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Hall on umps: 'It's getting ridiculous'

Posted on: May 5, 2011 5:08 pm
Edited on: May 5, 2011 5:09 pm
By C. Trent Rosecrans 
  Bill Hall
Astros infielder Bill Hall can be expecting a fine here pretty soon.

Hall was ejected by home plate umpire Tom Hallion in the seventh inning for arguing balls and strikes.

Here's a sampling of what he told reporters, from Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle:

"It’s getting ridiculous. Umpires are obviously not getting punished enough because they feel like they can go out there and 30,000 people are out there to see them when they’re not. They’re out there to watch us. As long as we’re not disrespecting you and getting in your face and showing you up in ways where you need to throw people out of the game, then they just need to calm down. Because right now, it’s a joke the stuff they can say on the field and stuff they do on the field and when we get mad, we’re the one that gets tossed and gets fined and suspended for games. And most of the time they don’t get anything."

Hall also said Hallon "yelled" at him (and based on the photo to the right, that's pretty easy to believe), telling Hall to "get in the [expletive] box" after he stepped out of the box. Hall said he cursed himself after swinging at the third strike and then he was tossed.

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Hall on umps: 'It's getting ridiculous'

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Hall on umps: 'It's getting ridiculous'

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Hall on umps: 'It's getting ridiculous'

How can Chad Fairchild have a USS of .948 on 5/8 and John Hirschbeck have a score of .797 on 5/3?    The problem is that everyone in baseball is afraid of using technology to make the game better.   We have technology that will put every play and every pitch right up there on the Big Screen.   Baseball, could show everything the fan at home can view, at very park, but they don't. Why is that?   Are we afraid when a fan yells "kill the umpire" that it will really happen?   Why can't we show every close play on the screen? Why can't we use the screen to watch live action?   We should have a camera behind home so every fan can watch it live, as if they were sitting right behind home plate for every pitch. We should have another screen with umpire data, where these strikezone plots are shown for everyone to see.   We list and scrutinize every aspect of the game for the players. When a player is 0-5 you can read it in the boxscore. When an umpire gets .795 of his calls right, nobody knows about it, because why?   Umpires should not be wasting time going into a dugout to see if a ball was over the wall or not. They should be turning around and watching it with everyone else in the park, and then deciding how they want to make the call.   Every close play at any bag should be seen in an instant to see if the call was correct or not.   If you let the umpires use the replays, then they will never get any of the calls wrong. Isn't that how we want the game to be played?   If every umpire could use replays, they would always get the call right. If you show every replay on the big screen everyone at the game could see the same thing people at home can see.   Why can't we show those in the park the mistakes that are constantly made by umpires?   If football referees have all their miscalls overturned by looking at replays, why can't baseball do the same with the arbitrators of the game?   In the first inning of the game between Boston and Toronto on 5/10 Jon Lester walked three batters and gave up three runs.   The first batter he walked was Escobar. Out of the six pitches thrown to him, four of them were inside the strikezone yet the third pitch and sixth pitch were each called balls. The sixth pitch resulted in a lead off walk.   The second batter Cory Patterson singled on the first pitch   The third batter Juan Batista saw four pitches of which three were inside the strikezone, yes he too walked, this time on four straight balls.   The next batter, Encarnacion swung at the first pitch and then took four straight balls, one of which was inside the strikezone. This forced in a run.   In those four batters Jon Lester gave up three walks on a total of 13 pitches that umpire Paul Emmel needed to make a ball or strike call.   Emmel was correct on seven pitches and incorrect on six out of the 13 calls made.   All six incorrect were strikes that were called balls.   For the game Emmel had 55 total pitches that were strikes to make a call on and he missed 11 for the entire game.   In that bottom of the first inning Emmel missed six strikes that he called balls. For the remainder of the 10 inning game there were five more strikes that he called balls.   Paul Emmel should be responsible for his measurable actions, but in baseball we don't let anyone say anything negative about umpires.   Even when we have data that proves he was wrong   Why is that?  

Check out this site  and you will see all the graphs yourself

I sent the following to I doubt he will respond Mike Port did in the past, but he got fired.

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Posted on: May 5, 2011 5:31 pm

Hall on umps: 'It's getting ridiculous'

I've always maintained the best umps are the ones no one ever talks about or even know work the game. Doug Harvey was the last ump, I truly respected. These guys today, show up players, bait managers and think they're part of the show with their strike calls and motions.

They never ever watch to see if a tag is applied on a play at any base and are often are out-of-position. They have rabbit ears and pot bellies. They also curse and are generally belligerent. Do they ever call the player safe when SS or 2B man are off the bag? Ever? Their neighborhood is more like a sprawling metropolis

Joe Torre needs to start fining these clowns and making it public. They should routinely post their ratings to the public, like we see players stats. If they are out-of-line, they should be suspended for a series w/out pay and be in danger of not working the post-season. Those who excel should be touted. Those who fail, should be fired or assigned to the minors.

MLB must institute instant replay for more than HRS. These umpires simply aren't good enough and too often make glaring errors in post-season games and in big sports(eg, Galarraga's perfect game). MLB should even think about the umps feelings. These guys are overly compensated as is and should feel lucky they have the jobs they have with the limited skills they possess.

Btw, please don't anyone tell me they have a tough job. That would be pure folly. Policemen, military personnel, construction workers,oil riggers, firemen and teachers have hard jobs. These guys have cushy jobs with high pay, great travel and get to observe and officiate the greatest players in the world.

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