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Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

Posted on: March 1, 2011 10:47 am
Posted by Matt Snyder

The situation with the Wisconsin union workers is the hot-button political issue at present, so it only makes sense Craig Counsell of the Brewers would weigh in -- he's been an official in the MLB Players Association for years and has played five seasons for Milwaukee.

The veteran has released the following statement:

"As a Major League baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers who works in Wisconsin under a union contract and whose right to bargain collectively is guaranteed under federal law, I support the thousands of public sector employees who are threatened with the loss of that right under recently-proposed state legislation. These employees are real people with real families whose livelihoods, careers and futures are being jeopardized. I urge the government of Wisconsin not to take away this most basic of union and human rights."

Normally I'm not too keen on athletes injecting themselves into political matters, but -- no matter which side of the debate you agree with -- this makes some sense. Of course a high-ranking official in one of the most powerful unions in the nation, one that uses its collective bargaining power so effectively, is going to weigh in here.

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Since: Jul 30, 2009
Posted on: March 3, 2011 12:20 am

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

The cuts were going to happen regardless.  The deficit is 3.8 billion.  Walker wants schools to be able to react faster to the cuts instead of the unions fighting everything.  The business cuts are going to bring in money to more than pay for itself and improve the quality of life by having more jobs.  How many companies in IL along the border are thinking of moving a couple miles to save money?  Be nice to have people apply for a job without 100 applicants.  Unions take money and do nothing.  They've screwed more people out of money with pensions going broke than any large company.  The democrats are about to lose their biggest contributions which is 30% from unions.  Unions had a place in time when people were losing limbs and conditions sucked.  You don't have that anymore.  A good lawyer will cost you less and make you more if you get messed up.

What's with the Bible talk?  Go to church and love.

Since: Jul 22, 2007
Posted on: March 2, 2011 8:27 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

Ok, you go and read your bible all you like, I will stick to ACTUAL facts that can be proven and rock solid.
I will stick with science and fact and actually research something ebfore I speak instead oft aking what's told to me as "gospel" - no pun intended.
I never told you to stop reading your bible but rather I suggested that perhaps you might like to crack another book or 2 before spouting off on subjects such as these.
Oh and how is it "extorting" money by asking that workers be paid fairly? It's only "extortion" because the corporations say it is not because it's based in any fact.
If corporations had their way they would pay you the bare minimum, if that were the case would you be happy with that? would you be happy to "have a job", why don't you also be happy with getting paid not in real money but in "company money" money that is only good at the company store to buy goods and food etc would that be ok with you too?
As for Wisconsin and their budget, they HAD a balanced budget until Scott Walker came in, gave away 140 million dollars in tax breaks to corporations, they now are running a deficit of 137 million dollars - so it ALL could have been averted but  he wanted to bust the union, Republicans have wanted to bust unions forever they also want to get rid of public education too and with his bill today he's doing his damnedest to do that too, do some research and SEE what he's doing and doing in a non emotional, logical way and THEN tell me it's ok.
Oh and BTW the state union workers already gave all the financial concessions he asked for so why is still pushing to take away their collective bargaining rights? It's because the Koch brothers and the RNC want unions to be killed and he is doing their bidding for them.
As for the book of revelations comment, you believe what you want to believe, I am Catholic, was raised so but will not buy into everything I read in the bible, if it can't be proven scientifically how can you ask me to believe it? How can you expect me NOT to question it? I mean isn't part of being a well rounded person being educated? asking questions, understanding and taking things that can't be explained "on faith"?
I can't in good conscience just believe something because someone "said so", you could tell me that Derek Jeter hit .400 with 45 HR's and 150 RBI's but that doesn't make it true but I can then go to baseball reference and see that he in fact hit .270 with 10 HR's and 67 RBI's but at least I can go and look it up so I can then dispute it and I LIKE that I can at least go and look something up or find some basis for what's being told to me instead of just taking your word for it.

Since: Jul 22, 2007
Posted on: March 2, 2011 8:11 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

You are a certifiable F'n IDIOT!!!!!
I don't normally get personal on here but when a buffoon like you wishes something catastrophic on someone simply because you disagree with what he says than I have to fight fire with fire.
You want to know what's lead to jobs being sent overseas? It's GREED, plain and simple, GREED, because a worker demands to be paid a livable wage and not have crumbs sent his way for his hard days work THAT is why corporations would rather send the job overseas.
Tell me WHY they need to make obscene profits? Tell me WHY they have no national pride in having their products made here in the USA, still make a profit just not an obscene one but yet are the firsat ones to say they love America, or fly a flag outside their house or go to a veterans day parade tryign to make it look like they have pride in their country when they DON'T!
No one is asking them not to make money, no one is asking them to just break even, wouldn't be right, not in the least but hey, have some pride in your country and WANT for your country and keep the jobs here.
Be innovative, find ways to get products manufactured less expensively material wise but with workers who are proud to make their product so they are still made well.
Source your materials and have your buyers negotiate hard for raw materials or how about buying in a huge bulk amount maybe you and another business that isn't your competition but who need the same type of raw material go in together keep the cost down.

Oh yeah and as for those "libs that ran away" when you're not given an opportunity to be heard then you have to resort to desperate tactics.
If the Republicans had FAIR hearings, took everyones advice in and they were HONEST brokers from day 1 then there'd be no problem but as it was they told the Democrats to sit down, shut up and take their spanking and like it so the Democrats did the only thing they could do - prevent there form being a vote on a bill they would have no say in.
I'm all for electiopns and elections have consequences it's very true but just because you're in the minority does NOT mean that you don't get a voice, if you think it does mean that then you're vasically saying that the voters who voted for that legislators party, their votes and voice don't count.
Would you go to a town hall in that district and tell the voters "Well you know, I don't represent you but my party won the majority, the legislator you voted for is not so he will have no or limited say in anything we do so basically you watsed your vote and your voice doesn't count. We'll still take your tax money but you're just spinning your wheels if you think you have a right to be heard"
Would you do that? hell no you wouldn't because you'd be strung up by those voters so why do it all sneaky and passive aggressively in the state house?
No matter who's in the majority all parties need to respect each others opinions and input and work TOGETHER for the common good of the citizens they represent.
Oh yeah and as for your comment about liberals and fists being raised at a commie rally, I'm a liberal, damn proud of it too I am not a communist or a socialist and I am FAR from a corporatist which is what most Republicans are.
I believe in fair labor practices, a good wage for a hard days work, shared sacrifice, I do believe we all deserve to have health care because nothing sujcks worse than not being ablke to go to the Dr. when you're sick - I don't want the government giving me my healthcare but I do not want to pay 1/2 my monthly salary for the right to go see a Dr.
I believe the wealthy get off not paying enough taxes, when a trust fund person is living on their inheritence they should pay more than 3% tax on it, if that is your source of income you need to pay just like the rest of us do.
The top tax rate is the lowest it's been in over 60 years, Republicans keep saying "lower taxes on the wealthy, the jobs will come" ok then why is unemployment where it is now? Bush gave tax cuts to those wealthy people yet it has produced NO jobs!
I also believe we need to go back to tarriffs on imports, no "free trade", if our goods are going to be taxed going into other countries than theirs can be taxed when coming into ours, plain and simple and more than fair.
Oh yeah and just so you kinow, Wisconsin HAD a balanced budget UNTIL Scott Walker was sworn in and gavce 140 million in tax breaks to corporations, do you know how much of a deficit Wisconsin is goign to run right now ? 137 million! THERE is your deficit problem right there! He gave away money, hadn o intention of paying for the tax breaks just figured he'd be able to walk in, cut education and everything else Republicans have been trying to gut since school desegregation and would receive no push back at all - well he was wrong!
I invite you to actually do some homework before you post, sure this is a sports site but every so often we do have these types of discussions.
Oh and don't wish injury on a player it just makes you look foolish and meanspiritted and you turn into "that guy" the one nobody wants to talk sports with because your take is juvenile and unresearched.

Since: Jul 30, 2009
Posted on: March 2, 2011 12:32 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

Nice going self-righteous pompous a$$!  I am self employed and am probably older than your bleeding heart. 

My commentary is correct, you just don't have a clue that pensions and state deficits are two different things.  I support the middle class, but it's class warfare to expect the wealthy to pay for the handouts the poor get or special treatment of minorities.  They use the same amount of services the poor do.  The top 1% already pay the majority of the tax revenue while the lower class get a tax return for not paying anything in.  It's not the executive that made the people poor.  Your an idiot for thinking all executives are robbing the companies.  There have been a few who got caught and are now in jail or they got paid what the board approved.  These poor people have every opportunity to start their own business, but would rather collect unemployment or hold out for a 40 hour a week job that pays 80k with no stress.  Good luck.  America needs to find a new industry for employment that is outside of manufacturiny.  22 million jobs in 1982 to 12 million now.  Those jobs are gone.  As much as people bi**h about jobs overseas they reach for the cheapest product in the store.  You want equality treat everyone the same.  Make a level tax bracket for all and stop the handouts.  Going hungry will make people get off their can.  Look back in history on what happened to presidents who decided to raid the wealthy.  Hoover and Carter had it backfire.  The IRS collected less money from the group and had a economic impact as they decided to gift less and invest in their companies.  I read economic reports all day douche bag.  Don't try to swim in a hurricane.

I have no idea what Jesus said about the union, but know he liked communion.

Since: Sep 5, 2010
Posted on: March 1, 2011 9:43 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

If I had the choice between Jesse Jackson and Sarah Palin... In a close race, I would take the former.  As for me calling you out on your ridiculous generalities... you screwed the pooch, put your foot in your mout, and are now backtracking.   As for the data i gave you... it is indeed accurate which agains proves your commentary false - and btw, I'm not now nor have I ever been in a union.  But I do admit having an affinity for the poor and middle classes as they seem to get clubbed in the head constantly over the past three decades.

The moral of the story is... I have no real fondness for unproductive labor unions but I never hear much disdain for the corporate executives that bilk companies out of BILLIONS (see my previous post).  Where are you guys when those stories are the headlines?!?!?  BOTH ARE EQUALLY WRONG.  However, there are a basis when unions are absolutely necesssary but I don't think you can say the same for golden parachutes or downright corporate theft at an executive level.

If you aren't sure the "class" in which you are running please take a look directly below your post... you actually have a guy stating that the bible is against unions?!?!?

Seriously, its like what your parents told you in high school (which i have a feeling wasn't long ago)... if you hang around people who smoke, others will think you do, even if you don't.  I will take the people defending the unions on this blog over the Devry Institute Businessmen or Economics-Bible-thumpers stating otherwise.

Sit in your cubicle, make your $40K per year, and hope and pray that some day you will get your chance to steal millions from the middle and poor classes - see, I don't have that dream because I'm already financially successful.  Of course, your only real hurdle to that dream is that I (or guys like me) will likely be your boss - at least that will be the case if the company is worth a damn.  I'm sure your parents are proud.  Have a beer on me when you turn 21!

Since: Jul 30, 2009
Posted on: March 1, 2011 6:11 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

dkh-fl    huh?

You went off on stuff I never even mentioned.  I was talking about funded state pensions in the 1-3 trillion area, not state debt. The "funded" term they use is based off a made up number of 12% or whatever they want to use.   You should read and think before throwing some numbers you got at some union meeting.  My comment about old isn't saying that guys in their 50's or 60's can't work.  Far from it.  My point was that we've all seen the "guys" who don't do crap because of their "years of service" and the union protects them.  They would be fired from a private employer long ago.  To quote major league "it's a great big sh** burger and we all have to take a bite" when it comes to the state debt.  Tax breaks to employers will ensure we bring in more businesses (thank you IL) and provide jobs for further revenue collecting.  Walker didn't create the mess, he's got to clean it up.  Buckle up because this is just the start of it.  When we have a president who isn't interested in sports over politics, we'll have to address the tax code, social security and medicare to clear up the 14 trillion on the federal level.  Wait until interest rates go up and we are another step closer to Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain.

that's enough of a teaching and preaching for one day.  Head back out and cheer with your hero Jesse Jackson.

Since: Sep 19, 2008
Posted on: March 1, 2011 5:08 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

I will not stop reading my Bible....Examples of workers and owners and how they should treat each other is a subject handled in the where does it say that the laborers should band together in a public work force and elect persons who will then work to extort money, benefits or anything else from the owners.....Owners in the public setting are tax payers...... Again when the economy is destroyed and this country goes under because neither individals, unions, local govt., state govt., nor federal govt. can work within a budget due to everyone wanting what he wants and wanting it RIGHT NOW....see what fair wages you get under the next govt..... Perhaps the Book of Revelations will be playe dout prior to that happening and you will not have to live thru this...

Since: Aug 13, 2007
Posted on: March 1, 2011 4:44 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

First off .. stop using a derogatory statement TWY ... of course it has become central to the liberal left to call names and degrade their opponents.

Second off .. the bill being put through has nothing to do with private sector unions, which is what the players in professional sports are in.

Last .. the Unions are taking part in a major conflict of interest because their members draw a public paycheck and charge union dues, which then goes to supporting democratic candidates to give them "EVERYTHING" they want without any opposition.  A large majority of the Wisconsin electorate voted in Republicans to the senate majority and the governorship.  Now it's time for the democrats to do their jobs and realize times are changing and they have to deal with it.

Since: Jul 9, 2010
Posted on: March 1, 2011 4:41 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

Shut up and play ball Counsell. Don't you know that the poor and the middle class need to keep quiet and take what the corporations tell you you can take? Unions giving to Democrats has to stop! It's OK for corporations to give to Republicans because a few dollars of the hundreds of millions might someday trickle down to us bottom 98%'ers if we're compliant and lucky.

Since: Jul 2, 2010
Posted on: March 1, 2011 4:37 pm

Brewers' Counsell supports Wisconsin unions

I just love union lackeys response. FAIR wages, gimme a break. UNFAIR is exactly what they are cuz they are GROSSLY overpaid for what they do. Last I checked, nonody was forced into doing any job they didn't like in well over 70 years now. OSHA, NLRB and dozens of other governmental offices make sure of that. I wanna be in a union so I can work less than my employer wants me to while they over pay me and if I get suspended from my job for breaking company rules, they will back my lazy fat a$$ up.Go to hell lazy union workers. lets see you sing this same tune when they sell one of your ar$es down the river to make sure some hop headed druggie gets to keep his job cuz he has more seniority. Bad enough you should have put GM out of business with all your militant lazy ways, now you are forcing many a local gov't into bankruptcy.
 Unions are communist, BTW. Every week I commie leaflets left on my toolbox by the union I worked in IU Local 201 GE Riverworks.

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