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Ortiz blames media for being plunked

Posted on: June 10, 2011 10:04 am
Edited on: June 10, 2011 2:30 pm
By Matt Snyder

Blanket blaming "the media" when things don't happen exactly as one would like seems the cool thing to do nowadays for those not in the media. Count David Ortiz as one jumping on the bandwagon.

Ortiz was hit by a pitch in the Red Sox win over the Yankees Thursday night, and Ortiz figures that some of the media ordered CC Sabathia to plunk him.

"I just want to thank [the media]. Not all of you, but some of you, for the stat today about be not being hit," he said (Boston Globe). "I finally got hit. I hope you [expletive] are happy."

Starting pitcher Josh Beckett -- who set the table by hitting both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez earlier in the game -- also got in on the action, though he was a bit more specific.

"I'm still trying to figure out if David got hit for something I did or if it was something ESPN stirred up," Beckett said.

I'll confess that I don't watch ESPN much -- I only watch games and MLB Network -- so I don't know what Beckett's talking about. I have an idea there was much discussion the past few days about the hit-by-pitch differences when it came to Ortiz and Jeter/A-Rod.

Prior to the game, Ortiz had gone 696 plate appearances against the Yankees without having ever been hit by a pitch. When Jeter was hit by Beckett Thursday, it was the 24th time in the regular season (in over 1,100 PAs) that Jeter was hit. When A-Rod was hit, it was the 20th time in 950 PAs.

Now, this doesn't mean the Yankees should come out and hit Ortiz just to hit him. It's just that when Jeter and A-Rod were hit again, a little retaliation was in order. Sabathia took care of it, there was no brawl (in fact, Ortiz smiled as you can see in the picture above) and both teams moved on. I don't believe Beckett hit Jeter or Rodriguez intentionally, but that doesn't matter in the old "unwritten rules" of baseball. Basically, everything happened the way it's supposed to happen.

I'm only surprised Ortiz went where he did after the game. You can't convince me CC Sabathia was sitting there watching ESPN all week and getting worked up. This was simply a case of doing what is expected in baseball -- even in the post-game interviews when Sabathia said the pitch just "got away" from him.

Regardless of all that, Ortiz had the last laugh. He started the big seventh-inning rally and then shut the door later in the inning with a two-RBI double to make the score 7-2 Red Sox.

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Ortiz blames media for being plunked

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Ortiz blames media for being plunked

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Ortiz blames media for being plunked

LOLOL!!!  I love myself...and what the hell is "direct island decent"'re quite the world traveler, there huh?

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Ortiz blames media for being plunked

If Girardi knows what's good for his team's mentality, the next time the Sox-Yanks play, it's going to get ugly- and I don't mean the score.
As a Yankees fan, I expect nothing less than mound charges and inside pitches to the Sox players.  Enough is enough with taking this high road crap.  This lack of intensity is absolutely tiresome.

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 4:12 am

Ortiz blames media for being plunked

Give it a rest. This is a story only because it involves either a a) Red Sox or b) Yankee. If this incident involved someone from the Rays, would ESPN even bother? No. But the assumption is that all of us just can't get enough of Boston-New York.

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 2:15 am

Ortiz blames media for being plunked

YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING THAT SUITS YOU ABOUT ORTIZ COMMENTS REGARDING ESPN OR THE MEDIA INDUCING INCIDENTS IN THE GAME.BUT THE FACT IS THE media play's a huge roll in many instances of all pro sports. Since the start of all sports media, like espn, there was not really a need for that kind of station.
    When it came along it made sport into "All my children"  a soap opera. If these slime sportscasters can not find anythig pertinant to write, their story's border inane and downright stupid storylines.
    Ortiz could be far from the truth, but before you go calling it roid rage or even worse, believe that the media stirs up shat just to to get their desired results, so they have something to write about the next day...

   Bottom line, sportscasters are not much better than the lying scum you hear on everyday news.....  cant wait to see this cbsportsline score on this comment... please be 7

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 12:06 am

Ortiz blames media for being plunked

Being Irish, of direct Island descent, I think it's GREAT that the Sox employed my kin...Robinson did ok for himself, tyvm.....stop hating yourself so much, you might enjoy life a little :)

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 11:38 pm

Ortiz blames media for being plunked

Posted on: June 10, 2011 6:05 pmScore: 113 Ortiz blames media for being plunked
A better spot to find a non-comparison would be chamionships, including the team who won most recently.  The Yankees lost theor first 8 against the Sox in 2009, and that worked out pretty well for the good guys, as the Yankees won it all (without plunking everyone in sight).
I usually stay out of these Yankees/Red Sox things, even as a Red Sox fan. Still, for you to say the Yanks are the good guys... You think Beantown's the only one that calls them the evil empire? Seriously?"

"Beantown"?  What a joke.  The entire "Evil Empire" and all the crap propaganda that went with it primarily spawned from ESPN, The Boston Globe (, and NESN all capitalizing on a program that profits from hating the Yankees.  Even if other fans DO refer to the Yankees as "The Evil Empire" it is because of the crap that comes out of those network outlets (their payroll, they buy their championships, they don't cowboy up enough, give me a break).  I find it amazingly conveniant that the Yankees can be hated so much and ironicly these same people have love or indifference to one of the most openly racist teams in the history of American sports...not to mention their corrupt "investigation" into steroids in baseball through their board member Senator Mitchell, or their celebration of an anti-semite like Yawkey...but my favorite "trick" is the one where they blame their 86 years of struggles on a fairy tale curse caused by the last owner who cared enough about a team to win several championships (most of which are not even recognized by their "fans" today), as opposed to their strategy of only employing a narrow talent pool consisting of Irishmen and the occasional italian.  I mean, is there anything funnier in baseball than the Red Sox celebrating Jackie Robinson Day?

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 11:08 pm

Ortiz blames media for being plunked

you are a damn fool! im a west coast fan and still think you talk out your ass. grow up youngster!

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