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Sherrill fires back

Posted on: June 7, 2010 10:46 am
Dodgers reliever George Sherrill didn't appreciate a reprimand he got last week from Major League Baseball, and he's making sure everyone knows it.

Sherrill got a warning letter from Bob Watson, MLB vice president of on-field operations, saying he took 45 seconds too long to throw his eight warmup pitches when he came into a game against Arizona on April 14. As reported by , Sherrill taped the letter to his locker, visible to reporters, with this hand-written response: "With more strikes called, the game is faster."

"The thing is, you sit there and watch a game, and guys are throwing strikes on top of strikes, and (the umpires) are not calling them," Sherrill said. "That's why games are taking so long, not because a guy has a little extra time to warm up."

Should be interesting to see what the strike zone looks like the next time Sherrill takes the mound.

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Sherrill fires back

I have to agree with George Sherrill on this one. Seems as if there is a different strike zone for every hitter. I watch a lot of baseball during the year and I can not believe some of the calls that are made. I don't know if umpires have it out for certain hitters and pitchers but the calls vary for each one. I watched the game yesterday between the Orioles and Red Sox and I think the plate umpire missed about 15-20 pitches. If you want faster games then MLB can start with the calling of pitches. So Bob Watson put away your stop watch and talk to your umpires and tell them to start calling pitches a lot better.

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