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Marlins' finances raise ire

Posted on: August 25, 2010 9:53 am
Edited on: August 25, 2010 10:06 am
Team financial documents leaked by continue to cause fallout, including assertions that the not-so-broke Marlins took advantage of taxpayers to get their new stadium built.

"It shows the taxpayers are a bunch of suckers," one businessman who opposed the stadium plan told the Miami Herald.

Florida Marlins In 2008, at the same time the Marlins were painting their situation as dire, and saying a new, tax-supported facility was needed "to save baseball in South Florida," they turned a record $37.8 million profit. They got $48 million from revenue sharing.

In 2009 the Marlins turned a profit of $11.1 million with baseball's lowest payroll ($36.8 million, or $4.8 million more than Alex Rodriguez made by himself).

Politicians who supported the stadium deal, in which taxes will pay almost $500 million while the Marlins pay $150 million and keep pretty much all the revenue, are feeling misled in light of the financial disclosures. The Marlins acted like they were paupers, but declined to disclose their finances because they were a private business.

"[The idea] is horrible and the financing is even worse. And now you see they took us for a ride,'' said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez.

"I do believe that if some people had known they were taking a profit, they would have voted differently,'' commissioner Joe Martinez said.

-- David Andriesen

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Marlins' finances raise ire

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Marlins' finances raise ire

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Marlins' finances raise ire

Actually, Norman Braman tried to block this deal with a lawsuit. So the politicians that circumvented it really did it to the taxpayers. Really, what isn't crooked in Miami-Dade ? The three FA collusion amongst Wade, Bosh & James, the way the Heat management handled contracts leading up to it. Now the Marlins new stadium is a fishy smelling deal ? Surprise ? Oh, and is it a coincidence that when Huizenga's Dolphins go 1-15, nobody offers him what he was after to unload the Dolphins out of fear of taxes. So Bill Parcells steps in, the Dolphins win the AFC East by going 11-5 and now all of a sudden Huizenga can find a buyer that can pay ? After that season, the Dolphins don't make the playoffs @ 9-7 ? All just coincidence I guess ? Plenty of lipstick for a pen full of sports teams/pigs ?

Miami-Dade deserves the Marlins, actually they deserve each other.

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 1:45 am

Marlins' finances raise ire

If people are starting to think this is ugly now...just wait until the stadium opens (a year behind schedule by the way but that is another story), and the Marlins don't draw nearly enough fans to make MLB and ownership happy.

They can kiss fans goodbye from Palm Beach County, Lee & Collier Counties (Naples and surrounding area), and a big chunk from Broward.  Driving to Miami is bad enough...but to a stadium South of Miami International Airport?  Forget it. 

It just doesn't make sense that there will be enough extra interest from Miami residents to offset the loss of 3 metro areas.  Keep in mind that even when University of Miami Hurricanes were fielding championship caliber teams on a regular basis...they even had trouble selling out the Orange Bowl 5-6 measly times PER YEAR.

It won't be very many seasons before South Florida will be watching all their baseball on TV, support-wise...things are going to get very ugly in Miami. 

As for the angle on taxpayers getting hosed...they should have seen it coming.  It happens every single time, and with the incompetence of Miami government (just Google WHY it's called Miami-Dade and you'll see what I mean ) couldn't really have turned out any other way.

Wake up fans...let the owners take their teams elsewhere and use the money you save on being a local fan to treat yourself to a beautiful big screen TV complete with an A/V sound system. 

PS - Let them sell their $8 beers and $5 hot dogs and $30 parking spaces in some other 'deprived' city the next time some greedy owner starts threatening to leave unless the taxpayers ante up a billion dollars.

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 1:30 am

Marlins' finances raise ire

Florida voter's need to get it together.  First it was the whole "recount" deabacle, that enabled that idiot to ruin this country for 8 years, now this.  @-freedomdoucher.  Just because someone assumes someone is from a certain country, doesn't make them racist.  He didn't say anything about latinos, just Cubans.  And he didn't even say anything deragatory either.  He just made an ignorant and baseless assumption.    For example, if you say, I hate Ethiopians, it doesn't mean your a racist. Sure it's much more ignorant than the dribble that flaps from your gums, but the basis of the ignorance is aimed towards the country, not a whole race.   So it's possible to hate Ethiopians, while having nothing but love for Botswanan's, Somalian's, Kenyan's ect.
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Posted on: August 25, 2010 7:50 pm

Marlins' finances raise ire

If you are betting man you would be broke.

(a) I like Cubans, they are very nice people, but I am not one.  However, you are a racist, making blanket statement about hispanics like that.
(b) Only stupid people believe that there are two parties, although I am shocked the we actually elected a man that could make Bush look smart, then again, McCain makes a corpse look alive.
(c) I am against all government expenditures and that should have been pretty obvious.

What we learned about you is that you are a slave.  Practice saying "yes master" a lot and bowing to your political leaders.  What kind of person thinks politicians get duped?  Politicians are criminals, their job is to steal as much as possible from good peope like me, and they use weak minded people like you to help do it.  Yeah, the government saved the planet from financial meltdown.  Nothing to see here, the economy is fine, that's what your masters told you.  Please don't speak to economics when you have clue about them.  The banks are all still insolvent, all the money stolen by them was used for bonuses.  What kind of person actually believes the government can solve anything, much less a financial crisis they caused?  Sure, a group of incompetents that have never held real jobs in their lives can save the world.  The fact that you would spend your time replying to my comment in order to defend criminal politicans proves my point.  Rather than understand that this entire meme is meaningless and just keeps us from seeing the real evil in our country, you retort with partisan nonsense.

Now I will take a guess about you...let me see, you went to public school and got a trophy for coming in last in math.  You probably also think cops are there to protect you.  Oh, I got to run, I have dinner with the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.  Santa said he might be able to make it too.

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 7:15 pm

Marlins' finances raise ire

I really doubt those politicians were duped. If they were then they have no business being commissioners. Everyone knew Jeffrey Loria was pocketing money and dumping it in his stupid ugly Art Basel galleries over on Miami Beach.

Jeffrey Loria's intentions are quite obvious. He is going to go into the new ballpark with a bang. He will raise the payroll to about 55-65 mill and field a competitive team that is just good enough to dominate the NL East. (which as you can see doesn't take much if the Braves and Phillies are having that hard of a time to fight off the Marlins and Mets in their garbage situations)
After that is all said and done, contracts will be expiring and players will be lost through free agency instead of trade. Hanley, Uggla, Johnson will walk away in free agency and then Loria will sell the team and run off with a large amount of profits he gained from the playoffs and not having to resign anyone.

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 11:42 am

Marlins' finances raise ire

You are one misguided individual aren't you?  So you equate a stadium deal where local politicians allowed themselves to be duped by the shadiest owners in baseball (and that is saying something) to the Federal government saving the planet, not just the US, from a financial meltdown?  I am a betting man and I would bet that you are (a) Cuban (b) Republican (c) someone who supported building the stadium in the first place.  Given this, it is no surprise that you still don't see a problem with this sham that was pushed on the public by a gullible Commission and sleazy owners.

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