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Getting to know the Nationals

Posted on: March 2, 2011 9:39 pm
Edited on: March 2, 2011 9:46 pm
By Evan Brunell


WerthJayson Werth may not be the typical MVP you would associate with a team trying to rise. After all, it's more important to the team's future to see significant development in players like Ian Desmond. But the Nationals really need Werth to do something they wouldn't be pleased with on Desmond: maintain. They'll take anything over, but they need Werth to at least match the production from his Philadelphia days. Any slow start that gets the Nationals on pace to lose 90-plus games will cause much unwanted attention and people gloating over being right on Werth's contract. Washington is trying hard to turn the page and can't start off the blank one with a setback.

PLAYER ORACLE : (As the Nationals' team history is the Montreal Expos, we turn our eyes to 1969...) Rusty Staub to Ryan Zimmerman

A pretty short and interesting player string...

  • Rusty Staub played with Calvin Schiraldi for the 1985 New York Mets
  • Calvin Schiraldi played with Ivan Rodriguez for the 1991 Texas Rangers
  • Ivan Rodriguez played with Ryan Zimmerman for the 2010 Washington Nationals


It's way too soon to have Nationals pop culture references, so how about this: The only time a Montreal Expo was ever be mentioned on The Simpsons came March 16, 2003 ("C.E. Doh!"). While in a baseball game, Bart Simpson yells "Look at me! I'm Tomokazu Ohka of the Montreal Expos!" Milhouse replies, "Well I'm Esteban Yan of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!"

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