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McGehee's big day came by request

Posted on: August 4, 2011 11:22 am
By Matt Snyder

Casey McGehee went into Wednesday having not hit a home run since July 6. He had just one homer in his previous 65 games. Yet before the game when he was interacting with fans, he found himself being asked to hit a home run for a seven-year-old boy. And McGehee came through, three times in one game.

It all started before the game when McGehee was speaking with the Wollner family for about 15 minutes. McGehee was trying to get a few words out of a shy seven-year-old, named Clayton, when Clayton's mother tried to help by saying maybe McGehee could hit a home run for Clayton (all of the following via Brew Beat on MLB blogs).

“Honestly, I feel a little bad about it now,” Jennifer Wollner said ( “I didn’t know he hadn’t really been hitting this season.”

No reason to feel bad, Mrs. Wollner, because McGehee hit three home runs in a game for the first time in his career.

She added ( “When he hit the first home run we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so fun!’ When it got to three, we were kind of speechless.”

Also of note here, the circumstances of the meeting make this story even better. Clayton has a condition called craniosynostosis, which causes the skull to grow abnormally. The Wollner family was hoping a trip to the Brewers game would lift his spirits. They contacted Fox Sports Wisconsin and ended up with an invitation to the game, along with a tour of Miller Park and being allowed to stand on the field while the Cardinals took batting practice Wednesday. This was when McGehee approached the family. He wanted to meet them because he has a son with cerebral palsy.

McGehee now has a lucky charm, too.

“I want to bring him to Houston with me, and then we’re going to go to St. Louis,” said McGehee, perhaps joking, perhaps not, about the team’s upcoming road trip ( “I want to get him a locker — we have a little space right here. Hopefully, we’re going to track Clayton down.”

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McGehee's big day came by request

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LaRussa would call the kid an "idiot".....

Yeah, it's hard to believe that there are some feel good stories, and some nice people at the Brewer games.  Tony LaRussa says the Brewers fans a bunch of "idiots."  I know, it can be hard to take a razzing from fans when you make millions of dollars per year...?  Most of the great players, and managers, always say that they "block-out" the fans, and what they say; but LaRussa is not THAT great, I guess?  When you are a heavy drinker, your eyes can be sensitive to lights --especially blinking lights (like the St. Louis PD?).  LaRussa, however, is always looking for non-existant, external stimuli to motivate his players --as if playing the game, and making millions, is not motivation enough?  He pulled this same crap with the Reds last season, and other teams beore that (Brewers in '07, with pulling out shirts).  MLB just ignores his complaints, anymore, because they know this; and they know what a whiner he is. 

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McGehee's big day came by request

What's new with the request, I like so many have been requesting
& waiting since May 1st to get hot... Three homers in one game &
a total of 8 for the season ... Last year J. Bay had a total of 6 homers
with 2 multi... On august 10th we will look back at the week ahead ,
then we will know if he's outta da funk.....

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 11:28 am

McGehee's big day came by request

It is a good sign for the Brewers! If he starts to heat up the Brewers might make some noise going forward. But it is only one game so we will have to see if this jumps starts him.

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