, wants to play for Miami, is that playmaker and happens to be a free agent?  Plaxico Burress.  This week Burress told Miami's Sid Rosenberg that all things being equal, Miami is the team he'd want to play for.  Burress is big target that can stretch the field and free things up for Marshall who was under constant pressure of the double teams throughout last season.  His situation with jail (from a public relations standpoint) is vastly different from lets say a Michael Vick, because Burress went to jail for stupidity not some sort of malicious crime.  OF all the decisions, the Dolphins will need to make once free agency gets under way, this one is really a no brainer.

None of the moves are complicated, nor are they the delusions of a diehard fan.  They are simply alternative choices to the names currently floating around.  Last offseason the Dolphins were able to bring in Dansby and Marshall so why would these guys be any more difficult?  With a top 5 defense returning, these moves would put Miami in the playoffs this season and because of the players ages would keep them there for the foreseeable future.

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Fixing the Dolphins

I couldnt agree more.When the Big Tuna first came in, the Fins had a turn around year.Ever since then it seems the Fins have been falling like a bird shot out of the sky. I think a shake up in the management is just what they need. Someone who can make a sound decision. Get a Quarter Back in there who has a clue what he is doing and not look like he is lost all the time.

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 5:23 pm

Fixing the Dolphins

The lockout gave people the opportunity to forget the Tony Sparano gaffe of this offseason.  Any coach who goes as crazy as he does after a field goal has no business leading a team. Ireland has done a decent job and this offseason will go a long way in determining his future.  At this point these are the guys calling the shots and for better or worse we are stuck with them.  FA on the other hand is right around the corner.

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Fixing the Dolphins

the truth is the position(s) that the dolphins are in real need of are Head coach & General manager!

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