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Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

Posted on: August 14, 2010 5:26 pm
Edited on: August 18, 2010 12:08 am
Jacoby Ellsbury
According to Twitter posts from reporters traveling with the Red Sox, outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury has been placed back on the disabled list after aggravating the rib injury that caused him to miss most of the season.

Ellsbury collided with Rangers pitcher Tommy Hunter on Friday night and fell on the left side of his ribs, then left the game. He was to have an MRI exam Saturday in Boston. He told the Red Sox the pain is worse than when he reinjured the ribs in May, which doesn't sound good.

Ellsbury has missed 95 games this season and returned August 4. You've got to think his season is potentially over -- there have been complaints from Ellsbury and agent Scott Boras about the team's treatment of the injury, so there's no way the Red Sox will take any chances now.

Pitcher Michael Bowden was recalled from Triple-A Pawtucket to take Ellsbury's roster spot. With Ellsbury out and Jed Lowrie unavailable due to heat exhaustion, Boston will play Saturday night with just 12 position players.

-- David Andriesen

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Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 9:59 pm

Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

I mean in terms of fantasy value.
Jacoby Ellsbury will always score more runs, and hit for more power, and steal more bases, and is clearly the better player, but I'd personally rather take a power bat instead of Ellsbury in the say the 6th round, and settle for Rajai Davis in the 17th round.

It's not a knock against Ellsbury, as I clearly owned him this season, and in the past but I always want more from him. I'm waiting for the 12-15 HR season, but his career high is 9, so I don't know if we can say that power will still develop. After all he is in his prime seasons he'll turn 27 in September. He was supposed to be the next Carl Crawford, though at best he's Crawford Light.

And let's face it, three trips to the DL in one season doesn't exactly convey a sense of confindence in avoiding injury.

Maybe I was a bit harsh is saying I'd prefer Davis straight up, and should have further explained.

Also it's only a matter of time before Pacman Jones commits a felony this season, until then the Bengals will be happy if he continues to play shut down corner.

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 7:57 pm

Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

Rather have Rajai Davis next year over Ellsbury? Here's a comparison of the two prior to this year, which I think is valid because Ellsbury's initial injury and re-injuries have been a bit freakish:

Davis- Starts 2011 at 30 years old. Been full-time(ish) for the last 2 seasons, averaging 119 games before this year. 2-year avg: 0.283 BA, 47 R, 34 RBI, 3 HR 35 SB, 79.5% SB Pct.

Ellsbury - Starts 2011 at 27 years old. Also been full-time for last 2 seasons, averaging 149 games before this year. 2-year avg: 0.291 BA, 96 R, 54 RBI, 8 HR, 60 SB, 83.9 SB Pct.

Not really sure where the upside is with Davis over Ellsbury. If you're going off this year saying that Ellsbury is clearly fragile, then we might as well go off this year and say PacMan Jones is a model citizen. Certainly Davis is a poor man's Ellsbury, but I still don't see their value to be that close to each other...especially considering Ellsbury could potentially hit 15 HRs with a bit more development.

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 7:32 pm

Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

That's just terrible news, if ellsbury wasn't completely healed and ready to play the red sox should not have forced the issue, hopefully his "treatment" will not sour ellsbury on the organization, 'cause we will need back next year, he's a great young talent despite his injury risk. We also really didn't need to bring him up that badly with the likes of kalish (who can also hit, run the bags and steal, and has a gun as well) and daniel nava, who needs to get called back up and patterson sent to the minors, i honestly don't know why this guy is still on the team, other than as a utility player but he's just as bad defensively as he is batting; this is a perfect time to get young players such as nava experience and allow them to contribute and gain confidence.

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 6:09 pm

Red Sox put Ellsbury back on DL

Good thing, I was hoping he would stay healthy enough to steal me a few bags....oh wait that happened, and then he was his fragile self. Thanks Ellsbury.

It's best if they just shut him down for the season, it's been a lost season thanks to injury. On the bright side his injuries and questions surrounding his injuries should keep his value low in 2011 fantasy drafts.

Though as I said last year, I'd still rather have Rajai Davis over Ellsbury. Similar style of players, and yet despite his injuries Ellsbury will still be drafted earlier then Davis.

On the bright side of all this I can now add Aaron Heilman to my roster to fill his roster spot.

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