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Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

Posted on: November 21, 2010 8:27 pm
Edited on: November 21, 2010 8:31 pm
Jeter Derek Jeter's agent can't understand why the Yankees are playing hardball publicly in contract negotiations for the shortstop.

"There's a reason the Yankees themselves have stated Derek Jeter is their modern-day Babe Ruth," agent Casey Close told the New York Daily News . "Derek's significance to the team is much more than just stats. And yet, the Yankees' negotiating strategy remains baffling. "

The Yankees have publicly said they will pay Jeter as a baseball player, and not for any intangibles off the field.

And yet, Jeter is perhaps the one player in all of baseball in which his intangibles may matter. His attitude, his way of going about business, what he means in Yankee lore... all of that is tipped in Jeter's favor.

And yet, the Yankees are adamant about not falling in the same trap they did with Alex Rodriguez, who is now a burden on their payroll and will be for years to come. New York understands they need to pay over and above market value for Jeter -- and have done just that in their rumored three-year, $45 million offer -- but won't go crazy.

"They continue to argue their points in the press and refuse to acknowledge Derek's total contribution to their franchise," Close added.

Meanwhile, Jeter is plugging away on his training program with Jason Riley, the person responsible for drastically improving Jeter's defense and allowing the Captain to have a strong offensive season in 2009. While Riley and Jeter's efforts last offseason went for naught, Riley is confident in Jeter's abilities as ESPN New York reveals.

"The desire to be the greatest can never be turned down by Father Time," Riley said, while revealing that Jeter told Riley after the 2007 season that he wanted to play eight to 10 more years. That would put Jeter playing through 2017 and age 43, a daunting task for anyone, never mind one of the greatest shortstops to play the game.

Can Jeter do it? Riley thinks so.

"I don't think anything can hold Derek back other than himself," he said. "If he decides to hang it up before [he turns 43], then that will be his decision. If Derek decides at 41 he's already given his best years, then that's where it will end. But if he decides to go until he's 43, he'll do everything in his power to play the game at a high level and help the team through that time. I think there's so much determination inside of Derek that he can do it."

If Jeter wants to play until 43, that's one thing. It's another thing entirely for Jeter to expect to stay at shortstop through then, and the longtime Yankee has no illusions when it comes to that. He expects to eventually move positions and is willing to do so for the good of the team, as Riley says.

But first, 2010. Can he bounce back from a year in which he was no better than Marco Scutaro, but earned $16 million more than Boston's shortstop?

"You can't put an age on the heart of an athlete, and Derek's got one of the purest hearts in sports," Riley said -- matching up with the words of one Reggie Jackson, who spoke to CBS Sports last week . "He's not going to allow himself to have another down year, if he even considers 2010 a down year. His internal drive separates him from others. I've worked with very few people who go after the game like he does."

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 9:04 am
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Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

This just shows that Jeter is like every other baseball and ego comes before everything.  If he was such a team player and captain, he would accept 45 million for 3 years.  What other team is even going to come close to offering Jeter that much?? If I were the Yanks, I'd even throw in a 4th year team option, making the contract total to 60 million.  That's a pretty reasonable offer to a soon to be 37 year old shortstop coming off his worst year. 

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 2:50 am

Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

Jeter's agent is just trying to get some NYC media support here. There is no way Jeter is even worth the initial offer they gave him. He should sign it and thank his lucky stars they even offered that much out of respect for him. He was paid 180million for his services already when they actually mattered, last I checked you don't get paid for serveces already rendered so this card the agent is playing is bull. Even though money is no object to the yankees, they should still be fiscally responsible and hold out here. I wouldn't necessarily go shopping for another SS just yet, but I would do some light browsing. I will tell you this, Jeter will not get a better offer on the open market than he got form the Yankees already - bank on that. He needs to be careful, I wouldn't get into a staring match with the Yankees, he might just have to move out of town to continue his career and everyone knows he would be miserable outside of NYC.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:25 am

Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

The Yankees are bidding against themselves. Why over-pay for a ballplayer like Derek Jeter coming off his worst season? Of course the agent, who is the only one quoted in this drivel, are saying he is baffled by the Yankees playing hardball. What do you expect? And $15 million a season isn't enough?

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Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

Did someone get Donnie Baseball's comment on what it feels like to wear another uniform? 
Someone posted something about the Yanks possibly being "smart with their money" ... how's that for an oxymoron?
Kevin Brown?  Randy Johnson?  Carl Pavano?  See my point?   Just sign the blank check and hand it over.  God knows you don't want an 86 year old curse.

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 11:24 pm

Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

I'm not a Jeter groupie, but this is ridiculous.  Shades of G. Steinbrenner and Winfield.  They blow this, and a lot of us will take a walk--and I'm pure Yanks fan for more than 50 years.  Crazy.

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 10:44 pm

Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

The guy's been great. Let him shoot for playing another 8-10 yeras. Brett Jeter.

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 10:41 pm

Jeter's agent baffled by negotiation process

Derek Jeter is one of the greatest Yankees of all time.  If they want to keep him, they have to get young at other positions. Hard to justify keeping both Jetes and A-ROD... however, how do you cut one of the greatest Yankees ever?  Is the backlash worth it? Could you imagine the guy who replaces Jeter?  Remember Royce Clayon replacing Ozzie Smith?  How did that pan out...  the question is simple, is DJ the best option?  I hope so...  it would be hard to see him wearing anything else but those navy blue pin stripes.

As for A-Rod- that is another post...

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