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McCutchen leads All-Snub team

Posted on: July 3, 2011 4:15 pm
Edited on: July 3, 2011 4:41 pm
Andrew McCutchen

By C. Trent Rosecrans

Many years on the day that the All-Star teams are announced, people bemoan the fan voting and selections that pick big names over deserving starters. This year won't be one of those years because for the most part the fans made good picks, as senior writer Danny Knobler points out the fans and players agreed on 14 of the 17 selections. The lone starter that is obviously not worthy is Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, who is expected to come off the disabled list on Monday. Jeter's hitting just .260/.324/.324 so far this season, but he's still Derek Jeter -- not to mention his chase of 3,000 hits.

But no matter how many deserving players make the game, with a roster of 33 (plus another to be added, but even those on the 34th man ballot are eligible for our team, because four of those five won't be voted in) there are deserving players who won't be making the trip to Phoenix.

So here you go, the All-Snub team:

C: Speaking of the fans getting it right, this is one position where the deserving player was voted in for both leagues, Detroit's Alex Avila and Atlanta's Brian McCann. With the Yankees' Russell Martin, Baltimore's Matt Wieters and St. Louis' Yadier Molina, the five most deserving players at the position are headed to Phoenix. The best of those left out is already in Phoenix -- the Diamondbacks' Miguel Montero, who is hitting .270/.344/.457 with nine homers. 

Paul Konerko1B: This position is so loaded that it's almost as tough picking its All-Snub member as it is the All-Star representatives. The fans got it right with Adrian Gonzalez and Prince Fielder, while Albert Pujols sits at home during the break for the first time since 2002. Both Mark Teixeira and Paul Konerko have strong cases for the All-Snub pick, and in the end I'm going to go with Konerko, who is hitting .317/.387/.567 with 21 homers by a nose over Teixeira and his 25 homers.

2B: Robinson Cano's 2011 hasn't equaled his 2010 and wouldn't be my pick at second base in the American League, but it's hard to get worked up and say the fans got it wrong on a guy hitting .292 with 14 homers at second base. The All-Snub representative is tough here, with the choice between the Rays' Ben Zobrist (.261/.347/.463) and Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox (.277/.391/.406). Because I like speed, I'll take Pedroia and his 15 steals and higher walk rate, but just by a tad. Zobrist is on the 34th man ballot, so he's still got a chance. Apologies also to the Nationals' Danny Espinosa who has 15 homers already.

SS: We've discussed Jeter, but let's just acknowledge the fans noticing Jose Reyes -- even though it'd be tough to call yourself a fan and not notice what Reyes has done. The All-Snub goes to Jhonny Peralta of the Tigers, who is having a fabulous season, hitting .311/.359/.538 with 14 homers and solid defense to go with it.

3B: Arizona's Ryan Roberts wasn't even on the ballot, but he's had a fantastic first half of the season, hitting .251/.338/.430 with 10 homers and 12 stolen bases. He's a terror on the basepaths and has been one of the best all-around players at the position. Kevin Youkilis has better offensive numbers -- including 56 RBI -- but defensively he's played much like a first baseman playing at third. San Diego's Chase Headley has had a good season as well, but his glove also holds him back.

Alex GordonLF: You could certainly have made a case for Kansas City's Alex Gordon as a starter in the American League. Gordon came into the season as yesterday's news, a failed top prospect in the way of the Royals' youth movement. However, he's been the Royals' best player so far this season, hitting .301/.368/.491 with 10 home runs.

CF: I still can't believe Andrew McCutchen's name wasn't on the All-Star list, he's the best all-around center fielder in the game. He's hitting .289/.390/.493 with 12 home runs and 15 stolen bases while leading the surprising Pirates to their first winning record in years. 

RF: I'm fudging here, because the All-Star Game often has outfielders playing out of their normal spots, and here I'm going with the Phillies' Shane Victorino. The Phillies lineup as a whole has struggled for production and consistency, but Victorino has given them both. He's hitting .299/.371/.515 with nine home runs and 34 RBI. He's also a very good defender.

DH: You want some roster flexibility? You get it with this DH, who can also serve as a backup catcher -- oh, and Victor Martinez can bash. Martinez is hitting .335/.383/.490 with six home runs.

Starting pitcher: This one is interesting, because I'm going to exclude CC Sabathia, who not only didn't want to be selected, but will also ineligible to pitch in the game when he starts next Sunday. With Sabathia out of the way, I'm going with the Braves' Tommy Hanson, who is 9-4 with a 2.62 ERA in 15 starts, with more than a strikeout an inning and a league-low 6.2 hits allowed per nine innings.

Middle reliever: These guys are used to being overlooked, but that's not to say they aren't worthy. Since Braves' setup man Jonny Venters was named an All-Star, I'm going with David Robertson of the Yankees. Only in middle relief can a Yankee go unnoticed, but Robertson has been fantastic this season. In 33 1/3 innings this season, the right-hander is 1-0 with a 1.08 ERA, striking out 53 batters in 33 1/3 innings of work. He's allowed just four earned runs this season in 36 outings.

Closer: While Atlanta's Venters was recognized, his closer, Craig Kimbrel, was not. Kimbrel leads the majors with 24 saves and has a 2.57 ERA. He's struck out 67 batters in 42 innings, with 18 walks.

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Posted on: July 3, 2011 5:46 pm

McCutchen leads All-Snub team

Every year at All-Star time, there is always major griping and disparaging remarks about players who shouldn't be on the team and those that should. There will always be those comparisons and sometimes they are legitimate and sometimes they are just part of our right as a fan to voice our displeasure about our teams players being ignored. That being said, I am a Red Sox fan through and through. I totally believe that Adrian Gonzalez is playing at the highest level in baseball right now. I will also say that as much as I love Dustin Pedroia, he is not having his best year to this point and can probably use the rest. Robinson Cano is deserving of his selection. And although for obvious reasons, I don't care for CC Sabathia, he should be on that team. Derek Jeter should most definately not be on the team. Great career, but he does not have all-star numbers in any category. Josh Hamilton missed a large part of the season but is already back to playing at a high level and I have no problem with his selection. But Andrew McCutchen's snub is what's wrong with baseball. Playing for a small market team should not exclude a player from being on a stage that he belongs on. If he played in NY or Boston or Philly he would be on that team. And when his contract is up in Pittsburgh, he will undoubtably be in one of those uniforms. I recently attended a Pirates game and McCutchen must have signed 100 autographs for kids right up until the start of the game! That in itself is an All-Star in my book! As a fan of the Red Sox, I hope that when his contract is up in Pittsburgh, he signs with the Sox. As a fan of baseball, I hope he plays his entire career in Pittsburgh and gets his just rewards.

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Posted on: July 3, 2011 5:32 pm

McCutchen leads All-Snub team

Robertson&CC&Teix all got screw and everyone who don't agree with that are pure ***** Bosox losers fans

Dude, I am not a RedSUX fan, just a guy with half a brain who actually READS the article and understands that CC was NOT going to be able to pitch in the all star game and so he ASKED to be passed over. I think we all know that if the rotation was in his favor and he did not pitch on the Sunday prior to the ASG, he would probably not only have gone, but would have been considered a starter. Verlander will probably decline also since he will pitch on the Sunday prior to the game. Fans forget that, for pitchers, sometimes when you pitch can play into whether you are chosen for the game. Relax Yankees fans, we ALL know CC is one the best in the game.

I do agree with you on Tex and Robertson however. Although with Tex you have a log jam there with Miggy and Konerko having comparable years to Tex.

Plus even a Yankee fan HAS to know that Capo has no business making plans for Arizona on July 12th. Not this year.

Since: Nov 9, 2008
Posted on: July 3, 2011 5:03 pm

McCutchen leads All-Snub team

I agree on VMart, as an extra catcher, which would allowed them to take another SS, either Peralta or JJ Hardy, who should have made it over Winters from the Orioles. Also, could have taken Scott Downs as a lefty middle relief specialist over Aaron Crow, allowing Billy Butler to make the team as a DH, and Michael Young to be selected as a 2B over Howie Kendrick. And Roberston definitely deserved All Star consideration. In the NL, all of those Giants pitchers on the team is a joke. It wouldn't shock me to see Stu Miller enter the game, in relief of Juan Marichal, at some point in the game. Definitely Hanson, Kennedy, and possibly even (despite a couple of late speed bumps) Dillon Gee warranted consideration, over some of those Giants SP.

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Posted on: July 3, 2011 4:55 pm

McCutchen leads All-Snub team

I'm not sure how you can write about shortstops being snubbed and not mention Absdrubal Cabrera. He is hitting .294 with 14 homers, very similar to Peralta, with 12 stolen bases and amazing defense, including some of the best defensive plays of the year. He certainly deserves it over Jeter and is slightly more qualified than Peralta due to the stolen bases.

And to the ignorant Yankees fan below me, how in your right mind can you think Teixiera's awful .244 average even when combined with 25 homers and 65 RBIs be better than Adrian Gonzalez's .353 16 and 74. Teixiera is having a great power season but that Adam Dunn like average should knock people off his bandwagon. Just look at the numbers

Hate Boston&LA
Since: May 4, 2011
Posted on: July 3, 2011 4:29 pm
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