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Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

Posted on: June 30, 2011 8:38 pm
Edited on: June 30, 2011 9:39 pm
Dodgers Saga
By Matt Snyder

The Los Angeles Dodgers -- who recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection -- issued payroll checks to some "game day staff members" that bounced, according to The website actually obtained a check for $497.54 that shows it was returned to the employee by the bank and was stamped with "refer to maker," which means there were insufficient funds in the Dodgers' account. The check was signed by Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and issued on June 24. TMZ notes the Dodgers said that some checks did bounce but have since been reissued.

I'll pause until the laughter dies down. OK, let's move on to some bad news.

The judge overseeing the Dodgers' bankruptcy hearing set 10 different hearing dates for the case Thursday. The bad news for Dodgers fans and anyone else sick of this mess already -- the latter group includes myself -- is that the last hearing date is set for Jan. 25, 2012 ( So, yes, this is going to drag all the way into next year.

In the meantime, Dodgers employees better not spend their money until their paycheck definitely clears.

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 1:29 pm

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

From 9:39 last night, regarding the date(s) the check(s) was/were issued:

Argo: I added it in there. Thanks!

- Matt

Thanks, Matt.  It's nice to know that now and then a writer or editor checks in (no pun intended) to see what's been pointed out about these articles.  Once in a great while we commenters come up with helpful stuff!

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 1:01 pm

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

I am not sure if your comments are to me, but I guess the jist of my comment is change or die. I am glad you have so much knowledge and passion for the truth. This article is about the Dodgers not the Cubs, as your profound knowledge pointed out in 3 paragraphs I chose to take a simple short path based on things need to change or things will suffer. I just saw some things in the articles that reminded me of what happened here. No bashing just an oppinion to some articles that caught my eye. and as much as I love the Cubs I can feel the pain they are feeling. So thankyou for all your knowledge of Chicago. I wish the Dodgers and their fans the best of luck.

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 12:41 pm

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

I am announcing to all L.A. Dodger employees that my loan business (McCourts of Encino) will offer a discount rate on personal loans to help offset the checks that will be returned for the next 3 months. Instead of the usual 18 percent, we have reduced our rate to a manageable 15.5 percent. To qualify, one must simply display his Dodger employee badge and file for the loan by July 31st. We understand the impending hardships and worries that come along with not knowing if that Frank McCourt check is worth the paper it's printed on. As a courtesy to our customers, we will remain open til 7:00 PM on weeknights and til Noon on Saturday. As per normal; we open every day @ 10:30 AM as my staff usually has a tough time getting out of bed after the normal evening of carousing spending the money we fleeced from our clients. Thank You!

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 12:12 pm

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks


Because I have to cover it, and it doesn't have anything to do directly with actual, on-field, baseball. I enjoy writing about baseball, not divorce proceedings or finances, that's all. It's not a huge deal, I just wish it would go away quickly.

Thanks for reading.

- Matt

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 11:14 am

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

Do you know anything about baseball, other than what you read on message boards?  The Ricketts family has more cash in their bank account than Mark Cuban.  Cuban admitted that he did not have enough cash to buy the Cubs and his bid was mostly debt.  That is why he wasn't in the running.  The Ricketts took on debt, instead of paying all cash for the Cubs, because of the bankruptcy proccedings of Sam Zell and the Tribune Company.  Zell would not sell the Cubs unless he got to write it off against the bankruptcy.  Thus, requiring a certain percentage of debt be contained within the sale,  Please, make sure you know the facts before you mouth off.
You may not like how they are running the Cubs, but they are actually doing it correctly by going slow.  It is their money and no use throwing it at the hottest thing that will end up biting them in the rear like the Tribune and Zell did.  The city of Chicago has shut down every plan they have come up with to improve Wrigley, which needs a major overhaul, as Peter Gammons was right, it is a dump.  I am a season ticket holder and agree with him.  The Cubs can't do anything without paying off big bribes to the alderman, mayor, or city council.  The Ricketts were not prepared for this scale of corruption.  They should tell the city of Chicago to stick it, and move to the suburbs.
The Cubs are where they are because Sam Zell threw every dollar he could at crappy free agents in an attempt to win the World Series so he could sell the team at a higher price.  He didn't care that the contracts would hinder the team in future years since he was selling the team right away.
Everyone thinks that the Yankee model works and wins, but most of you are too young or chosse to ignore the '80's and early '90's when they were bottom feeders in the AL East and still had the largest payroll.  Just like Cuban it took years for the Yankees to acheive dominance under Steinbrenner, after their success in the late '70's.

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 11:02 am

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

This is truly sad! The check that bounced for less than $500 should be a real wake up to those that are trying to get new ownership in there. If I know the way things work in the real world, this is how it's going play out: 1) The players (who most of which are making millions) won't suffer and get their pay checks first. 2) Then the executives will get their huge salaries too. Now here's where this gets ugly...3) The concession workers, cleanup crew, front gate, parking attendants..ect will obviously been the last to get a "good" check. Why? Because they are expendable. Here's what sucks though: These are the people that make the stadium function. These are the same people needing a part time job just to survive in California. Relying on this check from the Dodgers might make a car payment, pay the utilities or a month’s worth of gas, whatever the case, it still comes down to the people that make things work always getting the short end of the stick. Off my soap box!

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 10:43 am

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

Go figure they bounced checks, they are a busted team. you can sign who ever you want for players "Manny, Broxton, Lily" with hopes of fresh faces and some wins but it starts in the GM's  office. They had talks of Cuban in Chicago and we got a family hoping that the Cubs could turn it around. We have a payroll here that is high and a record that is painfull. The only thing saving us is Wrigglyville and the stadium. It just seems when you see a Dodger game you don't see the pride that once was. Good luck on the Cuban stories I hope they let him in. Baseball is affraid of change look at the DH issue is taking for ever. Life is about change. My good friend says "Change or Die" not in the literal sense but you get the jist. Frank what did you think was going to happen?

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 10:35 am

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

"The bad news for Dodgers fans and anyone else sick of this mess already -- the latter group includes myself --"

Yeah... I was just wondering how is it possible that anybody that IS NOT a Dodgers fan or employee affected by this can get sick of this mess?  Honestly, if you're just some online blogger or everyday sports fan with no ties to the Dodgers, where do you have sufficient interest in this team to be sick of anything they do?  Unless they happen to sweep your favorite team or pull in one of your favorite players in free agency, but that's a different question all together?  But as far as their ownership issues, Frank McCourt's divorce proceedings, hearing dates, Selig's attempts to do what he's trying to do, or their employees recieving bounced checks, all of which has absolutely NO bearing on anybody who is not a Dodgers fan or employee, how can you be in a group that's sick of this?  Just curious.

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 10:19 am

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

I see some of you do not like Mark Cuban but I think he would be a great owner in LA. Look what he has done with the Mavs! Of course he would have to tone it down a bit but MLB would take care of that. His enthusiasm alone is great for the game...Not to mention his $$$. Look what the late George Steinbrenner has done not only for the Yankees but for MLB. Mark Cuban could be that type of owner.

I am not a Yankee, Dodger or even Mavs fan but an owner like Mark Cuban is needed in professional sports. His attitude and committment (besides his $$$) is what could turn around any struggling franchise.

Mr. Commisioner, if Mark Cuban wants to buy the Dodgers...Let him! He will continue to make the Dodgers a proud organization and probably make your life a little easier. If not they could end up back in Brooklyn!!!

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 9:57 am

Report: Dodgers bounce payroll checks

Setting hearing dates out 6 months is relatively normal in a bankruptcy case and has zero bearing on whether the hearings will actually be utilized.  Additionally, once an entity files for bankruptcy ALL checks cut prior to the filing cannot be honored, but must be re-cut (assuming the entity receives authority to do so from the Court)  and re-issued, otherwise the poor-luck recipient of the check will only have a claim in the entity's bankruptcy case.  Absolutely none of the issues set forth in this report are abnormal for a large corporate bankruptcy case.

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