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Angels yank offer to Beltre

Posted on: December 21, 2010 2:34 pm
Edited on: December 21, 2010 3:46 pm

BeltreThe markets for Adrian Beltre and Rafael Soriano have moved incredibly slowly this winter, and while the Angels have made a bid on Beltre, no resolution seems close.

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Angels have a five-year, $70 million tender out to the third baseman and are so far refusing to raise it to agent Scott Boras' preferences. Boras is seeking a five-year deal worth about $90 million, or a six-year deal with a similar payout to the five years.

The Angels have no reason to up the bid as it doesn't appear any other team is willing to commit the same amount of dollars to the third baseman. Oakland offered a five-year deal for around $60 million that was pulled after Beltre went weeks without responding, likely due to concerns about playing in the Oakland Coliseum. It's unknown if the A's could even afford Beltre after the trades for David DeJesus and Josh Willingham.

UPDATE: And the Angels continue their offseason of head-scratching decisions, having chosen to pull their offer to Beltre, as the Los Angeles Times reports.

As a team that seems to believe in only negotiating as if they are the only option (witness their low offer to Crawford and dragging their feet on matching Boston's offer, then owner Arte Moreno lambasting the deal), this now leaves the Angels in position with any other club for Beltre's services instead of pole position.

A source tells the Times that "the door is still open" for Beltre to sign with the club.

Why pull the offer then?

It's likely simply posturing, as Moreno has said in the past the team will not raise the offer on Beltre, while Boras is holding out for more.

One of these two sides have to blink at some point -- unless the vaunted mystery team drops in on the Beltre bidding.

-- Evan Brunell

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Since: Dec 7, 2010
Posted on: December 22, 2010 5:21 pm

Angels yank offer to Beltre

Good for you Angels.... He's not worth the offer to begin with and holding out for more is just a costly gamble on his part..

Since: Feb 23, 2010
Posted on: December 22, 2010 2:48 pm

Angels yank offer to Beltre

That is not the solution. ABreu and RIvera need to be moved from the equation! AND then we can look at the best fits!

Since: Dec 3, 2008
Posted on: December 22, 2010 2:29 pm

Angels yank offer to Beltre

I think the solution is in career .300 hitter. Get vlad back at dh and B. Hawpe for left field. Both players would sign a two year deal. And Put HUNTER  BACK TO CENTER FIELD.

Since: Aug 20, 2006
Posted on: December 22, 2010 10:29 am

Angels yank offer to Beltre

Sure Beltre isn`t really worth 5 years $70MILL, but the Angels need a thirdbaseman despertly and someone to sign this winter other than a garbage middle reliever(Scott Downs) otherwise it`s gonna be another long losing season.  It can`t be any fun dealing with Boras, but this is the price you have to pay to contend with Texa$ or fold.  If the lousy Brewers got Grienke with their poo-poo platter of prospects why the hell couldn`t the Angels have tried??  Reagins needs to wake up and do something or they`ll stink again next year.  

Since: Mar 9, 2007
Posted on: December 22, 2010 9:21 am

Angels yank offer to Beltre

Beltre is only a great hitter when he is financially forced to be. Giving this guy a 5 year deal is suicide. He will dog it for 4 years, then during the 5th tear it up like he always does when its time to get a payday. What a mega-bum.

Since: Apr 19, 2009
Posted on: December 22, 2010 8:55 am

witness their low offer to Crawford.

Say what?
Who ever wrote this story is an idiot. Maybe it was Boros. 
A low offer to Crawford. $140 mill or whatever it was is not a low offer.

Since: Dec 7, 2007
Posted on: December 22, 2010 8:03 am

Angels yank offer to Beltre

I think everyone is smartening up..... He is not a markee player and Boras just likes to string people out there to see how much money HE can make out of the deals. I hope he stays a free agent for the entire offseason and spring training and then signs a deal that is $30million less than what has been offered to him for his mediocre services...another DOUCHEBAG PLAYER

Since: Mar 18, 2009
Posted on: December 22, 2010 7:08 am

Angels Are Smartening Up

I get the feeling that the Angels made that offer before doing any research, then saw what they were getting and decided to bail.  Prior to last season, Beltre's play was mediocre at best (for the 6 previous years).  His last good season was also a contract year, so he's had 2 good seasons, both in contract years.  History will dictate that he will be mediocre (or considerably worse) again in '11, unless he signs a one-year deal, but everyone knows that that won't happen.  Beltre should have jumped on the offer before the ink was dry (for his benefit, not the Angels), and is probably wishing he had because I doubt he will get another offer like that.

Since: May 7, 2010
Posted on: December 22, 2010 3:29 am

Angels yank offer to Beltre

The guy is 30+ years old and has been injured on and off the last few years. He had a great year as a red sox and now Boras is pushing his client to the max deal. 5 years 70 million is a great contract for a guy who already made years/$64M (2005-09) for 5 years in his prime. He only made 10 million with the sox and now he wants 20 million a year like Worth and Crawford thats what the market calls for this year. I guess you have to make 20 million a year to be a happy player in the 2010 free agent class.

Since: Nov 21, 2006
Posted on: December 21, 2010 11:04 pm

Angels yank offer to Beltre

Couldn't agree more with you.  Beltre was in a contract season, just like his last one with the Dodgers when he hit 40-50 homers, then roped Seattle into a huge deal.  How did that work with the Mariners?

Beltre is dumb for not taking that offer in the first place. 

A greedy athlete, that's all this boils down to. Makes me sick

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