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Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

Posted on: May 9, 2011 2:32 pm
Edited on: May 9, 2011 2:37 pm
By Matt Snyder

For a few hours, it appeared Milton Bradley had avoided being cut loose by the Mariners, as they designated Ryan Langerhans for assignment Monday morning in promoting Mike Wilson. Only now the Mariners have decided to designate Bradley for assignment, too, recalling Carlos Peguero in a corresponding move. ( via Twitter)

This move will almost certainly lead to Bradley's release. The other options are the Mariners trading Bradley to another team within 10 days -- I'll pause for laughter here -- or Bradley clearing waivers and being sent to the minors. And he'd have to accept the assignment in the latter case. So, again, the most likely scenario is Bradley is released and if any team should really want him, they could then grab him for the league minimum with the Mariners eating a little more than $9 million this season on the contract.

Bradley's contract was originally signed with the Cubs, who shipped Bradley after one tumultuous season to Seattle for another awful contract in Carlos Silva. The Mariners ended up paying Bradley a bit more than they owed Silva in the trade.

As is becoming pretty commonplace, Bradley will be leaving a pretty sour taste in the mouths of fans.

The Mariners were Bradley's eighth team and he's been in the league for 12 seasons. For a while (about 2003-2008), Bradley was a bad seed with tons of production when actually healthy and sane. Now he's just a bad seed, as he hit .209 with a .649 OPS, bad defense and several on- and off-field problems in two seasons (just 101 games) for the Mariners.

It's possible this is the end of Bradley's major-league career, but there are still 22 teams who haven't given him a shot. He'll probably get at least one more chance.

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Since: Mar 27, 2009
Posted on: May 9, 2011 7:27 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

the outfield had both Milton Bradley & Coco Crisp on the same team.
Yes, it was with Cleveland back in 2003 or 2004.  If they were both with Cleveland today, their outfield could be Milton Bradley, Micheal Brantley and Coco Crisp (or you could throw in Shin Soo Choo to the mix).  Too funny!!

Since: Jul 17, 2008
Posted on: May 9, 2011 7:00 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

I know it would take up a roster spot but dont release him, teach guys like this a lesson.  Sit this guy on the bench for the rest of the year.  Dont talk to him, dont teach him anything, dont play him.  You are allready eating 9mil if you let him go so sreew this guy.  If not trade him for a bucket of batting practice balls or a bucket of chicken.

Since: Oct 29, 2007
Posted on: May 9, 2011 7:00 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

I'm not going to defend Bradley because his attitude is what really hurt his career but the guy was a lifetime .271 hitter over 10+ seasons in the majors.  That ain't half bad. There are alot of guys who got paid a king's ransom that can't say that.  However, not all of them brought the drama that Bradley did.

Since: Sep 18, 2007
Posted on: May 9, 2011 6:45 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

My nephew just moved back up to Seattle after spending most of his youth in the Southwest. A lifelong Mariners fan. We spent the bulk of  weekend together doing things and watching Baseball. Although he kindof had the book on Bradley, he kept asking me questions, to fill in the blanks of that poor soul.
I finally asked him to think of the worst workmate, team mate or school mate "that you were obliged to deal with?". Now he understands the underpinnings of a guy who tees of on a teamate for being congratulated and joked with for hitting his 1st HR of the season.

Unless the guy is Mongo, where you unchain him to do his work and rechain and isolate him afterwards, you are taking the risk of disrupting any chemistry and have all of your comrades walking on eggshells.
When his teamates were asked about Milton Bradley, they didn't calll him an Ahole or a good guy; They either avoided the question or rolled thir eyes and conveyed a respons like "whatever".

Since: Jan 2, 2011
Posted on: May 9, 2011 6:22 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

DONE................Now he has time to gets some real help.  Don't be surprised when nobody picks him up he starts the race card .  He can't play, everyone knows it but him.  Hope he can handle it..Doubt it though

Since: Feb 25, 2008
Posted on: May 9, 2011 6:21 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

When Mariner's fans are booing a player for lackluster defense, he just can't be on the field anymore.  Saw it in the last few games.  Santa, please send us some offense.  Go Mariners!

Since: Oct 23, 2006
Posted on: May 9, 2011 5:24 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

Well, I see the end of another failed Mariners venture has arrived.   Will Bradley waft away into the grey mist with the likes of Richie Sexton, to never be heard from again, or is there some other GM out there who thinks he knows more than everyone else?   Personally, I say"good riddance" and "don't let the door hit ya in the a@@ Milton"

Since: Oct 3, 2007
Posted on: May 9, 2011 5:14 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

Jack Z brought him in before the 2010 season and was lambasted by baseball people at the time. Everybody but Jack seemed to know Bradley was going to be a bust but JZ took the risk and is now reaping the "rewards" of that silly move. When will it be time for someone to finally say Jack Z "is no longer a part of the Mariners future or present" and designate him for assignment.

Since: Oct 20, 2006
Posted on: May 9, 2011 5:07 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

im just really baffled on why the teams keep paying him incredible amounts of cash for no production
Easy answer here.  It's the Cubs.  They've been doing it for years.  Their fans are happy to spend $150-200. to get drunk, party and watch a bunch of overpaid losers.  The team has to spend the money somewhere.  Other teams get nice new stadiums.  The Cubs get overpaid, over-the-hill prima donnas, and give them millions and millions of dollars.

Hey Milton.  Go to jail.  Go directly to jail.  Do not pass go. Do not   collect 200 (million) dollars.

Since: May 7, 2010
Posted on: May 9, 2011 4:59 pm

Mariners designate Bradley for assignment

I gotta say, I still loved looking at the box score in games where the outfield had both Milton Bradley & Coco Crisp on the same team. I think it was when They were both at Cleveland as I recall?  Too funny.

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