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Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn speaks on Jeter's 3,000

Posted on: July 12, 2011 3:29 pm
Edited on: July 12, 2011 3:39 pm

By Evan Brunell

Tony Gwynn was at Fan Fest on Tuesday, representing Pepsi Max in its promotion to bring baseball legends to a fan's hometown to play a game, and chatted with about Derek Jeter's chase for 3,000 hits.

As a fellow member of the 3,000-hit club, Gwynn knows all too well the exhausting grind that leads up to 3,000 hits, saying that it's difficult to get over the hump and get that final hit because of all the attention and pressure -- especially since Jeter plays in New York.

Regarding Jeter's absence from the All-Star Game, Gwynn was conflicted about the Captain's choice to both pull himself out of the starting lineup and not attend the festivities. He noted that he completely understood how Jeter would need some time to regroup and prepare for the second half, but felt that you have some responsibility to attend or play the Game if voted in by fans. He also waxed nostalgically about the 1999 All-Star Game, in which he was voted in by fans and was able to meet Ted Williams, calling the atmosphere electric.

Click on to hear Gwynn's thoughts on Jeter, as well as if it's easier to get 3,000 hits as opposed to 300 wins.

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Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn speaks on Jeter's 3,000

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Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn speaks on Jeter's 3,000

This is exactly why the All-Star game is an absolute JOKE!!  Fans vote for players on popularity, not on their merit. I will admit, that the fans did get most of the picks right THIS YEAR, but most years, they completely bomb! Deserving players usually get snubbed. Even if players get voted in, they often say, eh, I don't feel like playing, so let someone else play. Its not really a true All-Star game. Its some of the best, and then the best of the rest that are left. It takes away from the game, and the players obviosuly do not care if they get home field advantage in the World Series because most of them aren't even going to be there.

You can make valid points for either argument, Sit or Play, but in my opinion, if the fans vote you in, you should at least show up and make an appearance, even if you don't play, ALA Jose Reyes who is on the DL. Whether the fans get it right or not, they voted for who they want to see. They should at least get that respect. I don't care if you are Derek Jeter or Joe Shmo. I take it as a snub, and it takes away from the game. If you honestly think Jeter is bowing out just so that someone more deserving should play instead of him, you are sorely mistaken! You can say that fans don't need Jeters respect, but you are wrong, he is a future hall of famer, WE are the ones that suffer through high tickets prices and outragous concessions to pay him his salary.

If you think the best of the rest makes for a great All-Star game, and players should be able to choose whether they play or not, I feel sorry for you. I remember when players actually felt playing in the All-Star game was an honor, rather than a crimp in their mini vacation.

I agree, Jeter has been a class act, but this is not a good job on his part. Tony Gwynn is right 100%. Geting to 3000 hits is tiring, but you still owe it to the fans who voted you in.

Maybe every single player should say NO to playing in the All-Star game so that we can just skip the shananagans!!!

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Derek Jeter missing an All-Star game, no biggie.

;      Derek Jeter coming off a calf injury and trying to get 3,000 hits before the all-star break was going to be a monsterous task.  I think he played most if not all of those games leading up to the break. Getting his 3000th hit and all the things that surround that milestone. You want him to get on a plane and fly to arizona from new york to wave at some fans? Then get back on a plane and fly to toronto to meet his teamates for the beginning of the second half of the season. 
   I see no reason Derek Jeter needs to continue to prove himself to anyone. Even if skipping the all-star game to get fresh and prepared to make a world series push isnt proving something already to the people who matter the most, His teamates.  In my opinion Jeter wasnt only thinking of himself when he declined to go. He was also thinking about another young player who should have made the all-star game if it wasnt for Derek Jeter being voted in. Would it have been better for Derek to go and tip his cap and sit on the bench all night? Another guy got a shot to be at a game that some players never get to enjoy. 
      Good Job Jeet. Your a class act.

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