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AL Central race heating up, as well

Posted on: August 12, 2010 2:27 am
Edited on: August 12, 2010 11:41 am

Ozzie Guillen Looking for the next basebrawl? Look no further than the other Central Division, there's something brewing between the American League Central leaders.

White Sox slugger Carlos Quentin was 2 for 2 with a homer on Wednesday and has six RBI in the first two games of the series between Chicago and Minnesota.

In the sixth inning on Wednesday and the White Sox holding a 6-0 lead, Twins starter Glen Perkins hit Quentin the for the second time in the game. Home-plate umpire Mike DiMuro warned both teams.

According to the Chicago Tribune , Perkins said he didn't hit Quentin on purpose "I was trying to make a pitch and kind of yanked it a little bit."

Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen wasn't buying it.
"It looked like he did it (intentionally)," Guillen said. "If not, the umpire won't do any warning. Easy scenario. First base open, this kid hit a home run. Do I say he did it on purpose? It's up to him about it.

"It seemed like it was. Everything was there. He not pitching well. I'm not 100 percent he did it. I know 100 percent it don't come from the bench. I was very upset because they kick our (rears) Tuesday big time and we don't come close to pitch in

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 1:03 pm

AL Central race heating up, as well

Here's a thought.  Maybe if Quentin would back off the plate a bit he wouldn't get hit so much.  It's not like the guy never gets hit.  The pitcher have the right to pitch inside, if he is standing on top of the plate he is going to get hit.  I hope the pitchers continue to pitch him "inside". 

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 12:40 pm

AL Central race heating up, as well

or maybe, you know, you could read what was written. that tensions have risen in that series and guillen has accused the twins of plunking his player twice -- on purpose -- and the things could get heated.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 10:27 am

AL Central race heating up, as well

I was at this game and there was not even a HINT of a brawl.  After Carlos Quentin was plunked for the second time by Glen Perkins (after having homered), the umpire chose to warn Perkins, and automatically warned both benches.  Ozzie Guillen and Ron Gardenhire both approached home plate and Guillen calmly discussed the warning with the umpires, while Gardenhire listened in.  They never even glanced at each other and Guillen never got animated with the umpires.  After the conversation, Guillen returned to the dugout and Gardenhire replaced his pitcher.  All was calm and professional.

Apparently, Guillen was pointing out that it was unfair for the White Sox to get warned, since it was only the Twins pitcher that had created the situation - no Sox pitcher had hit anyone.  This put John Danks in the unfair position of having to worry about being able to effectively pitch inside, for fear of having one get too far inside and then being ejected from the game.  In fact, it was immediately after the warning that Danks briefly struggled and gave up his only run of the game.  I think MLB should look into changing this rule and/or the umpires should only warn the instigating team and not penalize the other team for having their batter thrown at. 

This, by the way was the real story relating to the picture above - not that there was some kind of build-up to a Cardinals vs Reds type of brawl.  But maybe Rosencrans didn't actually, you know, see the game that he reported on.

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